Habits & Self-Discipline Of A Real Alpha Man

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Habits & Self-Discipline Of A Real Alpha Man

Why Should You Become A Better Male?

Making a specific effort to improve can have lasting benefits regardless of the result. See my example: Sometimes, I am even more introverted than I would like to be; even in general, I have greater social skills than I used to have. I am not 100% of what I wanted to be, but I am infinitely better than I was. So remember this: even if you make big strides, after all, you still fall short, but you will still be a better and happier man than if you had never tried anything at all.

Look Better Than You Ever

The physique is important, but not as much as you think. And not how you think. Women don't rely on how you look to judge men the way we men judge how pretty our girlfriends are. Look at it this way: imagine you are on vacation and meet a chubby girl at a tropical bar who is just as hot as you. You don't have prospects for the night, so what would you rather have, have sex with this fat girl that no one will find out about, or masturbating alone in your room?

Most guys would choose the above. Assuming it's not unpleasant - just a little overweight.

Women act the same way. As long as they reach a particular standard — that is, you are not morbidly obese or deformed in some way — you will not be eliminated due to their ugly packaging. Appearance makes up perhaps 20% of your level of attractiveness. (level of confidence, how comfortable you are with yourself, how high your status is in society, and how you make women feel in your presence are the other factors.) If Johnny Deep — a guy who is a 10 in appearance (according to my girlfriend) —were currently a depressed "rag" who is gangly all the time and trembles at the thought of talking to the girls he just met, he would have nothing. Of success.

So, balancing it all out, looking good will certainly add a lot to your appeal. And in this chapter, you will discover the secrets to change your appearance, which will immediately double or triple the looks towards you.


women notice them much more than men. Many guys only have a few pairs of shoes in their closets. Have you seen how many pairs the average woman has? Girls, pay attention to what you wear. So make sure your shoes are pretty and stylish and even a bit bolder than the plain shoes the average guy would wear.

When in a shoe store, definitely ask women about shoes before you buy them! You don't want to make a costly mistake. Just say, "I need a quick female opinion. What shoes do you like, this pair or this one? "I recommend picking the two pairs that you like the best and asking for their opinion then.

Don't worry if the woman doesn't like any, and she will probably find other shoes in the store and let you know which ones she prefers. (In the meantime, you will have an opportunity to start a conversation with a girl, you naughty dog!)

At a minimum, you will need four pairs of shoes:

1) casual chestnut.

2) casual black.

3) elegant/formal chestnut.

4) elegant/formal black.

For formal shoes, I get the type of shoes that need to be polished. You will pay a lot for such shoes like that (my elegant black shoes cost $ 150), but they last for years so that they will be worth the expense. When they're polished up well, I get a lot of compliments. (I've noticed that women like polished shoes.)


If you're like most men, your hair doesn't look very good right now. Maybe you've had the same hairstyle for years or are trying to do the same thing with their hair that their friends do with theirs, even though their hair is different. It is time for a change. Check out what Hollywood actors and rock stars are up to now, find a hairstyle you like, and style yours later. Experiment. As I write this guide, the "sex hairstyle" (messy hair that makes him look like you've just been in bed with a woman) hits hard. Consider going to an expensive stylist and giving him carte blanche to style your head shape well.

If you want to look sexy (and you're not homophobic), I highly recommend going to a gay hairdresser, as these guys have an almost uncanny sense of what looks good for women. And honestly, if your hairline has gotten to the point where it's too noticeable, then shave your head. A significant percentage of women consider a shaved head attractive because baldness exudes masculinity and vigor. If you are an older man, having your head shaved will make you look a few years younger. Combing your hair is fooling no one, and few women find horseshoe-shaped hair sexually attractive.

The Skin

One of the simplest (and free) things you can do to improve sex appeal with women is to get a tan. You don't want to go overboard with this as there is a risk of skin cancer, but sunlight is also necessary to get the proper vitamin D dose, which helps your body produce testosterone. (Also, a lack of sunlight has been associated with a depressed mood.) If anything, though, get a good tan, and women will think you are sexy. You can kill two birds with one stone by exercising outside.

The Shave

Beards or mustaches are generally out of style these days unless you find a certain look that goes with their features or if you have any deficiencies that you need to hide. For example, a goatee or beard can work wonders to disguise a weak chin or acne-scarred cheeks. Consider shaving your testicles and the pubic hair that grows around the base of your penis. If you do, your penis will appear cleaner and more attractive to women. They will give you blowjobs more often. Just as we prefer women to shave their vulvas (since all that hair gets in the way), women also prefer you to shave. And as a bonus, your penis will appear to be longer without all that hair around it. Don't get picky. Shaving your scrotum is much easier than you think. Try it with shaving cream and a razor. Shaved hair will come out smoothly. Shaving your armpits can reduce the number of bacteria that grow under your arms, reducing body odors.

Also, make sure you do not have hair from your nose or hair sticking out of your ear. Many women lose any stimulus when encountering this. You can find an electric nasal hair clipper at your local grocery store for less than $ 20.

Many men shave their breasts these days, as more women seem to prefer shaved breasts to hairy breasts. However, that is an individual option. If you don't mind this, I suggest you try to see the reactions you get when you shave your chest and wear a shirt that exposes it. If you are tempted to shave your arms or legs, fight the urge and don't. The bottom line is that the vast majority of men who do this are a) professional bodybuilders or b) gay.


For casual occasions, wear shirts that fit well, not shirts that appear too baggy. This can be harsh, as most clothes that you like will not fit. Just hope that about 10% of the clothes you try on in a store will be favorable to you. I can't stress enough the importance of not wearing baggy clothes and tents in vogue in ghetto high schools or among youngsters. Such clothes will not hide your tummy.

The best way to hide that rim is to wear shirts that draw attention to the chest, such as shirts with a horizontal stripe at the nipples. If you are fat, it goes without saying that you should also go to the gym (weight lifting and cardiovascular work) and eat correctly to lose weight. This also helps you with your testosterone levels. Carrying excess body fat (about 20% or more of your ideal body weight) can cause your body to have elevated estrogen levels. (Have you noticed that really fat guys sometimes have "woman's boobs"? Now you know why.)

Wear clothing that makes you appear as close to the ideal body as possible for a tall man with broad shoulders that descends to a narrow, slim waist. This is the look that women find attractive! Avoid clothing that makes you look different from this ideal body type. For example, fat guys should avoid shirts with horizontal stripes around the waist. If you are tall and slim, try a long-sleeved unbuttoned jacket or shirt over a tight T-shirt. The horizontal stripes are good; vertical stripes are bad. Common types should avoid horizontal stripes, however, as they make them look too wide. Instead, they should think about tight clothing options: tight shirts and pants.

Stay away from something too common like skinny stripes or the ubiquitous polo shirts frat boys wear. No, girls won't think you're original by flipping the necklace since too many guys do that.

Company or sports logos on your shirts? That makes him look like he's trying hard to fit in with the group. That's fine if you want to be a funky guy rather than a loser, but it's more attractive to girls if you stand out from the pack of guys who roam around like signs. By dressing casually, you want to give the impression that you just dressed after having good sex with a woman. So don't wrap your shirt completely unless you're wearing a suit. And leave the top two buttons unbuttoned.

Avoid weird designs or whatever makes you look like you're trying too hard to look cool. Consider wearing a suit and tie sometimes, especially when you're in situations where other guys dress like lotus, like in college. Have you ever noticed how women go out of their way just to flatter dudes in suits and ties? Suit and tie are important executive clothing. And they communicate status and ambition, and there is no counterpart for wearing them. Of course, you have to make sure you are an alpha inside, or you will be taken by a nerd trying to make a good impression.

When wearing a suit, wear a cotton shirt (plain, no stripes or anything), cufflinks, a dark jacket and pants, and a black leather strap, shoes well polished. Wear a nice silk tie, which can even have a bold design. Notice the type of compliments you get from people. Nothing expresses authority better than a dark suit. Vintage clothing is in, as long as it is not too flashy. Jeans are also good. Try to get a pair of expensive jeans. Go for a slim size because you want to make your legs look slim.


I'm continually in awe of how many guys I see make obvious mistakes like wearing brown belts with black shoes, so please pay attention to how the colors of their outfits go together.

You need to match all your clothes. You can do this two ways:

1) Through similar colors.

2) Through significantly contrasting colors.

Colors tend to affect people's spirits and energy levels, so think about what you want to provoke when you dress up and then combine the parts of your outfit accordingly.

There are two main sections — hot and cold. Warm colors include yellow, orange, and red. Cool colors include purple, blue, and green. If you want to wear similar colors, wear different shades of one color, such as light jeans and a darker blue shirt. You can also try colors that are closely close — red and purple. For example, both colors are close to each other on the color wheel. Also, dress in opposite ends of the color wheel — dark blue pants with a light brown shirt. Neutral colors — black and white — go with almost everything. Also, consider using colors primarily white or black — like beige, white tinged with brown or gray, a combination of black and white. But not beige with gray.

The color of your accessories (belt, watch, etc.) should match your shoes as much as possible. Pants should never contrast too much with your shoes, although your shirt can. Another rule for clothing that should be obvious, but often is not, is that clothing should be clean. Girls more easily detect stains and unwashed clothes.

How do you know if your clothes need to be washed?

1) On shirts and pants, look for stains. If you see stains, wash them by rinsing the stain under a tap and rubbing it off with the stain remover. Then put the garment in the washing machine.

2) Socks and clothes should only be worn once before being washed.

3) Jeans need to be washed when they stretch, even if they are not stained.

4) Nothing should smell. If it smells, put it in the laundry basket.

Ironing is not as necessary as it used to be, except in extreme cases. However, some things should always be ironed, like Oxford shirts (the long-sleeved cotton shirts you wear a suit with). When dressing in a suit, make sure your shirt is slightly starchy, or else you won't look good. You don't have to do the ironing ... just take your things to dry cleaning and let them do it.

Another thing that women appreciate is attractive underwear, as they wear flashy panties. So get something with something written on the garment or a drawing.

One night, with my current girlfriend, she was fascinated by my SpongeBob shorts. Short, dark-colored garments are also an excellent option.


Most guys don't pick their accessories well, so this is a good area for distinguishing yourself from the rest. The main thing is that these are subtle but intriguing. Avoid overdoing it or trying too hard. Find interesting things that fit your personality. A $ 30 watch with a wide leather strap displaying a unique design will send you more compliments from women than a multi-thousand silver watch as the former displays much more originality.

A pretty $ 15 faux silver ring with an eye-catching pattern will turn the heads of women 100 times more than a $ 500 college class ring. There is wide latitude for accessories, as long as they make you stand out from the other types. Try to avoid things that tons of other guys already have, like white snail necklaces and bracelet tattoos. Be unique.

Your Style

There are two types of subjects — those who have sex and those who do not.

To have sex, figure out which demographic of people you belong to (e.g., high school guys, corporate executives, ghetto boys, college kids), observe the alpha males' dress in that group, and dress similarly. In particular, just try to be a little "cooler" than everyone else when it comes to shoes, accessories like your belt and watches, and the way your clothes fit. (Make sure you resemble the ideal of the male body described above.)

Don't look much "cooler" than everyone else, or you might seem out of place and weird, or even gay. Just be a little bit better dressed than the best-dressed guy around. Take a look around, and it will be obvious how you should dress and what you should avoid. For example, T-shirts with sports logos, beer bottles, or phrases that you wouldn't say in a decent company are not attractive to women and are typically only worn by guys who will be out of luck that night.

Watch the latest blockbuster movies with popular actors for fashion advice. (The movie "The Big Scam 2" has some good examples of it currently being hit.) Also, check out TV and magazine ads targeting 18- to 35-year-old demographics. I'm not talking about ads for clothing per se (as these tend to go for very expensive clothes), but ads for things like cell phones and airlines. The models in these advertisements generally dress subtly well so that they attract a larger audience.

When you're shopping for clothes, listen to the opinions of the women in the store.

Simultaneously, create your unique style and avoid styles that are too ordinary and too flat. I like to shop around and dress in brighter, tighter 80's clothes. This is because it fits my personality. So go for something unique and trendy that is appropriate for you, but don't get too complicated by how it looks either. Because while looking for good bits of help, it's not your looks that drive you to bed; it's your alpha male behaviors and thought patterns.

Women are not just after a handsome man. They also ask for a man with high social status and excitement, passion, and romance. They want a man who will give them a good time and make them feel good. Along with style issues, it is also important to develop a strong male body. That means going to a gym and having a good diet.

Going to a gym will not only make you look healthier, but it will also make you feel more energetic and attractive to women because you will have much more confidence. The most important thing about how you look is that it should be consistent and congruent with who you are. Your clothes create perceptions of you in women. So if you can't support such created perceptions, they will lose interest.

If her clothing expresses "excitement" in the way Lamborghini styling does, then women will be disappointed if the engine inside is anything conventional like that of an SUV.

Your Body

Women could guess my age before I started practicing six years ago. Sometimes they thought I was older! So about six months after I started working out at the gym, the women I knew were shocked at my age — they thought I was younger.

A few months ago, a very pretty 26-year-old woman who took me into her home swore she couldn't be over 28. (I'm 39 years old.) She genuinely didn't believe me when I told her how old I was. He used to be fat and lazy; I am now lean and muscular. On a scale of 1 to 10, my appearance would round up a 4. Whenever I put my picture on sites like hotornot.com, I generally rated around 4 to 5. Today I am rated 8 to 8.5, and for the compliments that I get from women, I would say my rating on hot or not is pretty accurate.

You can't do anything about their genetic heritage (yet). However, your fitness level is totally within your control, and it's a significant part of what makes you look good to a woman. This is good news, don't you think? Being in shape will make you look good in many ways. Your stomach will flatten out, and you will notice more defined abs. With muscles growing throughout your body, your facial muscles will also grow, making your skin firmer and less wrinkled.

A Basic Guide To Work The Body

The training I'm going to give you focuses on heavy compound exercises that work many muscles simultaneously and include isolation exercises that work many muscles that compound exercises miss. Compound exercises will be the core of your training. Away from those many guys in the gym — the ones who only work before spring break and aren't serious about it — who mostly do push-ups and bench presses ignoring their legs and back.

This leads to poor posture, and no matter how big your upper body is, skinny chicken legs don't look good. Women look at and admire men's legs. Compound exercises dump tons of testosterone into your body. Besides building muscle, having elevated natural testosterone levels are associated with dominance and power traits — two sexual traits deeply attracted to women. Do this in a typical week:


• Three sets of squats. Do 20 reps, 15 reps, and then 12 reps.

(Your leg and abdominal muscles are primarily made up of slow-stretch muscle fibers that respond better to higher reps than your upper torso and back.)

• Three sets of stiff leg raises. Do 20 reps, 15 reps, and 12 reps.

• Two sets of twins raise. Do 20 reps, 15 reps, and 12 reps.

• Two sets of arm push-ups. Do 12 reps and ten reps.

(For each exercise, use a weight such that the last 3 to 5 reps are extremely difficult)


• Rest or cardiovascular work.


• Two sets of forwarding bent dips. Do 12 reps and ten reps.

• Two series of the press with weight to the slope. Do 12 reps and ten reps.

• Two sets of lateral raises. Do 12 reps and ten reps.

• Two sets of overhead dumbbell presses. Do 12 reps and ten reps.

• Two sets of squats with weight. Do 20 reps and 15 reps.


• Rest or cardiovascular work.


• Three series of deadlifts. Do 12 reps, ten reps, and eight reps.

• Two sets of weighted chin suspension. Do 12 reps and ten reps.

• Two sets of push-ups with weights. Do 12 reps and ten reps.

• Two sets of stringing weights. Do 12 reps and ten reps.

• Two series of bends and side raises. Do 12 reps and ten reps.

Do a warm-up or before entering the main sets, using roughly 50% and 75% of your working weights. For example, if you squat 200 pounds during your main sets, you would warm up by doing eight reps of 100 pounds, then four reps of 150 pounds. You should feel the warm-up to enter your work sets. If not, then you should do 2-3 more reps with a weight closer to work. In the example, you would do three reps with 175 pounds. It is important that you feel that your strength is failing in the series. When I tell you to do sets of 20, 15, and 12, I mean do the maximum weight to support that particular number of reps.

Limit your workouts to 50 minutes. Studies have shown that after that, your muscles start to break down too quickly.

Give yourself two to three minutes between sets to recover, but remember that you want to complete all of your exercises within the 50-minute limit. Immediately after your workout, eat a mixture of protein and carbohydrates. This stops the formation of lactic acid generated by lifting weights and shifts your body towards building muscle mass.

The training I have outlined is geared towards muscle growth. If you want to emphasize strength, do half the reps. On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, you should do cardiovascular work if you need to lose body fat. I recommend doing high-intensity interval training. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is short but intense, and studies have shown it to be more effective than moderate-intensity training. Moderate training consists of activities like jogging for half an hour, etc.

HIIT lasts for 10 minutes, but it has you alternate between sprinting for one minute and jogging slowly for another minute, alternating back and forth until the 10 minutes are up. Although HIIT is much shorter than moderate-intensity cardio, you are going to feel it. Finally, watch your diet. A popular saying among serious bodybuilders says, "Muscle is built in the kitchen, not the gym." To build muscle, your body needs about one gram of protein per pound of weight each day. Well, the sources are meat, chicken, nuts, tuna, and whey protein powder.

Eat smaller portions frequently rather than three large meals a day. This ensures that your body has enough protein for protein synthesis within your muscles. Eat clean, healthy calories. Avoid fats. (Look for "partially hydrogenated" oils and labels with reducing ingredients.) Avoid junk food like soda, fried foods, and white loaves of bread. Carbides are not bad by themselves; what you need is the right, complex carbohydrates, like those found in oatmeal, whole wheat bread, fresh legumes, and fruit. Avoid starches. Finally, be sure to drink plenty of fluids, as your muscles are mostly water.

What It Means To Look Good

Since roughly 20% to 30% of your attractiveness to women depends on your appearance, the more handsome you are, you'll find that every aspect of your interactions with women will get a boost. Dressing well, exercising hard, and eating with proper nutrition will help the older guys (30 and over). Men get the highest alpha status naturally with age, so if you have a flat stomach as well, this will pay off tremendously.

You will look more trustworthy, but when you dress well and have a good body, you will have more self-esteem and feel higher confidence. Whenever you need an ego boost, look in the mirror. This will help you in many small, self-built ways and significantly increase the joy of life. So hit the gym, eat right, and wear nice clothes.

Important Techniques To Control Your Mindset And Build Your Ideal Personality

I have been revealing many valuable secrets to you, but now it is time for you to take control of yourself. You, and not others, are in charge. This means that you need to develop an internal nest of control in your life.

Most people have an external site, implying that they see forces external to them in charge of their lives. They believe that success is beyond their control. In a way, this is convenient as they have someone or something else to blame when things don't work out.

For these people, it doesn't matter how hard they try; life is a game of chance and luck. If the people around them are in a bad mood, then they are in a bad mood. People with an external site have trouble with motivation. Usually, they don't want to put in the effort to be successful unless they have already been successful. They also tend to take risks in life. When they make mistakes, they assign the responsibility to others instead of learning from what they did.

As we go through life, we assign explanations for everything. It is deeply embedded within our psyches. Psychologists have a term for this phenomenon: Attribution Theory. Studies have shown that successful people tend to have an inner place. This is because a person with an inner site believes that they make their luck in life. They believe that the harder they try, the more successful they will be. Whatever they want to achieve is totally within the realm of possibility. Having an inner place of command means being confident and self-motivated. It means being optimistic because you know that your destiny is in your hands.

Your Powers Affect Your Conduct.

This is the biggest reason why people who attribute things internally are more successful. Self-made millionaires tend to be people who trusted themselves and did their part to improve the situation. If you think you are attracted to women, you will find yourself displaying attractive behaviors naturally. Let's say you chat with a woman at a laundromat. You feel completely outgoing and have a great conversation with her.

After you both finish folding your clothes, you go out with her for something to eat. After a couple of hours of conversation, they head to a bar for a drink. Then they go to her house to finish everything in the bedroom. She found you attractive for many reasons, but most of all, it was his high confidence level.

So, where does your confidence come from? Does it come from having previously had sex with other women? In that case, that would be an external attribution. The problem with external attributions is that they make you vulnerable to a system of rewards and punishments. As long as you get their prize (i.e., sex with women), their confidence stays high, and you remain motivated to work out in the gym and wear good clothes.

If you have a string of failures with women, however, your confidence will plummet. So you leave the gym and wear whatever it is. So it's better to be safe because "that's the kind of guy I am" rather than whatever cause happens in the external world.

If you are confident because of your internal attributions, then you will stay that way no matter how many women don't have the good taste to choose it. (Did you notice how I didn't say, "It doesn't matter how many women reject you"? Think positively!)

By the way, there was a time when I was so terrified of talking to women that my vision would blur, my face would turn red, and I would stutter like an idiot. It was all caused by worrying about what those women thought.

The permanent solution to this is to stop thinking that women are important.

Yes, you read that right. Thinking that women are important only gets in the way when it comes to the love game. Instead, see them as a source of excitement, arousal, and sex ... no more, no less. Don't see every woman as a potential girlfriend because that causes you to act too hard to win her approval.

Simple Alpha Male Exercise-

If you find yourself with an external control site, you can help yourself get out and grow outside of it by creating a list of targets you criticize so that your life is not what it is. Go ahead and make your list right now.

Did you make your list? Very good. Some things you could have written down are:

1) Other people, like his parents, who did a bad job raising him or his boss who is keeping him right now. The people at your high school made fun of you and made you feel bad. These people taught him to be irrationally afraid of strangers, which is why today he is shy.

2) The circumstances. You were born into poverty, your uncle beat you up, you went to a bad public school, and you missed many educational opportunities that other people got.

3) Your genes / God. Your face is asymmetrical. You are short, etc.

I am not trying to simplify your problems at all. The key is that very often in life. We become immobilized due to circumstances that are beyond our control. Then we cannot effect a change.

We can't change how our parents raised us, so being so upset about it today is a waste of time. No matter how upset you get, you can't change what happened.

Looking at your blame list, can you see any real reason you must be so pessimistic that you do nothing to improve your life because of the people on the list?

Why do you give them that power?

Study after study has shown that firmly believing that we are in control of our situation will significantly impact our actions. The more we believe that we are not in control of our situations, the more likely we will give up.

As you move toward having an inner psychological site of control, you will become a more positive thinker. You have the power to take action to improve the things you are currently weak at. If you're ugly by example, then hit the gym, improve your diet, and work on your clothing and conditioning. You will also take responsibility for motivating yourself. You will find that as you are more determined to improve and persevere in pursuing the things you want (such as sex), you will increase your chances of getting them.

Your Thoughts

You are constantly thinking. Most of your feelings come from thoughts. The good news is that, as thinking beings, we can choose our thoughts and thus our feelings.

We can choose to think (and feel) positively or negatively. The bad news is that it is often easier to think negatively, so we have to be positive. For example, suppose you attend a quick dating event where each woman marks "No" in the box representing your name to indicate that they do not want to see you again.

A negative view of this would be to think that you are scum, so of course, women would not want to talk to you. And what about all the other guys who were way more flashy than you? Maybe it would have been a better night if you had stayed home and played Halo 2. A positive view would be to realize that, with each girl, you wrinkled your forehead and leaned too far toward her, indicating that you were nervous and trying too hard to get her approval. Fix those two major body language mistakes, and you'll convey a better impression of yourself next time.

What you think about often becomes a part of your life. If you worry, then you will find things to worry about. If you are optimistic, then you attract good people and things. So if you want to be a successful man, you need to have positive thoughts. Remembering the past creates many negative thoughts. You have certainly erred before; it happens to all of us. The key is to forget the past.

I want to make you recognize this: the past doesn't exist anymore, except in your mind. Bury your past mistakes and don't think about them after you've learned lessons from them. Try to eliminate negative thoughts. Identify the origins of negativity in your life and do not allow them to influence you. I find negativity in certain individuals, songs, and television shows like the news. (Don't feel like you have to be a news junkie. If the world is ending, someone will let you know!)

Develop Positive Thinking

Everything is in your mind. That, and your attitude. "Why would a girl be attracted to me?" you think. "I'm too short." You go to class and sit in your usual place. The girl sitting across from you notices you and then suddenly turns around and says, "Can you lend me a sheet?"

"Sure," you say, handing him the sheet. You don't say anything else to him for the rest of the class. That night, you remember that girl, dreaming about her while alone in bed, thinking you are a loser. What you didn't realize was that this girl was going the extra mile to talk to you. He didn't need a blade ... he could have asked another girl for it and not have to worry about the male-female play. But she used it as an excuse to talk to you because she was interested in you. She thinks she sent you an obvious signal. But you didn't realize.

For something to happen to you, you have to believe in it first. In our example, if you had believed that you are attractive, then you would be receptive to the girls that appear in your life. But if you don't think it's a possibility, then you are psychologically blocked, even when it's obvious, like the girl who asked you for the folio.

Good things happen to you. That way, you will take advantage of the opportunities. Identify negative thoughts when they arise and let them go. As you eliminate negative thoughts, let positive thoughts flow. Choose to be confident and happy on the inside, no matter what happens on the outside. Feel comfortable with yourself and realize that you will be happy no matter what happens. Your confidence comes from yourself, and you will improve every day because that is fundamentally who you are.

Here are a few ways to develop positive thinking:

1) Constantly imagine yourself as the person you want to be . Imagine how you would behave and what kind of happiness you would reap in your life if you were that ideal person. Visualize the amount of money you would earn, the house you would live in, and the physique you would have. Avoid negative influences in your life, such as friends who make pessimistic comments.

2) As you look back, think only about your successes . Realize that any failure you have is only temporary and more the result of bad luck than any inherent problems with you.

3) assume success (but don't link to it). See yourself as relaxed and count on that because you are the lover of every woman's dreams; of course, you will eventually have the success you want. Smile while having fun what makes you feel like a man who is attractive to women.

4) Start to identify the thoughts you have . Recognize that your judgments are under your control, so you can visualize everything you want. Because your reality is what you believe in, use your visualizations to encourage rather than discourage you. As Albert Einstein said, "your imagination is the preview of the attractions of life that are to come."

5) Make affirmations , which I will explain below.

Overcoming Your Insecurities

Have you ever said this to yourself?

"I hold a lot of blisters on my face."

"I am very fat."

"I'm very poor."

"I live with my parents."

"I do not have a car."

"I am very shy!!!"

I want you to think about any belief that makes you think you are not attractive to a woman. Because your reality is what you have created, you need to destroy the bad thoughts that make you unsafe and unattractive to women. I am not going to say that this is easy because it is not. I used to be extremely shy. Although my real problem was my fear of talking to people (especially girls), I used to say things like, "I appreciate privacy, and I want everyone to stay out of my business."

It wasn't until I lowered my ego, and became aware of my life, that I realized that shyness was my biggest problem. This required breaking down those thoughts. I realized that I was paying a lot of attention to what people thought of me. The thought of being rejected scared me. Once I identified the problem holding me back, I was able to drop my ego and confront those thoughts. For me, that was an incredible break because once I let my ego drop, I forever got over my shyness around women. This happened overnight.

From that point, whenever I talk to people, I work on focusing externally, for example, on what the conversation was about, and not on internal things like, "I want this person to like me." In the same way, you will have certain thoughts that make you feel good. Identify them too and reinforce them. I was genetically gifted when it came to muscles. So thinking of myself as a muscular man helped my confidence level.

Easy Alpha Male Exercises

1) Identify the beliefs that are good for you.

2) Reinforce them by amplifying what is good for you

3) Identify their bad beliefs. And eliminate them.

OK, this won't happen instantly unless you fully open your mind to this and make a full effort to do these three exercises. Even if you are skeptical, if you work slowly but surely, this will pass. Take baby steps to observe your behaviors and thoughts, and isolate those thought patterns that are good and those that you want to change.

And do yourself a favor and save all your tests for later, when you're home alone, not when you're with a woman. When with a woman, stay outwardly focused and only think about the conversation at hand. This will cause you to feel relaxed and, therefore, more attractive because you are projecting confidence, which increases your likelihood of sleeping with her.

Drowning Your Fears About Rejection

Picture this: you are about to try to talk to a beautiful/sexy girl. You see them standing there in the magazine section of the supermarket, entertaining themselves with Cosmopolitan magazine. Her blonde hair is silky and soft. His skin is clear and radiant. His waist is slim. And wow, look at the delicious shape of those tits! You feel the tension.

Excuses explode in your head: "I'm too tired;" I'm not well dressed; "I don't know what to say to him; "I don't carry condoms. "

That negative monologue you have in your head makes you decide not to approach. Now, your chances of having sex with her are zero. You get your groceries, you go home, and you sleep alone that night. You just shot yourself; the girl did nothing.

You didn't hesitate because you were very tired or badly dressed, or the words didn't come to you (and you can always buy condoms on the way to a sexual encounter).

Your real problem was fear. You didn't approach because you were afraid of rejection. "I wish I could hurry up and get over this anxiety of chatting with women ... I don't know," you say to yourself. "Once I get over it, then I will approach them eagerly / enthusiastically / smoothly."

The problem with this kind of thinking is that it sets you up for failure. The truth is that we always feel scared when we enter a new, unfamiliar situation. It is a psychological reality of human beings. The only way to free yourself from fear is to do what you need to do - for example, approach a woman - despite the fear. You have to make a great effort. If you've ever done it in sports, it just is. I was so afraid to communicate with girls that my vision blurred. I continued to make these excuses that I would only approach women when my fears are gone. I kept waiting and waiting.

My fears never went away. I was immobilized, unable to figure out why I was so scared of talking to women, and I spent many days and nights refusing to do so until I could feel good instead of scared. The truth is, virtually all men have anxiety about talking to women because, let's face it, rejection sucks. We all have an internal sense of ego (e.g., self-esteem), which we wish to maintain at a high level. Ideally, your self-worth will come from within yourself, and you won't have to depend on others to have it.

When this happens, it will become irrelevant what any woman thinks of you. If he likes you, great; if not, then what does it matter? You can't control what she thinks.

Don't let a woman's opinion matter too much to you. We all feel fear in an unfamiliar situation. It is normal and natural. Fear only goes away when the situation becomes familiar. If you don't make a great effort to overcome fear, you will be extremely vulnerable and paranoid. Surely, you can withdraw and stay away, and then you will never be rejected. But then you'll be lonely; you'll always be a sad loser who never slept with a girl. Here's the underlying reason: we all have an imaginary partner who will be with you your whole life. Its name is fear. If you allow this partner to control your life, he will put you in a straitjacket.

But fear can also be your faithful companion. When you jump on the exciting spinning slide of life, engaging in a myriad of challenging tasks/adventures, fear will be with you. He won't get in your way, but he will always be there as long as / as long as you're doing new things. When you feel scared, it is a sign that you are doing something new and exciting.

How to Eliminate Your Fears

To eliminate your fears about chatting with women, you need to do three things.

1. Don't have expectations / Don't expect anything . Be friendly for the sake of being social. Nothing more.

2. Talk to the women . Remember that the only way to overcome your fear is by doing what you are afraid of. The more you do it, the more easily you will get there because your attitude about any kind of negative experiences like rejection will turn to something like, "I've been there, I've done that, it's not a big deal."

3. Identify the thoughts that make you nervous . Then delete them.

Because fear is normal, most guys feel anxious when talking to girls, especially if they are not used to it. That is why it is not about not being afraid, but that you simply go straight to what you are going to. So what sets guys like you apart from the rest is the way they handle fear.

Most of the men are paralyzed by fear. And they were necessarily concerning girls, but also in other aspects such as their career. This is why many types do not achieve the success they want.

The reason most men never confront they fear that they fail to discover where they came from. The fear comes from within you. The problem is with you, not with the woman who rejects you. So the next time you talk to women, just treat them without any expectations. Don't set goals. As I mentioned previously, I used to be an introvert. To overcome my shame, I would force myself to converse with everyone, no matter who it was.

He spoke with pretty girls, with ugly girls, with fat girls, with older people, guys, children, families walking with their dogs. It didn't matter who they were. He talked to them about neutral issues, nothing to do with raising women. The result of all this was that I became an excellent conversationalist. I never felt fear again because I could continue doing what scared me until the time came that it no longer bothered me.

Then I made a mistake. I said to myself: "Now that I am a good conversationalist and have become an easygoing person, why do I have to waste time in conversations other than with beautiful girls." After all, as an alpha male, I thought, "He was a man of high value, and I would dedicate my time only to beautiful women.

So I limited the circle of people I would talk to. And my anxiety about speaking to casual women swept me away. It was as if I had never spoken to strangers in my life. At that moment, I realized that this was. I had a dependent attitude because I had thoughts about having sex with women before I opened my mouth and said "hello," which was devastating and frustrating for my purposes.

This is the point. Here's something I want you to try. No matter where you go, talk to two people (or groups of people) only for practice. Take it very seriously. Don't try to pick up girls through these conversations. Precisely because it is to practice, do not limit yourself to talking to the best women. You are looking for simple conversations. I have found that older people (men and women over 40) and fat people are easy to start conversations with. Perhaps because that demographic tends to be lonely.

If it helps, set a time limit for your interaction practices, such as talking to one person for 30 seconds and then end the conversation (you can say something like: "OK, I'll meet a friend. It was a pleasure chatting with you And then as if it didn't matter at all).

Once you have done your internship, you will feel comfortable, and it will be easier for you to converse with the good girls. Even when and even if you feel aroused, do not think or act in a way related to sex.

For example, if a girl walks in front of you, just say something spontaneous like, "Hey, I need a female opinion on something." Then ask a question that you want their opinion on. As you gain practice, you can apply another one of my tricks to say something funny before starting a conversation with a stranger. Tell yourself a joke and then laugh. That will put you in a good mood when you talk to someone else.

Ultimately, you will get to a position where you have spoken out and gotten so many negative responses from women that it won't affect you even one bit. You will have an attitude like, "Oh, how original. I've had hundreds of women give me the same cruel response."

In the movie "Fight Club" Tyler Durden presented the following phrase: "Let things go as they should go." Stop trying to control your attitude with girls. If you don't have an attitude in mind, it won't be relevant if the girl acts like, "Now I turn my head and I remember the rejections I've received, and I laugh. I have spoken to so many women that rejections bore me, but they entertain me because of my sincerity.

To understand this more psychologically, we will say that "There is no such thing as a" State of nervousness "as something genetic. There is no such thing as "butterflies in the belly" of the "nervous virus" invading your body. All those nervous feelings come from within you. You have a series of mental processes flowing through you, and in the end, you are inclined to feel the emotion you decide.

Recently, I led a boy named James, who told me, "I would reject myself if I were a girl. So with thoughts like that, you don't have to be a witch to know why you don't succeed with women. He has a failure-oriented attitude.

We then work on the following:

1. James visualized a girl rejecting him.

2. James felt the tension in his body that was previously relaxed.

3. James evaluated every moment of the entire process, preventing him from having a fluid conversation.

Perhaps it seems very familiar to you to feel nervous about a woman who is close to you? Do not be sad. Thousands of guys - even those who consider themselves "Women Charmers" - have felt it at some point. You will be there just like them.

What to do to manage nervousness: Identify your negative thoughts and then change them. Instead of thinking, "There is my God, this girl will reject me because I will not be able to speak well ... Think: How wonderful it will be to talk with this girl I just saw in the store because, even if she rejects me, I always have the will and the conviction that every day I am one step closer to the woman of my dreams. When you are nervous, notice the parts of your body that become tense and relax your muscles in those places.

When I get nervous, I feel the tension in my face and my jaws. So I try to relax my facial muscles by mentally telling myself to relax instead of being nervous. In conclusion, there are many ways to reduce anxiety with a visualization exercise. Before you open your mouth and say something to a woman, visualize the situation as if it is happening, and then she rejects you.

Look at it this way. If you're not feeling relaxed and sexual, how do you expect the woman to cooperate? As an Alpha Male, you are obliged to lead, which means that you must feel relaxed and sexual for the girl to react favorably. That way, you'll be happy because. At least you went for it, like an alpha man who goes through life without apologizing for his wishes.

Each rejection means that you are one step closer to success. Each rejection makes your ability to converse that much better since you have completely desensitized yourself to the process. Focus on how you will feel later, and speak to the woman as if she has already rejected you (and you are happy about it) instead of making yourself nervous before you even open your mouth.

Making A New Way You Talk To Yourself Through Statements

I have been very successful in changing my attitudes, and much of it comes from saying Statements. Statements are statements that you repeat over and over again until you believe them. Throughout the day, you constantly say things to yourself.

They are often harmful statements, such as:

"I'm a loser."

"I'm not good at talking to just any woman."

"I'm depressed."

"I'm in a bad mood."

"I'm lazy."

"Life sucks."

"I am stuck in a job with no prospects, and there is nothing I can do about it."

Ouch! I can't write any more examples because it's conjuring up old painful memories of how I thought! But you get the idea, and perhaps if you take the time, you may come up with a long list of negative beliefs that you hold. The issue with bad thoughts is that they have a reinforcing effect. The more you think about them, the more you support them with feelings, the more they take hold of your mind.

The more you repeat a statement to yourself, along with visualizing and feeling it, the more you begin actually to believe it. Too much bad self-talk and your problems and insecurities grow. The good news, either way, is that you can start making positive affirmations. By repeating new affirmations over and over to yourself, you can program them into your mind.

Take the statement, "I'm more outgoing." At first, your mind may get confused and try to block it because it is such a radical new thought. After all, you have spent lots of time saying to yourself that you are antisocial. One day, after a few days of making your affirmations several times a day, you do something you would never have done a month ago - maybe you're waiting to pay at the grocery store and automatically decide to play a little prank with other people in line. You do this without even considering it because it is becoming part of your new personality. It is truly incredible to feel it when this happens.

Then recognize that affirmations work gradually. They are so slow that it is difficult to see that they are affecting. Just keep working, keep saying them, and before long passes, you're going to notice yourself behaving in new ways.

Affirmations can do three things:

● Change a statement about yourself, which fits according to your personality.

For example, if you affirm, "I am becoming a positive thinker," this will make you more optimistic. You will start to have thoughts like "that wasn't so bad" and "let's look" on the bright side.

● Reinforce a statement about yourself.

I was always happy with the way my hair looked. So if I say, "I have spectacular hair," it helps me become the type of person with inner confidence who always sees the glass as half full.

● Motivate yourself.

You can use the affirmation, "I talk to women that I find attractive." Then your mind will focus on the ways that you can chat with such women. You will have thoughts such as, "I need to go to the mall to see if I can find a woman" or "I wonder when the next dating event will be." At the supermarket, when you see a beautiful woman, you will think of any excuse to talk to her like, "Excuse me, do you know which watermelons are good?"

Statements work because you become what you think about. They force your mind into a certain way of thinking, and when you use affirmations long enough, those new thoughts become your new reality. Not only should you say the words of your affirmations to yourself, but you should feel what the words are saying and visualize the new reality. In that way, you experience your affirmations using your three major senses (sight, hearing, and feelings).

For example, one of my affirmations that I think to myself when I'm walking down the street is, "I enjoy having full alpha male confidence." When I say this, I feel myself relax my muscles and move more slowly, with my head held high. I visualize my ideal self, and I get happier.

When you are alone at home or in your car, say your affirmations out loud. You completely occupy your hearing when you say them out loud. Of course, you should occupy your eyes by vividly imagining them then, and your feelings, when you have a wave of emotions running through your body as you imagine your statements as true.

When you first begin to program yourself with a new characteristic, express the present progressive verb's statement. This is why I say that, instead of saying, "I feel happy with my life," it is better to say, "I am feeling happier with my life as time passes."

This overcomes many of the resistances that you can put up to your new affirmation. Even if you say, "I feel happy with my life," you think, "I am not a happy person." Using the present progressive, you overcome that. Once you feel much happier than you used to be, then you can switch to affirming that it is true: "I feel completely happy." As you keep saying your affirmations, your personality will always reflect this increasing until it has been virtually completely ingrained in the new you.

From period to period, you will need to review and repeat your old affirmations. This prevents you from slipping into your old mental models. Affirmations are like lifting weights with your mind. Just as you need to keep lifting iron to maintain your physique, you also need to maintain your new thoughts to maintain your ideal personality. When developing your affirmations, use the technique that you find that works best for you. Some people are auditory-oriented, so they benefit from recording their statements and then listening to them.

If you are on a Windows PC, the best way to do this is to create your audio files on your computer using a microphone and the sound recording program that comes pre-installed on most Windows systems.

Others are more visual people and will need to visualize their affirmations while saying them to themselves. I am kinesthetically oriented (motivated mostly by physical sensations), so people like me should try to feel their statements as if they were true.

Even if you have your main way of making affirmations, try to reach all of your senses. An additional method that helps everyone is to write the affirmations on paper.

When you make your first sentences, your mind will be full of doubts, but as you put them on paper, it is almost miraculous how much your mind will change to adopt the new belief that you are affirming.

An Easy Alpha Male Exercise

It's making your statements. As you make them, here are some rules that will help you:

1) Assert natural characteristics, beliefs, and accomplishments that you can motivate yourself to have. (If your State, "I have 10,000 girlfriends," then you program yourself for disappointment since it is physically difficult. Five or Ten is better.)

2) You have to make your statements very strong. "I am fully confident" is better than "I am confident."

3) Try to say each statement in no more than twelve repetitions.

4) The mind responds better if you say positive prayers. "I feel relaxed in social situations" is preferable to "I don't feel nervous in social situations."

5) When you want to STOP a feature, use the phrase "release the need," i.e., "I release the need to feel threatened by other guys."

Some of the affirmations that have worked well for me are:

I am laid back and confident. Remember, if you are not entirely comfortable and confident, the phrase is "I am becoming comfortable and confident."

I have phenomenally high self-esteem.

I am an alpha male.

I like having light talks with girls.

I am the best lover of every girl.

I think of good times.

I am sure of myself.

I free myself from the need to care what a woman thinks.

I pass through life with elegance, dignity, and style.

I am happy with myself.

I feel relaxed, calm, and in control.

I move my body slowly because I am alpha.

I relax and stretch out.

I feel highly sexual with women.

I love myself.

I'm good in bed.

I am an ultra-confident fascinating boy.

My life is fun.

I feel comfortable talking to other people.

I take my space wherever I am because I radiate confidence in myself.

I feel serene when I enter people's personal space.

I touch girls when I talk to them.

My facial muscles are relaxed.

I have rich standards, so I am a challenge for girls.

I'm interesting.

I am unpredictable.

I am equal to God.

I am handsome.

I am an attractive man.

I gain trust with everyone I talk to.

I am great and powerful, equal to a boxing champion.

I am so incredibly attractive and adept at the bed that women become wringing moisture around me!

With girls, I persist towards either get sex or rejection.

I enjoy rejection because that means I try to get it.

I am an adventurer.

I freed myself from someone else's need for approval.

I am a winner.

I am aggressive/aggressive.

When it comes down to sex, I'm a devilish bad boy.

I'm good at catching any woman.

I focus on positive emotions.

I am fun and interesting.

I am sexual.

I am completely satisfied and relaxed.

Simple Secret To Being Dominant

Domination is the number one trait that lures women. What I'm going to show to you in this chapter will be the secrets that will make women beg to have sex with you where "anything goes." It's about this: to be dominant, control the frame. It is as simple and straightforward as this.

It is important to understand the value of this concept of frames. As I said, there is no objective reality. All reality exists in people's minds. So, if a woman creates drama over something she thinks is a big deal, and if you go along with it, you've lowered your beta status by being sucked into her frame. If, on the other hand, you reframe the drama as something funny and silly and that it's not a big deal, then it is she who is drawn into its reality.

To give an example of my current relationship, my girlfriend wanted me to go to her parents' house with her to meet them. I preferred to go out with my friends that night, so I told him that those were my plans. She reacted badly and said, "John, it is very important that you come with me."

Most men are caught in the frame of having a long discussion or fighting over the issue. After all, you have extensive discussions regarding things that are important.

But if you pretend (frame) that her wanting you to meet her family isn't a big deal, you'll just react by saying, "Sure, let's do it someday," and then quickly changing the subject to something more interesting. That's what I did, and that brought her into my reality. Use this strategy in every situation. You, as a man, have the most powerful reality.

Because now she has a strong belief system, "I am a good match" and "I am the prize, not her," the woman will swallow this frame. One of the jobs I did for many years was part-time pizza delivery. (By the way, avoid pizza if you want to keep a slim waist!) This was before he learned and developed the proper mindset. And I always managed to get incredibly nervous whenever I knocked on a door, and a beautiful woman answered. This was because I viewed them as potentially great conquests for me (and not the other way around).

So when I tried to please them, I became a guy who tried too hard, damaging any attraction such women might have felt for me—but then adopting the attitude that I am a good match. Consequently, he was indifferent whenever he delivered an order to a beautiful woman. He would simply say, in a relaxed tone of voice and posture, "Hello. They are X $. for pizza." Sometimes women blatantly flirted with me as a result. (They had never flirted with me before.) I had sex with some of them, including one I dated for over a year — she was amazing in bed. She worked very hard to win my affections, as it was a tough challenge for her.

Women don't like to be put on a pedestal. Even though they sometimes claim that they like it. Men who are successful with women don't see them that way. They just act naturally. Women can be wonderful beings who want to have sex with you, but they put their pants on one leg at a time just like you do. After all, women are much more similar to men than most guys think.

The problem with getting girls on a pedestal is that I frame a situation of need or dependency. Think of people in your life who have been in need. They suffocate him every moment, trying to get his attention. They constantly demand your attention because they are unable to have a good time on their own. Psychologically, this makes you reject them rather than make you want to spend more time with them. So consider what a woman's perspective is like when you feel or show need.

How can you avoid such feelings? Hold on and stop every time you have a thought like these:

• "If I don't get this girl, I won't have sex for months."

• "I want this woman to like me. What should you do to achieve it?

• "Should I call her already?"

The irony about wanting people to like you is that trying too hard to achieve it has the opposite effect — it makes them turn away from you. So stop putting women on pedestals. A better and healthier way of looking at this is that you need to get on your pedestal. You are in the prize. Take these two examples of a man chatting with a woman. The first is a man who thinks that he needs to win a woman's affection; the second knows that he is the prize.

Beta (nervously): "May I have the honor of taking you to lunch? I invite you. Where would you like to go?"

Woman: "Thank you" (smiles) "I would like to have lunch at El Supero Carizzimo Ritzo. Go"

They go to lunch, the woman sees him as a good guy and a good friend, and he will never take her to bed because she just isn't attracted to him that way. Even though men complain about the money spent on women in exchange for their getting nothing, women don't see this as taking advantage of the guy. After all, if you're on a pedestal and someone is nervously asking you to do them favor with your presence for lunch, wouldn't you feel like you're giving them exactly what they want by indulging that favor? If a man has hidden intentions and the woman discovers it, that will make her not see him well.

Alfa (relaxed and comfortable in his skin): "I feel like having lunch at my favorite place, El Restaurant Barattero." (So, as a game, almost like an afterthought): "You are very nice, come with me."

Woman (giggling): "Bla Bla" (He doesn't care what the woman says because as long as she feels comfortable around the guy, she will go with him.)

Notice the framework this second example raises. Man is in his reality. He wants to have lunch, and he knows where he wants to do it. Because the girl has won his attention, she can accompany him. He's the prize, and not her — she's nice, so she's welcome. In the first example, the woman is the prize, when the man has a weak will (he does not have a place to eat), he knows that his value is less than hers (so he is nervous), and he has to bribe her into talking to him practically.

Also, notice how the phrase "come with me" is a command. You see, alpha is not afraid to risk his balls and say things like this to women or other people. Be sure, however, to soften the sentences by expressing yourself playfully. You don't want to come across as moody or bossy. Finally, notice how lunch is not framed as a date like it is in the first example. This prevents her from categorizing the man as serious relationship material who will have to wait months for sex.

Instead, if sex takes place, he will take an active role in creating the right conditions for this. The way the brain works is that when you believe something, your mind increasingly searches for more and more evidence for that belief to be true. That is the value of the previous exercise for the kickoff to believe that you are the dream lover that all women want. As you adopt the mindset of being a good match, realize that all women are naturally promiscuous when conditions are right (that is, a confident man leads them). You don't need validation or approval from the woman; instead, she does need you.

To sum it up, as an attractive man:

1) Make women enter your reality, and not the other way around.

2) Take the lead role, as women are normally passive when dating and sex.

3) Emotionally awaken women.

4) He is a man of high value, so it is up to women to win his affection.

5) He doesn't take women too seriously, nor does he take life too seriously.

6) Have your own beliefs, be assertive, and think to yourself.

7) you don't need the approval of others.

Most of the men I know who are good with women are aware of these things and set themselves high. Why? Because they (and you) know how to take women to the highest heights of pleasure!

Seven-Step System

I am analyzing by boiling them all down in the following Seven Step System of Seduction that leads you to say "hello" to a new woman to share orgasms in bed with the herb in just one afternoon.

1) You will walk up to a woman and have a quick, neutral conversation.

2) At the end of the conversation, you either get his phone number to set up an appointment, or you then terminate the interaction and get the rejection on your

3) When you meet her for your date, take the attitude that you are getting to know the woman before the two of you have sex. Talk about neutral topics and just vibe with her.

4) On the date, they will start to feel horny. As the two of you continue to vibrate towards you, she will gradually feel horny as well.

5) As she is gradually feeling horny, you should intensify your touch towards her, starting with her fingers, then going to her hand, to her wrist, to her forearm, to her upper back, to her upper arm.

6) When the moment feels right, suggest a neutral reason for the two of you to get alone together, like listening to a CD.

7) When you get the two of you alone, intensify the interaction toward sex.

None of these steps is very complicated, and all seven steps will be discussed in detail later.

Being Persistent

Through your interaction with a woman, you must take advantage. You must have a strong will and want to have sex. Lack of humor on your part can cause him to leave you if the interaction becomes difficult. (More so, it's important to be horny if you want her to feel the same way!)

Talk to a woman while you can. If you have to wait for something, wait to be openly rejected by her instead of saying goodbye. Countless times I have successfully ended up with the discomfort of a pause in conversation rather than walking away.

That also goes when you have a single woman with you in your house. You must persist with her token resistance, or else you will find yourself at best fond of her all night long (that is, she gets the emotional validation of getting your attention while you barely get a kiss.)

You have to perform your goal to get screwed or get their opinion, "no" with you. Don't run away. Running is what beta males do, so they don't have to get rejected.

Most men are scared to death talking to women they don't know, so talking to them anyway separates you from most of them. Other men You will get to be rejected quite a bit, but that's fine. The rejection of a woman is a victory. It means you had the guts to go for it.

Being an alpha, you have the will to do what you want with your life. Because you want to get screwed, you will persist with the women you want.


Great! So remember - with the woman you want to have sex with, your goal is to persist until you get screwed or rejected.

The Boarding

Now I'm going to reveal one of my secrets to you. The woman of your dreams, never while you live, will knock on your door to enter you. That sounds obvious, but unfortunately, many individuals live like that is happening. They never go out and talk. Instead, they believe that if they work hard and make lots of money, they will one day attract the woman of their dreams into their lives.

Please do not be sad; I was describing myself. Rule number one is that men must make an effort to approach women. You should go out and take command and work on it. Women are not going to show it to you on your doorstep.

As they make up 50% of the human population, you can find and meet women everywhere. The rules are different for each place, so you need to adjust accordingly.