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Dale Cardone was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. From a young age, he carried an easy charm people warmed to. After earning a degree in psychology, he decided it was time take his deep interests in the how and why humans interact to a new level. He patiently studied the various ways relationships developed and, perhaps more importantly, the art of seduction and the law of attraction.

He has taught numerous seminars, online classes, and presented his observations to audiences throughout the United States and has been invited to speak at major conferences. His professionalism continues through business growth and a keen desire to help others.

This book is the culmination of his personal experience, observations, and exclusive research. When he finds time, Dale enjoys spending time at the gym, going for long hikes, and playing chess. His unparalleled passion for life drives him to greater achievements that he now shares with the world.



The Three Kinds of Men — Alpha Male, Beta Male "Good Guy," and Idiots

Beta Male "Good Type"

When growing up, moms, aunts, and other older ladies always told me that you had to be a nice guy to get a girlfriend. A man had to constantly buy her flowers, gifts and take her out to eat.

And unfortunately, if you used their advice. Trying to be the good guy through high school and college, the one that women supposedly wanted. Girls would always say how much they appreciated what I did, but the biggest reward I got was a kiss on the cheek.

Then in college and later, the council changed. It was suddenly common knowledge that to be successful with women, and one had to act like an asshole rather than a good boy.

I tried to follow that advice and found that some women responded more to me when acting like an idiot. However, I still wasn't getting the wanted success. Although I did get to have my first sexual relationship, I had a case of low self-esteem in my head. And I still had issues with a lot of women who preferred other guys over me.

So I took a good look at the guys who were successful with women, those who were unsuccessful, and others who were in between, and I deduced that there are three kinds of men. And there is an order as far as women are interested.

Good Guys

At the bottom of the list are the good guys who make up most of the male population. A good guy is a man who begs for sex. He appears at the door of a woman with flowers, leads her to an elegant restaurant, and buys her filet mignon and a glass of good wine.

After taking her home, he gets the blue balls because she doesn't even invite him inside. And the downside is that he doesn't learn from this — he uses the same tactics again on the next woman.

And you want to know what is ironic here? Believe it or not, women consider nice guys to be manipulative.

It's pretty obvious to the woman why the nice guy buys her so many things. "They are only after one thing!" It is a common phrase that women repeat about good guys. However, she thinks that he could have the potential for a good relationship, so she can secretly have him as a backup, and in the future, she can have sex with him.

And boy, does she make him wait a long time! Some women set at least three dates: winning the lottery for the guy, while many other women make them wait months until "the day" comes.

And when sex comes, it's a big event, and the woman makes a fuss about it. There's just one problem, he won't be able to get sex as long as he wants. He will have to accept her terms and when she is in the mood to do so.

Why are good guys not successful? The nice guy's problem is that not only do women see him as manipulative, they also see him as boring. The nice guy talks about logical things like politics or how his car engine works. Sometimes he brags about himself and how much money he makes, making it clear that he can buy things for the woman. How pathetic, she thinks.

Going into a rational conversation and trying to impress a woman with your intelligence and financial potential is a mistake 99% of guys make. This kills a woman's attraction to you because it communicates destitution and lower value.

If you weren't seeking her approval, you wouldn't be trying to impress her. If you were instead a man of high value (an Alpha Male), then she would be the one who would seek your approval.

The other problem is that a woman in the middle of a ritual with a guy in a rational conversation brings her awake from the trance. So refrain from talking about the Chinese trade policies that you read about in The Economist.

Don't get me wrong, though. It would be best if you didn't pretend to be some fool around women. Women find it attractive when a guy is an expert at something. It would be best to talk about interesting things within your area of expertise, not things that clutter the mind.

You should start immediately, if you haven't already, become an expert at something. No matter what, real estate, rock music, South Park trivia, religion, history, etc.

A man who is an expert is automatically an alpha male in that area. Just be sure to captivate her with the knowledge you share. Don't bore her. (When sharing facts, ask yourself, "Would this information be in 'Ripley's Believe It or Not' or would it be something a boring college professor would say?)

As the song says, women want to have fun, and nice, boring guys aren't fun. Go to the places where singles congregate, and you can do an interesting exercise by observing and analyzing them.

If the girl looks bored or is constantly talking on her cell phone, she is with her boyfriend. That's because her boyfriend is a nice guy who isn't playing with her and doesn't turn her on.

If, on the other hand, she is laughing and seems to be having a good time, then what you are seeing is most likely an attempted seduction by an Alpha male.

Note, too, that the Alpha male who seduces a woman has an easy relationship with her. The two speak as if they have known each other for a long time.

The problem with being the nice guy is the startling posture. A man who pleads with a woman does so out of insecurity and desperation for sexual approval and attention.

Do you want to sleep with hot girls? So keep this in mind above all else: The quickest and easiest way to kill any attraction a woman may be starting to feel is feeling insecure, demonstrating need (being needy), or seeking approval. When you take the pose of being desperate to please. It's like you're begging.

There is an old saying about banks: They only want to lend you money when you don't need it. If you need money, forget about the bank.

Problem With Being His "Friend"

A man has settled by being friends with a girl, orbiting her as the months go by, hoping that she will tell him something one day. Many guys do this, particularly the shy ones.

These guys end up acting as emotional buffers for women. They listen carefully as her friends tell him about how idiotic the men in her life are. We sat in her living room, and like a nice guy, I was listening for 2 hours to everything she was meticulously telling me about what her next-door neighbor had told her at lunch days ago. He laughed and called me a fool. Do you think he likes me? "

I did my best — I told her that I thought he was an idiot and that she deserved better. I gave her all the legitimate and logical reasons why that was true. She told me that she agreed with me. (Women with the "bad guy" always agree that he is bad. So, of course, they ignore this and have sex with those "bad guys." As she did.)

If there is any justice in the world, women will end up with good guys one day. Tell the truth, sometimes they do, usually when they are older. By that time, they have usually already had children of some Idiot who abandoned them, and the thought of setting up with a man to pay the bills begins to be attractive.

Women don't like men with no guts for more than just friends. And when you act like a nice guy and follow the woman's plan, accepting that she makes the decisions, she doesn't respect you.

Good guys want the woman to decide where they will eat and when they will have sex. They have no idea that this difference automatically drops them into the permanent category of "just friends."

And that's why the nice guy doesn't have sex. As I said, women don't like to take responsibility for sex. You, like a man, need to take that responsibility and lead the way. That's what women want you to do, believe me, they love when you do this!

Avoid the Beta Male Posture

Besides being too indecisive, nice guys tend to be passive-aggressive. Women are often passive-aggressive too, which turns off when that particular trait shows up in a man.

What is passive-aggressive? You are passive until you have been pushed too far, then suddenly becoming aggressive. Have you ever had a woman who expected you to read her mind and then got upset when you read it wrong? That's passive-aggressive.

Instead of being grounded in between the passive and aggressive, which is assertive, the nice guy will constantly give in and do whatever the woman wants.

When the woman finds this unattractive and in the future leaves him for a more exciting guy, the good guy will complain about how he "did everything for her." Good guys also have a problem with jealousy, born out of their insecurity.

They are too dependent on the outside; all his happiness is in that woman. They don't want her to talk to other guys because he is afraid that she will leave and lose his source of happiness.

Now you see, the problem with the feelings of jealousy that so many betas have towards their women is that it comes from a position of deprivation or need. So whenever you feel like this with a girl, soak it up and let those feelings go.

When a girl detects a jealous guy, it's like he's saying, "Hey, I feel inferior to those other guys you're talking to.

And having that lack of confidence in you makes the girl trust you either. She begins to wonder if the grass is greener on other grasses.

I know it's hard not to feel jealous, but look at it this way: If you knew that you were the ultimate and that you could attract hot babes and could easily sleep with them, would you take care that your girl was leaving or talking to some other guys? Of course not, because the loss would be hers (and you could get another girl)

Okay, here's a new attitude I want you to adopt: "I'm becoming a High-Value Alpha Male." Keep repeating that to yourself throughout the day as an affirmation.

By the way, you're probably still wondering what you should do if your girl is talking to other guys. Well, the worst thing you can do (ironically) is trying to intervene to stop her from doing it. That makes her the highest value, not you.

Instead, the best way to counter such behavior is to say, "Have a good time!" With a tone of complete nonchalance when she says that she is going out with some other guy. Let her see that it doesn't affect you in the least.

Talk To Other Girls.

That changes the situation so that now she is the one who worries about whether you will leave her for the competition. That makes her understand that you have a higher value.

Another way to avoid getting upset about a woman's behavior is not to take individual women seriously or pay close attention to their thinking. Worrying too much about a woman's thoughts and feelings is a waste of time because the bottom line is that you cannot control what a woman thinks or feels. You can only control yourself.

Rather than taking women too seriously (giving them power over you, making you needy and unattractive), view them as collective sources of fun and pleasure in your life. That's it. Try something:

The next time you are with a woman, try saying "NO" to her at some point.

Saying "NO" can be powerful with women, but do it gently, like this:

She: Let's rent a movie. "

You: "No, not yet. Let's go in an hour."

By saying no, you establish authority and establish it as a challenge to the woman. If she sees it as a challenge, she will be turned on by you instead of boring.

If you say YES to everything she says, then she will soon say NO to you, and in the worst place of all, the bed.

What you need to know, more than anything, is that women notice any need. The Alpha male is exciting to women because their happiness comes from within, so he does not burden her with any responsibility for her emotional state.

Let me emphasize one thing here: your internal state is the key with women. For them to love you, you have to love yourself first. It would be best if you had a passion for your life, and you have to go for what you want. There are too many nice guys out there who are insecure. So when it comes to loving, the good guys finish last.

At a medium level, above the good guy is the asshole or idiot. For the most part, assholes attract women more than good guys because assholes aren't boring.

Although the asshole creates an emotional roller coaster of drama with his girlfriend, the girl is going through the ride's emotional high points along with the low points. In other words, he can make her cry, but he also makes her laugh. And the uncertainty of what will create excitement in your life.

Here's what you need to know about women: To be sexually aroused, women need to tune in to their emotions rather than logic. The good guy makes the fatal mistake of eliminating his logic, considering that one good thing the idiot does is eliminate a woman's emotions.

Idiots get sex because they manage to turn women on by being so persistent and driving them to the act. They are sexually aggressive, unlike the good guys who are sexually passive. As long as the idiot creates negative emotions within women, they are still creating emotions instead of the good guy who bores women.

However, it is not all good for idiots. The types of women who seek out idiots are low self-esteem, depression, and other emotional problems. Such women often act weird and insecure when it comes to relationships, so they aren't the kind of women a well-adjusted man would want to get.

Although idiots get laid, I'm not suggesting that you are one of them. The good news is that there is a higher level of men I call the Alpha Males who induce positive emotions within women without a negative side.

Alpha Male

In society, Alpha males are the leaders; people admire them. The alpha male is confident, socially powerful, outstanding, funny, a leader, self-confident, has high self-esteem and integrity. He is capable of joking around with women and being playful.

When a woman says something sarcastic, the Beta takes offense, while the Alpha laughs because he knows that girls are like his silly little sister. And when a woman later feels his sarcasm and learns that it wasn't a big deal to the Alpha, she gives him good marks for it.

Many social interactions in which we engage have the undercurrents of domination and submission. Studies of social situations have shown that dominant people will mark their territory in various non-verbal ways, such as gaining space with their bodies, using a louder voice, controlling conversations, and using strong eye contact.

The Alpha people are absorbed in their reality because he is interesting and makes them feel comfortable.

The Alpha does not feel possessive or jealous of the woman because he is not needy. He also does not suffocate women by putting them on a pedestal. Because of this, he knows that any woman would be lucky to have him, so if any particular woman is not looking for him, then she is the loser, not him.

In contrast, the Beta is nervous, has low social status, is typically a follower rather than a leader, normally feels clandestinely resentful of successful guys, has low self-esteem, and is annoying and desperate with women.

The real confession: I was Beta. I was depressed and resentful. I wanted a girlfriend because I thought having one would add value to my life. I once got a girl and could have as much sex as I wanted, and I thought my life would be wonderful. It wasn't until later that I learned that it was exactly the other way around.

It wasn't until I developed from within and had a life worth living that I began attracting amazing girlfriends that I have had through the years and the wonderful woman I am currently in a relationship with.

Please join me in figuring out the different aspects that make an alpha male a worthy companion for a woman and how to get the woman you want at your feet.