Think: Why You Should Question Everything - Guy P. Harrison 2013

Think: Why You Should Question Everything - Guy P. Harrison 2013


Standing Tall on A Fantasy-Prone Planet

Think Like A Scientist

Halfway Home

Wait, What Is Skepticism?

No Off Days

Who Cares? So What? and Why Bother?

The Greatest Show in the Universe

Hate the Belief, Love the Believer

The Young Thinker

Take Responsibility for Your Own Brain

The Daily Grind

Fantasy and Fiction Are Okay

Science versus Superstition

It’s Not about Intelligence

Skepticism Takes on All Comers

Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

The Green Troll in a Red Dress

It’s Always a Good Time for Skepticism

Believers Say the Darndest Things

Evidence? We Don’t Need No Stinking Evidence!

“I Come in Peace”

Wrap It Up

Good Thinking!

Pay a Visit to The Strange Thing that Lives Inside Your Head

Remember Not to Trust Your Memory

I’ll Never Forget That Day! (Yes, You Will)

The Deceptive Brain

Forget Eyes—It’s the Brain That Sees

The Ape That Wasn’t There

Confirmation Bias

The Tale of Little Gretchen Greengums

Your Bizarre and Biased Brain

Arm Yourself in the War against Reality

Good Thinking!

A Thinker’S Guide to Unusual Claims and Weird Beliefs

Magical, Supernatural, Paranormal


Alternative Medicine


Alien Abductions

Bigfoot and Cryptozoology


The Roswell UFO Crash

Conspiracy Theories



Ancient Alien Astronauts

The End of the World

Moon-Landing Hoax


Near-Death Experiences

Bermuda Triangle


Area 51

Extraordinary Religious Claims

Good Thinking!

The Proper Care and Feeding of A Thinking Machine

Brains Deserve Better Than This

Embracing the Brain

Eat Well, Think Well

Stand Up for Thinking


Use It or Lose It

Good Thinking!

So Little to Lose and A Universe to Gain

Too Big to Fail?

Constructive Optimism

Thrill Seekers

Wonders Large and Small

Ready for the Big Time

The Meaning of Life

Present for the Show

Good Thinking!

Resources to Keep Learning