How To Successfully Seduce A Woman From Zero

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How To Successfully Seduce A Woman From Zero

At the very smallest, you should be able to have a basic conversation with a woman. Therefore, you should make it a rule of thumb; you will have at least one long and meaningful conversation a day with a woman. It could be your sister, a platonic friend, a co-worker, or anyone. The main objective is to get used to talking to women and do it easily and naturally. By the way, when you talk to them, don't try hard to make them feel good about you. Just have a normal conversation where you can be yourself.

To get used to talking to new women, do the same; from now on, you will enter a conversation with at least four attractive women a week for a few weeks. This can be easier than it sounds if you make sure you have something to talk about beyond "Hi, where are you from?"

I said to a woman, "Hi, I need a quick feminine opinion. I'm buying my sister (mother, whoever) a perfume. What do you prefer, Fragrance X or Fragrance Y? "Unconvincing, I know, but at least this will get you in conversation with a woman you don't know. Practice your openers tackling for success; now I'm going to focus as I explain how to talk to women.

The Approach And How To Do It

To do the boarding, you need to be in the right emotional state. You need to feel a strong sex drive and relaxed confidence. If you are nervous and fearful and thinking hard about things to say, the woman will not find you attractive and even a little creepy. I know, in an ideal world, women should be flattered that guys have a hard time talking to them about what to say to them. Perhaps, as a man who wants to sleep with her, we must adjust to reality. You must be confident, warm, and relaxed - not panic and asexual.

Remember, all girls want sex. Some have psychological blocks like frigidity, but most will have sex with you if you are an alpha man, create the right conditions for sex to occur, and lead the interaction towards having sex. Where a lot of men screw it up with women is by using an approach phrase. The problem with opening openers is that they reveal to the woman immediately before you've even had a chance to speak that you are attracted to her.

And unless you have something that makes you look handsome, you don't want her to decide whether or not she's attracted to you instantly. Instead, it is better to come under their radar. Show your alpha man personality, and then you can assume there is attraction. (I talk more about what it means to assume attraction below) Not only do you want to be under their radar, but you also want to grab their attention at the same time. Get her interested by talking to you.

Lastly, you want to have a neutral conversation with her at first. You know how defensive you get whenever you're out there walking, and some homeless man comes up to you asking, "Hi, how are you?" You get defensive when this happens because you know the bum wants your money. He is seeking trust with you too soon… since he doesn't know you, he has no reason to want to connect with you.

Well, it's the same kind of reaction with women. When you approach a girl trying to seek confidence immediately, her defensive shield blocks you. On the contrary, when you have a normal, neutral conversation with the girl, she doesn't have those initial shields. And once you have that initial shield with a woman, as long as you have a normal conversation and take on the report (more on this later too), then you will find yourself having breakfast in your underwear with her the next morning, as long as you are persistent and sexual.

For that reason, there is what I like to call "Nine Hypnotic Words." These cover all of the bases I've listed before (putting yourself under a girl's radar, getting her attention, getting her interest in the initial conversation, and being completely neutral). The number one thing you have to say to a girl you randomly meet is, "Hi, I need a swift female viewpoint on something."

If you get their opinion on this, you can be extremely flexible, but make sure this topic is interesting for women examples:

• Did you read something in the last issue of the Cosmopolitan

• What do you think of this shirt?

• I am thinking of buying this painting. What do you think of it?

• When a woman asks me if her clothes make her look fat, what should I say?

• Tell him about a date situation that a friend (man) of yours had in front of a girl.

• My friend only studied with this girl all day.

• She tore a sheet out of her book and threw him like a paper airplane. She laughed, and he smiled. Then he wanted to do the same, but she suddenly got serious and said, 'No' don't do this; he told me he looked like an idiot. And he wondered, what should he have done?

• Ask. "If your lover plays video games all day. How would you feel about this? Then go inside the story about how your friend's girlfriend left him because he played every day.

• Start a discussion about what is going on back then. For example, if you are going to a dog rescue event, talk about the animals up! Adoption

• Nice weather today (especially if it isn't). You have to try this kind of peppermint (Say this at the grocery store). What do you think?

• You can converse with a girl about virtually anything, as long as you are neutral.

But be sure that it is a topic that interests you as well. That way, you seem genuine and not like you are trying to win her over. Also, never recite the memorized material! I only use the above list as topics of conversation, not as scripts. Trust me, and this took me a while to learn; if you look like a stage agent reciting lines, you will crash and burn.

Another key point (which took me a long time to finally figure out) When you start the conversation, make sure you don't seem too polished or like it's too easy to talk to her. If not, she will say something like, "Are you a seller of something?" or "I had to meet him sooner" Instead of just being normal (laid back and carefree)!

Your main thing to talk about can be as simple as your immediate environment. If you are in a movie theater, ask her if she has ever seen a particular movie and what she thinks of it. Tell you a story about something interesting that happened to you before the movie. One of my stories from the movies I told a girl I conquered in a movie theater and eventual romance:

I took one of my previous girlfriends to see a movie, and it was just the two of us and these eight teenagers. They were all loud and annoying, but before the movie started. My girlfriend got upset and said, "You can shut up. I want to see the movie, thank you!" They all gave me a bad look because, as men, you cannot fight with women, but you can fight with other men.

After a while, I went to the bathroom, and there they were all. I felt like they were all about to hit me. But then they told me, "Sorry, we didn't want to upset your girlfriend, we don't mean to hit you, you have enough with that girlfriend!" It turned out that they wanted to apologize for the way they behaved. I know the story doesn't seem logical, but that doesn't matter to a woman. You have to be sure it was real when you tell your stories and convey your emotions. (In the example above, it has more of an impact to use a complaining voice when imitating teenage boys, for example.)

Don't use my stories, use yours!

If you are in the waiting room of a dental clinic (as it was a few months ago), ask her if she has seen that particular dentist before and what is her opinion of him (as I did with this girl, I got her number and we were ... for ... the next day, have a great time, first to have a coffee - then to go shopping - then to a bar.

Then-my-house-followed-sex-and after-several hours on my couch watching movies of romance). Tell yourself that you should be cautious these days about dentists because of this, a dentist named Dr. Finger who had the fattest toes you have ever seen in your life. (At this point, she should laugh.)

You can talk about how you think it is interesting that people make their occupations adjustable with their last names. Dr. Finger was a dentist. You also knew a girl named Amy Salmon who went into fish conservation. At this point, if the girl is worth talking about, she will share strange, similar coincidences or talk about something else to keep the conversation going. This is a way to gauge their availability to you if the conversation becomes two-way.

(The woman who does not make the conversation with you is not interested in you, she will not even give a choice, or she is just nervous. If it is the last one, please just take the girl's phone number and see another opportunity. It is difficult to have sex on the same day with a nervous chick.) Once you've made your opening comment and she answers, let the conversation flow. Change the subject. Talk about anything else that is on your mind, such as something that interests you; just read today's psychology. The key is to talk about more than one topic.

Why do you want to do this? Because you want her (and you) to have the feeling that the two of you can talk about anything. You have always been in a conversation like the one that seems to last for hours because you and the other person keep thinking about the new links about the conversation. That is the kind of rapport you want to create.

You can perpetually go backward to the previous conversational links, open them again, and talk about them further. This is to give you a perfect opportunity to avoid awkward pauses. No matter how alpha male you decide to talk about yourself, your attitude will be the most important thing. If you feel fear, she will detect that and will be rejected by you.

Approach, with the full wisdom that women love sex, and thus there is a good chance that a woman will appreciate you when you talk to her. Even if she doesn't, it is her responsibility to let you know, not your attempts to read her mind. If you have a normal conversation, be relaxed and let it flow.

The dirty little secret about your interactions with women is that it doesn't matter what you say. You want to vibrate with her and get the report. Go for the good report.

When it comes time for her to ask your name, say your name with pride and give her a chance to say hers. If you feel like her, shake your hand at this point. This presents the dynamic that it is comfortable to touch. Ask questions; do stories, and just vibrate for a few minutes. You will know that she is interested in the conversation as soon as she begins to do stories on herself answering your previous questions (in other words, as I say, the conversation will become two-way.)

At this point, you have a kind of normal conversation that you would have with friends you have known for a long time. (Although you have not known this woman for more than several minutes, you want her to feel comfortable as if she knew about you.) When you've known someone for a long time, don't bombard them with questions. Instead, you make stories (talk) about what's going on around you, just like you can't believe how much junk food people buy at the store in the afternoon.

Lean back and vibrate with her. I find that I am more prosperous when I am with lower energy than high energy. The reasons are:

● She won't feel as if she has to match your emotional state if you come in very energetic.

● Women are more sexual when they are relaxed.

Making The Appointment

When the conversation flows from both parties, and you feel a good vibe, it is time to seal the deal. You can go right then or get a phone number and have your date later.

Base the decision on whether the two of you have time for this point (the date). As a common rule of thumb, it's best to avoid going on a date unless you have enough time. So if she has an appointment in mind, get her phone number and set a date later.

Setting the date (the good one) makes it informal and makes it sound like it's going to be fast and not a business (boring, I think). Say something like, "You know, I'm in the mood for a cup of coffee. I'd love for you to join me."

Rules are important; here is a summary:

1. Give it a sense that they won't be around long. This will positively affect any doubts you may have about having coffee (or what) with a guy you will meet.

2. Make it sound casual. You don't want her to think of a date in the traditional sense, or else she will get in the traditional nervous dynamics and make you wait for sex (most have a policy of not having sex with a man on the first date.)

If you decide to get her phone number, just say something like, "I enjoyed talking to you, but I have to go now. Maybe we can go out sometime. " If she says something positive like "sounds nice," then ask for a cell phone number.

As an alpha male, you control the frame and do not negotiate if she doesn't want it. It is always better to approach a woman alone, from a woman with typical friends who will not leave her to separate with a guy who barely knows her to separate with an individual as soon as they satisfy her. (If she wants to go, the group will interfere.)

If the woman you board is with a group, I find the best way to handle it is to get her phone number and meet her later.

Telephone Success

In typical relationship books, you'll find all kinds of no-call rules for three days. Since you are an alpha male, you move through life and do not want to play games, So, call whenever you want.

Indeed, I have found from experience that it is better to call EARLIER than LATER. Call her that night or the next day if you want. That way, your conversation with her is still fresh on her mind. When you call, you need to play positively and comfortably with who you are. Remember, you are not forcing on her, but instead, you give the honor and the privilege of talking to you.

Each person is different, there are usually some rules that you should know when you call, but there are some rules. One method I have found to relax and not overthink the conversation is to do some activity while on the phone. Maybe eat a bag of potatoes ... Or call her while you're driving or walking your dog. When you are sitting at home not doing something, you can have seconds of doubts.

When you call, a roommate or family might answer the phone. Most guys say when they call, in a nervous tone of voice, "Hi, is [the girl] there?" When you do that, a lot of people's automatic response is to go defensive and cock-blocky and say something nice (if they're nice), "Who's calling, please?"

This makes you take a step back, and when you talk to your girl, you will come across as nervous and therefore unattractive. A better way to deal with your roommate or family is to be relaxed when you call and when someone answers, for example, "Hi, this is [your name]. I'm looking for [your girl's name] to call."

If your girl is the one who answers the phone, that's perfect. Jump down to where you're going. If someone else (who is not your girl), talk to them amicably. Keep the conversation light and lighthearted. It will make your life sort of magnitude easier if you are with friends who live with it. If they tell you the girl is not here, they offer to take a message, say, "Thanks, but I'm leaving a message." Trust me, and they'll say they called her. Not leaving a message adds an air of mystery.

Most dating books are wrong when they say the rush to get to the phone. Unless you're in a rush, don't feel like you have to follow such rules. Continue your comfortable frame as an alpha male. You're calling because you want to chat in confidence, not because you're desperate for a date and have to think to pretend you're busy.

Also, you will find a lot of advice online on how to talk to girls on cell phone numbers, but my advice is to ignore some. Individuals will have to tell stories from their own lives, and you will adopt them as your own. However, this is a huge error because you come across as false. It must be original; Talk about your own life with the girls you call.

When your girl is on the phone, don't force the conversation; instead, just keep chatting about the conversation you had with her when you got her number. Get back to those conversational threads for a little bit. When you do this, you will return her to the state she was in when she met you. Then start telling interesting stories about something that happened to you in your life. Your goal is to be light and witty and just "vibrate" with the girl.

Make sure you speak with animated sounds and not filtered. Don't use monotonous things or low volume when speaking. Avoid talking about things that make you nervous when you talk. That includes things such as asking her "WHAT'S SHE UP TO," asking how her day was (instead of telling her how YOUR day was), and tell her that you are the guy who knows her from the bookstore (or wherever you met her)...

Don't try hard to create a report. Better, just assume that the report already exists. This is the way you can relax and have an interesting conversation. After they chatted for a while, meeting the girl will be easy. She will probably always do it indirectly. Just say something like, "Hey, I'm busy with work, but it would be fun to go out for coffee for a minute. When are you free?"

(Obviously, your goal is not to go out with her for just a little bit, but don't say this to her. You tell her that your time is limited to lower her defenses against having sex on the first date. )

If she gets defensive or gives you a negative answer, don't worry about it. At least you had 10 or 15 minutes practicing how to talk on the phone with a girl; now you hardly know.

Just say, "It was a pleasure talking to you. I guess I'll talk to you later." Don't end up saying, "Hey, I'll call you this week." The former puts you more of a challenge and unpredictable in their eyes. When you are talking to a woman "hand in hand," it is time to escalate the interaction towards sex slightly. Realize that women want sex almost as much as we do, and you just do it. There are five things you are going to focus on:

1) Stay relaxed as much as possible (that is, the opposite of nervous and insecure).

2) Feel sexual and hot.

3) Talk like their old friends.

4) Taking the initiative and persisting towards romance.

The Only Place You Should Take a Woman on a First Date

Take her to a spot that is not traditionally associated with "romance." Because this means you are not taking her to a fancy dinner or doing anything that she associates with a "Date." If you do, inside her is the same "Make her wait" state of mind that she adopted with the previous 100 guys, who bought her a nice dinner. Instead, find any casual place, like a coffee shop or cheap restaurant, for lunch. Don't do the "who pays for the food" big thing, because again, the 100 men from the previous dates paid for the food because it was obvious that they hoped to get to be with her.

As an alpha male, you shouldn't do any of these because "you're hoping to get to be with her." These scents of despair kill the attraction that a woman feels. (A more attractive guy has sex all the time, so sex is not a big deal for him. If a woman wants his attention, she has to earn it ... not the other way around. In other words, he is a challenge to her, not a sure thing.)

As I said earlier, spending money on a woman lowers your value in their eyes. To avoid spending money in the places that you are going to go out with the girl. Although at equal opportunity, you don't want to appear stingy.

My favorite place to meet is in a coffee shop because it is casual, a very public place where women feel safe, and a place where it is never necessary to spend more than a few coins. So if you decide to buy him a coffee, it will never be a big deal. Another great advantage of meeting in the cafe is that you avoid setting a "date," where everyone gets nervous, like when you go to dinner on a first date since a coffee shop is somewhat relaxed and a comfortable place for a meeting.

Relaxation should be a big factor in deciding where to date a girl. If the place is too luxurious, it can be intimidating. Remember, for a woman to become receptive to sex, she needs to feel comfortable. Try to go somewhere that is close to your home. The longer the journey from the meeting venue to your house, the longer the window of time for the woman to begin to realize her hot emotional state and start having bad thoughts that she is on her way to the home of a man on his first date.

Another thing to consider. Become a regular customer wherever you take the girls. In my case, I am a natural at a coffee shop not far from my house. One tip is to befriend employees. Thus, when the girl goes to the site with you, she will see that people know you and like you, which increases your social status. Girls put a lot of emphasis on a man's social status. That helps you because the girl sees that people know you and like you. To her, that means you're normal instead of some weird guy.

While we are on your social status, another suggestion is to take the girls anywhere that you are popular or that people like you. If you're the boss at work, for example, arrange to meet the girl at work before you go on your date. By taking your seat at the rendezvous, do the opposite of what the etiquette books tell you. The place the girl has to sit on the seat by the wall, you must sit.

Turn your back to the wall. You have her sitting in front of the table, so all she can see is you and the wall. This minimizes the distractions with which you have to compete. You will have her focused on you, instead of competing with the other people that she would look at in the place of the appointment, the view of the river, or the buildings on the street, the people in the place of the appointment, etc. You don't want their attention to be interrupted by anything more interesting than you.

By the way, throughout this, keep in mind that I've been talking about where you want to go. This is an important point. You want to control the frame. Let her enter your world, not the other way around. So don't be like those wimpy kids who say, "What place would you like to see?" Have a place in mind, and bring it into your reality.

Later in the relationship, this can and should change. But first, always have a place in mind you want to go and adopt this mindset: "I'm going to be doing something fun, and this woman is just coming for a walk."

How to Convert an Easy Conversation Successful on a Date

You want your conversation to be free, fluid, and not forced, so keep your speech informal, just as if you were talking with a friend. Keep in mind that you are patiently getting to know her a little before taking action. Relax, and don't think too much about what to say.

Here are some amazing recommendations on what to talk about:

Interesting stories from your life.

She will probably start talking about something interesting in her life. If something she says is fascinating to you, tell her you'd like to hear more about it. However, do not pretend to be interested in something, as women can often detect falsehood.

Relevant facts from your past.

Make these relevant events something emotionally huge, just as it was something very interesting that you saw, or something scandalous or out of the place where it happened. She will probably tell her relevant facts.

TV shows, movies, and celebrities.

Even if you don't spend much time watching TV, you can catch up quickly by watching a few minutes on the news channels or the Internet. The Hollywood A-List website at is a celebrity gossip source that can give you an easy conversation with almost most women.


Look at Rolling Stone magazine to quickly find out about today's music and how you can interestingly talk about music.


It doesn't matter if a woman is fat or thin; the chances are high that she is obsessed with this topic.


Talk about the most interesting aspects of the places you have been to.

Your passions in life.

Do you have passions? Or not? If you don't have them, develop some. And develop the ability to talk about them.

Differences between men and women.

A lot of girls can talk for hours about this!


Women have a peculiar fascination for shoes, and you can easily have a half-hour of valuable conversation with any woman just by getting her to teach you about shoes.

It's okay if you ask her questions about her, but try to avoid doing it a lot. Why? Why don't you usually ask a lot of questions when you're talking to someone you know. (And remember, you're trying to create within her the feeling that "this guy is nice to talk to, it's like I've known him for years!")

Find out information, make statements instead of asking questions. It's okay to ask, "What kinds of books do you like to read?" But a more reliable way to put it is, "I'd love to hear about the books you like to read." This conveys your vitality and is a more personal statement from the moment you express your feelings and reactions.

What you talk about is not important since a woman will not have sex with you simply based on what you say. However, she will protect herself from you if you talk about the wrong issues. Lots of guys make this mistake, so pay special attention to this list of 14 specific topics that you should never discuss in conversations with a woman you want to have sex with:

1) Negative Issues as it is that she hates her job so much.

Maintain a positive interaction. You want her to join good feelings with you. Also, you are the man she will have sex with; you are not her psychologist! Let your friends listen to your problems instead of you.

If she addresses negative topics, steer the discussion to a topic that you prefer. Be nice before changing the subject, say something like, "I'll help you get your mind off that issue."

2) Extremely Negative Matters About You.

Don't tell him how you spent those two years in prison, how much you hate a dead-end job, or how shy you are that you don't date girls much.

However, she does not know someone perfect, so you should disclose the fewest vulnerabilities from time to time, just as you get nervous when you give a speech in front of large crowds, how bad you are keeping your clean car, or how you have always been afraid your parents will die.

Talking about minor vulnerabilities can increase their affection for you due to:

a. It personalizes you and helps you relate to it.

b. Show that you are not trying to win their approval.

3) Controversial Issues.

Sorry, the gunman. If she gets irritated by the number of people who own guns, sex will be the last thing on her mind. It is also possible that you support opinions that disqualify you in her mind (maybe she has very strong opinions about gay marriage ... and it is the opposite of how you see it). Avoid mentioning anything with that potential.

If the woman herself brings up religion or political issues, try to agree as much as you can. Don't be weak and compromise your main ideas, but at the same time, if you disagree with her, you can say something like, "That's a good point… I like that you are well informed. Hey, did you know? And then change the subject to someone else.

4) Issues that point to Boring Women.

Probably a percentage of women have little idea whether the New York Yankees will trade their overpriced pitcher and steroid addict for the Boston outfielder junkie, so save that conversation for your night out with friends. Women also don't care about the new synchronized hydraulic turbocharger you have in your car.

- You almost always get a "me too!" As a reaction when you say this to her ...

- For some reason, most girls might not care how dirty your car is. What matters to them is how clean your house is.

- This is another vulnerability that you can reveal that guarantees you that a woman says, "Me too."

Nor are they interested in how you wasted your time on an electronic game or some other computer-related topic of conversation.

5) Some Technical Issue

Save yourself fussing over your upgraded 1GB RAM for when you're with your nerdy friends. If you need to explain what a RAM is and how it works, save it for your colleagues. I can't always say it, but this must be well framed in your brain. For women to be sexually predisposed, they must be emotionally engaged. When you engage them logically, this stiffens the emotional sector of their mind. So, don't be boring!

6) Vulgar Topics

You don't make yourself sexually more attractive when you explain that you don't like cream in your coffee because it gives you diarrhea. (Sadly, this is a real example of one of the boys I train; surprisingly, he has no idea that this was why the girl lost interest in him.) And don't laugh about how you can fart. Women think things like that aren't fun; they disgust.

7) Issues that could offend women

There are some distinctions between guys and gals on certain issues. Even the most addicted drug users, party girls, have a strongly fed instinct.

Sometimes, sure, this is obvious. A friend of mine told a woman what he thought was funny when he ran over a squirrel, which he then left complaining about the road. (Needless to say, he came home alone that night)

8) Your Ex Crush or Some Other Guy You Still Like.

When this comes up, change the subject IMMEDIATELY AS SOON AS YOU CAN. Even if the girl talks about how she hates her ex, she is still attracted to him. (If not, I would be indifferent and not want to talk about it.) The goal is that you want her to think of you, and only you, not other boys.

9) Sex

Don't verbalize anything about sex because it will ignite that part of his mind that has been trained to think, "Oh, this guy just wants one thing, I better keep him waiting, or others will think I'm just anybody!" Be sexy, but don't verbalize anything about sex, and when she turns you on, expect her to get as horny as you are gradual. (I will explain this concept later in the next section.)

10) Low-Status Indicators.

Go to the chapter on "How to be Nice" to avoid talking about things such as bragging about yourself.

11) Bombard Her With Questions

If you try to bind a connection to it instead of just acting like it already exists, chances are you will fail. Why? Because by acting like someone she just met, you will be placed in that category, which makes sex a very distant possibility. Instead, you should make her think of you as the guy she gets along with from the get-go. So you should talk about things that you would talk about if the two of you felt comfortable and confident.

When you're comfortable with someone, you don't machine-gun them with endless questions. Instead, you make sentences and have normal conversations. So this should apply the same in the case of women.

12) Something Encrypted

If you search the Internet, you will be able to find pages that promise to give you the ability to hypnotize women or alter their emotional states. They include canned phrases and stories designed to make women laugh and throw them into an almost hypnotic state. I'm not saying this stuff doesn't work, but the problem is that unless you have an extremely good shipment, you will look like a phony if you start saying a lot of lines to it.

This book's methods are much simpler and will do a good job of getting you to sleep with girls like any other system. Why waste countless hours memorizing lines when you can just make yourself more attractive and be yourself with women?

13) Romantic Conversation

You heard right. Recite Shakespeare's poems when you are in Spanish class, not when you are on a date. Romance should come after sex, not before. If you set the romance framework, the woman will likely make you wait to have sex.

As you are the dominant male who controls the frame, you prefer to establish the dynamic where sex is something given and not a big thing, not something that you have to endure over long months in anticipation of the great day of deflowering.

14) Too Much Humor

It's good to be naturally witty and funny in the course of your conversation, and many guys who are good with girls are good at making them laugh. Either way, don't overdo it. If you use too much humor, the woman will not take you seriously or see you sexually.

Remember that you control the interaction with a woman, so you want to establish the correct frame of mind. You are a sexual man and an alpha male, not a clown.

initiating the Emotionally Relevant Conversation

When you talk to a girl, it is important to appeal to her emotions. Simply put: a woman committed to her emotions is more receptive to sex.

For example, rather than saying: "I have driven more than 5 miles", as you speak to one of your friends, you should say to her: "You would not believe what I saw early when I was driving" (She will be excited and will ask you what it was) The best way to learn how to talk to a woman in an emotionally relevant way is to just talk about your daily experiences with them in a way that allows them to feel the way you should have felt.

Were you yelled at by your boss? Did you notice an interesting lake that someone made while you were walking on the sidewalk? Did you embarrass yourself this morning in front of many people? Things like that where you felt a strong emotion at the time (no matter what emotion it was) These are the kinds of conversational thread that girls are drawn to.

Do you remember elsewhere in this guide where I recommended that you have at least one good conversation with one woman every day? One of the benefits you will get from this is learning the types of topics that fascinate women. Over time, emotionally relevant topics will come naturally to you. It is also helpful to accompany women and check how they speak to each other. Then you can similarly talk to them (Make sure to be masculine about this, though, so that you don't become their "gay best friend")

The Importance of Laughter

PairFor women, laughing can be a bonding experience, so be the guy who makes her laugh now and then. I don't mean to be a comedian all the time, but instead, make witty comments from time to time. By the way, never act witty, funny, or playful. Avoid all those things, develop your intelligence, and make funny comments or witty remarks as you please.

And realize that if even something sounds a bit funny, the woman will laugh at the simple fact that you two agree. flirting skill comes naturally to women, but most guys have a problem with this, and you will rid yourself of the problem.

Taker's hair. What I mean is, send mixed messages. Women tease us because they love doing it. These women tease with their eyes. They look flirtatiously at the boys and then look away. They provoke their way of dressing, wearing sexy clothes showing us a little, but not too much. Strip club dancers carry out the ultimate goal of the provocation. They grab onto the boy's tie and move so close they could almost kiss him. After all that, they suddenly change, turn around and turn their backs on you. And then they repeat the procedure.

Think about how dancers get to turn you on and then cool you down, turn you on, and cool you down again. These women do it all the time and on a large number of levels. And women do it because they realize that foreplay begins long before you get to the bedroom. Post much so, and he teases a woman playfully because she adores him. Provoke her about:

• Hiss answers to your questions

• The way you saw

• Of its peculiarities and mannerisms.

I got her on the butt when she says offensive things. Roll up a piece of paper and put it in your mouth, looking at her with a mischievous smile. Visualize the entire interaction with a woman almost as if you were her older brother, and she is your comical little sister. Keep everything fun and playful.

Signs Of Attraction

I probably don't need to list the attraction signals that you find in relationship books. The reason is if a woman is clinging around you, talking to you, and being nice, obviously she doesn't dislike you!

Prior it's always possible that she likes you just as a friend (even though the more you keep pushing, the interaction backs off), so my advice is to learn and memorize the following list I have released and then try to forget it. And this is because you will paralyze yourself during conversations if you start by analyzing small details like how forcefully she twirls her hair around her fingers.

Once you have enough experience with women, you will instinctively recognize the signs of attraction. The following list is in no particular order.

1. She compliments you on just about anything.

2. She is nervous around you. Look for signs of nervousness, such as his muscles stretching.

3. She taunts you playfully.

4. She attempts to tell you how much she admires the same things that you like

5. She talks about things you can do in the future. "Do you also like vintage clothing stores? she might say, "We should go someday!" By the way, this is additionally something you should share with the girls. Could you not do it too seriously? Do it like you are playful. "We could go shopping for the tightest purple pimp-looking clothes on Fifth Avenue."

6. When her legs are crossed, see at the foot of her top leg. If he is pointing at you, it is a sign that you have obtained his full attention.

7. She makes an effort to keep the conversation moving forward when it quiets down. (Now and then, you can even test her attraction on purpose by allowing the conversation to pause or end on your part. Then see if she restarts the conversation)

8. She touches her face. When a person touches their face, it is a sign that they are thinking about something. To be sure that she is thinking good thoughts, look for this signal combined with others on the list.

9. She fixes her gaze on your eyes and keeps her gaze

10.She imitates you. (Being passive by nature, women follow the lead of a man they are attracted to.) Watch to see how she does.

- The posture is similar to yours.

- Modulate the volume of his voice to match yours.

- Modulate the scale of his voice to match yours.

- Match the rhythm of your breathing.

- Laugh when you laugh.

11.Peel a cylindrical object such as a wine glass or pencil from top to bottom with your thumb and index finger. This means that you are having a strong effect on her, big boy!

12.She moves her head back or sides. Watch her hair sway as she does that.

13.She touches his face while he looks at you.

14.She hangs her shoe off her foot or even takes it off.

15. She rubs her fingertips around the top of her chest

16. She rubs her palm on the rear of her head, letting her hair fluff.

17. She plays with her hair while she sees you.

18.She shows a genuine smile rather than a forced one.

19. Her eyes glow because her pupils are large and dilated

20. She raises her eyebrows at times.

21. Her nipples harden. Of course, you can only say this if she is wearing the right clothes.

22. She has a relaxed face. (However, sometimes a non-relaxed face can be fine, like when a woman is so attracted to you that she feels nervous)

23. She fixes her gaze on your eyes. Your pupils dilate (grow)

24. She focuses her attention on you, even when other people are around.

25. She touches you while speaking to you. Even if it is "accidental," Ladies are highly mindful of their bodies, so this will rarely be an accident when they touch you. Watch her touch your arm to emphasize a point or stroke her feet against yours when she laughs at one of your witty comments.

26. She laughs at your comments like they're the funniest things they've ever heard, even if they are only mildly resourceful.

27. She shows her tongue, such as when she touches it with her front teeth or wets her lips

28. With her body bent towards you, she quickly sits upright, her arm muscles tense and her chest lifted.

29. She shows her palms towards you. Open palms indicate that she feels open to you

30. She rubs her wrist or plays with her bracelet.

31. Your skin becomes flushed. Watch particularly to notice if she blushes. (This can also be a sign that she's feeling horny.)

32. She rubs her earlobes or works with her earrings.

33. She asks about herself. They will not be just superficial questions that she has asked anyone ("Where are you from?"), On the contrary, they will be deeper questions to determine what makes you tick (example: What are your passions in life?)

34. She is energetic when she talks to you.

35. Your voice becomes a little lower (half an octave or about)

36. She adjusts her blouse.

There are some signals that a woman gives to indicate that she is not interested in you. Usually, these signals are subconscious; women do not always think about them. Sometimes women do it in an exaggerated way to try to give you a hint.

Beware in your mind as you need to see several of these signals manifesting before drawing any conclusions. A person sometimes crosses their arms simply because they are cold rather than uncomfortable.

As well, try to get a woman to express her rejection of you in words. On multiple occasions, I have had a woman send me signals of rejection. However, I persisted in the conversation and eventually managed to fuck her.

1. A soft hand (shaking hands without strength, without interest).

2. She looks elsewhere, especially when you're talking to her.

3. She makes little effort to talk to you. Give one-word answers.

4. Crossing arms across your chest (putting them as a barrier.

5. Cross your legs at the ankles.

6. She is continually scratching his nose. When a person is uncomfortable, blood collects in their nose, making them itch.

7. When you turn your body language towards her, she leans back and away from you.

8. She seems off talking to you.

9. She has a neutral tone of voice.

Assume right now that you always attract a woman to you. Not even interpersonal relationships are exact and fulfilled prophecies; they are based on our attitudes, so use that to your advantage. If you have a strong inner attitude that says, "Of course she is attracted to me," then she will catch your wave and be influenced by you.

Why You Must Assume the Attraction

Many of the advice you find on the Internet about choosing the women you find around you to say that you must do several tactics to attract a woman. Telling the memorized stories and other routines will get him to laugh and so on. The problem with all this work to build a woman's attraction is that it comes from a beta male mindset. If you are always trying to say the right things to a woman, you are also trying to approve of you hardly.

The fact is if you have good body language, strong confidence, look better, and have many projects in your life, and you are automatically going to be more attractive to a woman than 95% of the remaining guys. (And make no mistake about this, you'll be in the top 5% of male attraction, virtually all women will potentially find you, someone they want to have sex with.) If you assume the attraction, then you're going to act the right way anyway. For example, when a woman acts like a brat and asks you a certain question like, "Why did you choose to speak to me?" or "do you say that kind of thing to all women?" The best thing you can do is not look for the best answer. And instead, the best way to react is with indifference. That way, you keep control of the frame. (When you take care of and pay attention to what a woman may think, you are giving her control.)

There is never a need to feel like you need to entertain a woman. Doing this makes you a beta. When you chat with a woman, interact with her. Do your research to make sure she can carry on a conversation by going with you. That makes you an alpha male. This is what you always assume that the woman is attracted to you, the most important rule to control the frame's harmony, we will always be willing to go far. When I talk about persistence until you get rejected or have sex, sometimes it's nice to be the only one who walks away first (if it's a girl you don't like), just to know you can.

The state is always willing to go far if the need arises, even if you need to, while being conserved as a challenge for women. If a woman sees a guy as a challenge, she cares about him. It means that she has to work to get you, and win your affection, as it is her reward. If you are always a "sure thing" for a woman, she gives her validation and causes her to lose her attraction to you. If you simply assume the attraction, that ensures that the woman always thinks that she is attracted to you and not you are attracted to her.

Your Behavior

When you feel hot, and you want her to feel hot too, you should sit as close to her as possible. According to anthropologist Edward Hall, friends have to communicate at a distance greater than 18 inches (45.72 cm) between the two of you. People who want to be intimate keep a distance of fewer than 18 inches between the two. When you create an intimate dynamic with the woman you are scoring, you must keep a close distance between the two. Make it a goal to always stay within that intimate 18-inch space. When you establish the dynamics of being within reach of others' personal spaces, you also want the two of you to be comfortable touching each other.

Even though you are touching her for seemingly innocent reasons, human communication research has shown that a person is more likely to accept someone else's touch if they feel affection around them.

Touching a woman, you are:

● Citing the parts of your mind that say, "I like this guy!"

● Testing to see if it's worth chasing anything with her.

If she reacts negatively, then you know that you are wasting your time holding on to her. And it's also a hallmark of alpha males that they feel free to touch others.

By being so free to play, you communicate non-verbally that you are an alpha male and a man who has confidence in women.

(After all, only a man with a high degree of self-confidence can be relaxed while touching a woman.) Knock woman as if it were something natural without giving much importance to this fact. So, she realizes that you place a lot of importance on touching her (maybe like you're looking at your hands when you touch her), then this dynamic turns into something of yours that energetically tries to get to fuck her causes let her raise her defensive shields.

When you are in public with her, progress like this:

1) Touch her Hand.

You can do this in a fun way by having a "thumb wrestling" competition. If you don't know how to do this, watch the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Risky Lies in the scene where he and Jaime Lee Curtis said, "One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war." Once you've started with the idea that touch can be as much fun as this, then you can touch her hand for other times, as if you want to discover that cool ring she's wearing.

2) Touch her wrist

Do this by referring to her bracelet or watch when she touches her wrist.

3) Touch her forearm.

Knock to his forearm when you want to emphasize a point

4) Touch her Arm

Do it when you are saying something that you had thought.

5) Touch her neck

Do it within the context of whispering a secret in your ear. Do it to the point where you both feel good enough to hold his hand.

6) Touch her Lower Back

Knock Behind her when you are next to her, and they start walking at the dating site. One of the several important things in the whole process is that you stay calm and relaxed if you haven't emphasized it. Sit comfortably and enjoy.

Pair to relax, note that the interaction with the girl should not be so important.

To do what you've been doing when you talk to her is knowing about her and establishing a connection before you have a physical connection. Look at her in the eyes, as you speak, but sweetly and gently in a sexual way.

Gently talk to her, with a normal tone of voice, as if you have been in a relationship for a long time, and you already feel completely relaxed and comfortable with her. In other words, speak softly, with a sexy voice. Use the Powerful "Doing the Boyfriend Technique"

Brand reveals an important technique to create well-being that you will not find anywhere else. I call her "Becoming the boyfriend." In short, there is something you can do that is ONLY normally done by a woman's lover. If you do it, too, it's a way to get on a woman's radar and make her feel comfortable with you so that she'll be receptive to having sex without making you wait.

Will sees, for a woman to want to have sex with a man, she must have feelings of comfort/well-being. It is not enough that she is attracted to a boy. Let's say you meet a girl at five in the morning at happy hour. The two of you like each other, and you have a pleasant conversation. She laughs. She is interested. You cast a spell on her by telling fabulous stories about her life. You both seem nice.

At 7:30, you're hungry, and you invite her to get some food. In food, things are also going well. The meal ends now what? And at this moment, a lot of guys don't know how to go on. The goal is to sleep with her, but the road map is often confusing.

Usually, the night ends, and the girl tells you: "I had a great time with you. Giving me a call. Goodbye"

The need for comfort/well-being is why women like to keep boys waiting before having sex. (if he's a lucky guy, he may only need three dates, but with many women, the guy is made to wait for months, as we noted earlier).

Lucky there is a way to short-circuit that barrier. I call it the "grooming technique."

If you observe couples who are intimate, you will notice an interesting phenomenon. The man and the woman are comfortable touching each other. This form of behavior is only done by people who feel good next to each other. Of course, when you have a relationship where you can be comfortable in a woman's eyes, you are long past the time when the two of you feel comfortable having sex.

Do you go along with me? You can use this as a mental weapon to make her feel more comfortable around you. In the middle of a conversation, tell her to stay still and close her eyes. Pretend he has an eyelash and makes him believe you removed it. Later, when you've both eaten and left the restaurant, tell him again to stop. With your finger, brush an imaginary piece of food away from her lower lip.

The result of the "impersonating boyfriend technique" is nuclear, fabulous. First, this communicates subconsciously that the two of you are very comfortable with each other. Second, it involves touching your face, having your heads closer to each other, and progressing toward a session of understanding.

Thirdly, if you touch her lower lip, you are touching an erogenous zone. A woman's lower lip indeed has many nerve endings. Stimulating this part of the body causes a release of sex hormones. Make this seduction technique part of your arsenal, and you will have more success than you have ever had. You should have sex in a matter of hours instead of waiting months.

How do you know when to have her alone with you when the right time to take the opportunity?

When the woman feels comfortable with you and is confident with you, she will feel increasingly sexual herself. Watch her get aroused little by little.

Observe these eight clues that scream: "I want you to put it on me."

1) Look at your mouth and then look back at your eyes.

2) Her eyes are wet and shiny.

3) She touches the mouth.

4) She rubs/touches the neck.

5) The skin on your face alternates between being flushed and pale.

6) Her eyes roam your genitals.

7) She smoothes her skirt, or legs, or stockings.

8) She stares into my eyes with a hungry gaze.

It should be obvious what is on both your mind and hers. At that moment, it is the right time to leave the place where you are (cafeteria, restaurant, bar ...) and go to a place where you are alone. Anyway, you don't want to say, "We're going to have sex." On the first date, the easiest way to get a woman out of her arousal is to verbalize your desire to want to sleep with her.

And instead of saying it, say something innocent and non-sexual to get the two of you to be alone.

As long as a woman is sufficiently aroused, she will be willing to go somewhere where the two of you are alone—usually his house or yours. Generally, women feel more comfortable in their own homes. The excuse you use to get you to stay alone is not important. I like to fake time constraints (I only have a couple of minutes) to overcome any objections.

One plus point is that there is an innocent-sounding reason for both of us to be together (you'll love my stamp collection) When you are going to the place where you will be alone, it would be ideal to continue talking and keep her in that state of excitement. You don't want her to have time to think about what she is doing or for a friend to call and tell her that she is not going to go with you. For this reason, and to date, I like the women of a coffee shop that is in the same distance that I walk on the way home. This way, I could bring my hands with theirs as we walk home "for a few moments."

How To Make A Woman Feel Happy And Very Hot For Sex

what you would like sex to appear in her as if it happened spontaneously. After all, she was only coming to your place for a few minutes, right? If you go to your place or his, save the conversation of the subject you were talking about. When you get out of the car in the parking lot or on the driveway, save the topic.

When you walk to the door, save the conversation. It's his way of keeping her emotionally focused. Do not pause the conversation, or else she will begin to think, and when she thinks about the situation, by logic, it may be that emotion overcomes her; in this case, you will hear the dreaded words, "I need you to give me a clue."

And at this point, you need to give her a comfortable idea that you are alone and in isolation. If you're at home, make him overly fascinated with his library of books and DVD collection. If you are in your home, show him all the cool and interesting stuff you have.

You have cool and interesting stuff in your home, right? If not, get some stuff! Anything that you can have a conversation that you can talk about would be nice to have at the show:

• The table of reserved cafes on the places where you have been traveling.

• Albures made by your great aunt.

• Interesting Reports (of those that have interesting topics to talk about, such as Psychology Today and Hospitality Weekly, not like Maxim and Playboy)

• Floors. Two plants that are tough-killer and that look good are the jade tree and the cast iron plant.

Keep your home safe. It was not necessarily as if it was something made for the eye of a strict guy, but at least having it as if it would not fail a health department inspection. Haver pictures on the wall rather than a poster. Have clean sheets on your bed. Have decent furniture. Clean and sweep your floors with the vacuum cleaner. Wash the dishes. How to demonstrate that, in your home, you can have conversations in each room.

Easy Alpha Male Exercise:

Take a walk around your house and think about the conversational topics that you can have from each place; For example, "you wouldn't believe how I ended up being the owner of the one with the sculpture on the corner."

A friend of mine gave me some good advice about the bedroom, that is, you should avoid calling it a "bedroom." Why? Because the word "bedroom" is a weapon of great proportion programmed in your mind by our purification society to say, "Uh oh, Sex alarm!"

And its place extends its definition. My friend calls his bedroom "the meditation room. I was calling it that, I have observed that as well (you can even make her smile by calling it that, you can get a giggle out of her), and you can talk about how you like to go to your mediation site and to remain silent sometimes thinking-contemplating.

Find an excuse for you to sit very close to each other in your living room or bedroom.

I haven't glad to tell you, "Take a look at my photo album; I have an awesome photograph from my last blah-blah vacation…," which is why you'll be sitting hip-to-hip on your couch as you walk around and peek through the most interesting photos.

These movies are fantastic. They give you an appointment and a half of time on the couch next to her as you progress towards sex. Put on a movie if you can.

It could be any kind of movie that will be pretty, but find light comedies such as Ghostbusters if possible.

By the way, Ghostbusters is a great movie to watch with the girl you just brought into your home because:

1)It is a movie of which everyone has fond memories, during all these years.

2)There are many points about sexual arousal in this movie.

One of the best sex preludes you can encounter with a woman is the standard "getting ready" in the couch position. The other is sitting together to touch hip to hip with your arm behind her with your back resting on the cushions.

Suppose you let a while pass. Sexually, the woman is like iron. She will slowly warm up. Man, however, can be turned on and off in the same way that a light switch is turned on and off. Then, what do you need to do to heat it slowly? You must gradually progress from one level to the next. Be sure not to make very fast moves or plays that she cannot warm up; this way, sex won't happen.

At a certain point when you're with her, touch her lightly on her shoulder with your hand and stretch her back. A bit slower, put your hand on her collar in a more secure way; if she is interested in you, she will hug you or snuggle with you.

If she doesn't do that to herself, don't allow yourself to feel down or upset. Instead, relax and feel good. Now stretch your arm and put it behind her almost, listen to me well, almost touching her (that your arm continued to touch the sofa), and try the former again after a while. Eventually, her feverish state will reach a point where she is dying from putting your arm around her.

Quiet hands. Put your arm around her. Move her silky hair, enjoying the feel of the hair sliding between your fingers. Breathe and smell her hair sensually.

There are things you can do when you are with her to go far. Keep in mind the following parts of her body ... even if they are erogenous zones.

1. Their hair. The best way to warm up a woman is by touching or stroking her hair.

2. Touch your scalp. It's good, and only this is very erogenous.

3. The inside of her elbows. The touch with your fingertips can make her shake.

4. The skin between her fingers. When you hold a woman's hand, the best way to do it is by locking your fingers with hers; it would be to interlock their fingers with yours.

5. Her ears. When you are about to kiss her, and you are very close to her, blow gently into her ears, touch the edges of her ear with the tip of your finger.

6. her shoulders.

7. Her feet.

8. Her toes.

Knock all the mentioned areas on her body,

and she will start to wake up the way we want.

And so things start to get hotter and hotter, move your face to his hair and inhale deeply And say: "Mmmmm, I love the way your hair smells ..." the interaction gets hotter and hotter, and you have your arms around her; the two of you will be looking very deeply into each other's eyes, perhaps with each other's mouths slightly ajar. At this point, you should always lightly brush your bottom lip gently against his, and you will see all his melt in a kiss with you.

continue your kissing process; don't just stick your tongue in his mouth. Expect her to give you a bit of her tongue and then exchange, slowly and then soon, the two of you will be giving each other a passionate kiss.

Have you ever felt very nervous about kissing a girl for the first time and in the direct way that I described it? You, too, can indirectly go to that situation by mentioning this, using what I call the technique: "Rate My Kiss. Yes, that is how the "Tarifa Mi Beso" technique works. When you feel that the moment that has been generated is conducive to the kiss, you have to say, "How much would you score on the scale of 1 to 10 in your ability to kiss?" She can answer you, or she can not answer you, but in 95% of the cases, women will open their lips, and you will be able to move your face towards her.

The Non-verbal Signal That Yells Kiss Me!

Unlike any other technique, this is a great non-verbal cue that says, "Kiss me now, a man of my dreams!"

The technique in a nutshell is:

if you move your face and lips very close to her (after you have inhaled her hair and so on, having done all the rest of the work you should be doing), watch her slowly part her lips in a very gentle way. Generally, the woman will close her eyes as well, although this does not always happen. You move to kiss her, focus not only on kissing her, focus more on brushing your lips with hers. Trust me, she will melt into you, and the two of you will be making out full length without any time limit.

BéLeave for a while, slowly. Keep your mouth open. Wait for your tongue. Only until your tongue enters his mouth. Okay. Now that his tongue entered your mouth, put yours into action.

The most significant point you should know about the kiss

Kissing differs from many other sexual activities; it is one of the few things you do with the woman to let her take the lead or direction. When things like penetrating her happen, you should take the lead, but again, in kissing, she's the one who should take the lead. The greatest murderous modality for women is when the boy puts his tongue in her mouth before she is ready, which, in short, he does not like. Remember she must be ready. So, just relax during the kiss, and watch in a mirror what she does.

Alpha's method of moving, from the first kiss to the "Silver House."

Now, you are not only dating her, but you are also hugging her, and you can touch every part of her and memorize it, slow progress. The entire process generally takes several hours from when you first walk through the door of her place until you have sex.

You carefully peel her shirt down. Button after button, and then kiss her again. Remember, "Two steps forward, one step back." You detach a button, then the 2nd button, and then you massage his hand, and you smell his neck again. Then lightly rub her hair. Then touch her stomach gently, and then go back to the first beat when you French kissed her.

You go towards her breasts, do it slowly. Touch them gently with your fingertips, and then move down to her belly button then start rubbing her stomach.

Generally, she will have her shirt on with the bra. You will slowly want to put your hands under her bra. Once you are completely comfortable touching her breasts, remove her bra. Now go back two steps giving him a French kiss again and repeat the work done initially (smell it, blow the ear, etc.). Then after doing that, he starts sucking on her nipples and the space between her two breasts.

Once you have reached 2nd base (i.e., smelling and sucking on her breasts), your goal is now 3rd base (i.e., towards the bottom of them) almost all women, once you give them oral sex, you are virtually ensuring that you will put your penis inside her.

Some women are fully aware of that fact. So they will put up the barriers of resistance after you have started playing with your fingers on her clit; that is, just when you are ready to penetrate her, she will start her show of resistance.

A womanizing friend of mine told me about an original solution to this problem, which I have tried and found to work. He tells women that he "can't have an erection/sex and then points to his flaccid penis. "Do you see how soft I am?" All I want is to give you oral sex," he says.

Afterward, while giving him oral sex, she touches his penis to make it hard. At this point, because the woman has had a great orgasm from oral sex, she practically begs him to make love to her. So ... he makes love to her!

And this brings up the topic of overcoming a woman's last-minute resistance in general. Sometimes when you move too fast into foreplay, a woman will say things like, "We shouldn't be doing this" or "I don't want to go that far tonight." lots of guys screw up the dynamic by getting upset and arguing with her. You mustn't fall into this trap. Instead, disarm her by saying things like:

• "You're right; we shouldn't be doing this."

• "Okay, we won't go that far. It's nice that we've already done it. "

• "I have limits too."

• "You're right; we shouldn't have so much pleasure on the first night."

As you have verbally disarmed agreeing with her, go back to what you have done before, and then continue slowly climbing. If you go slow enough and keep continually going, gradually a barrier after another fall.

For example, suppose she doesn't have her shirt on, but her bra is still on, and you've been massaging her breasts out of the fabric. So when you start to undo her bra, you hear, "This is too much for the first night."

"you're right, this is too much," you answer. "We will just do what we were doing."

And at this point, go back a few steps. Massage her waist, stroke her hair, kiss her, hug her closely. Gradually increase the intensity, and then after a while, when you are massaging her breasts again, do it so sensually and slowly, and she will surely not resist you taking off her bra.

By the way, when it comes to final penetration, be sure to differentiate symbolic resistance and actual resistance. If a woman says, "No!" then stop what you're doing.

If you force a woman to have sex, then you have committed the crime of rape. It is crucially important that you keep this in mind. Stop when she says no, but at the same time, stay persistent towards sex until you have sex with her or she seriously tells you to stop.

But in any case, don't be shy about taking the lead towards her. (You are the man, and they expect you to be active/energetic). Always make sure to lead the interaction. Be persistent.

By the way, be careful with condoms. The sight of a condom wrapper in your hand can lift a woman out of her sexually aroused state by triggering that portion of her brain that has been programmed to think that sex is "bad."

I put the condom on while I perform oral sex on the woman (and she is too distracted to notice what I am doing with my hands) so that when she is ready for him to penetrate her, everything goes great.

Tomorrow After

To prevent a woman from having buyer's remorse, you need to call her after a night of passion. By buyer's remorse, I mean that sick feeling you get after a pushy salesperson at the electronics store convinces you to pay $ 200 for a warranty you'll never use. Many women go through it, too many if they think they were used for a one-night stand. They, too, feel guilty.

Often what every woman will want is, in fact, a one-night stand. Although women tell a good story when it comes to the fact that men are the only ones interested in such things, it has been my experience that women like to indulge in an affair, perhaps even more than men.

Why? Because women put a lot of emotional investment in relationships. When they have the opportunity for an affair with no social consequences, they often go for it.

It is up to you, the next morning, to decide what you want. If you want to continue a relationship with the woman after having passionate sex from the first day the two of you went out is the ideal setting to start. Let him know that sex in your relationship is very common.

I am a huge supporter of relationships. I have standards, and I will not have sex with just any woman. And if I have sex with a woman who meets my standards, why only have sex with her once? Why shouldn't I want to stay with her to have sex?

If you don't want to be in a relationship, you can still keep things in terms of casual "sexual friends" between the two of you.

To do this successfully, make sure you see her no more than once a week to prevent her from seeing you more than a sexual partner. More than once a week, she will start to see you as a potential boyfriend. In the rare case that you never want to see her again (maybe the sex was really bad?), At least have the decency to call her to see how she's doing.



It's almost impossible to be an alpha male as long as you follow someone else's orders. When you have someone telling you what to do and do it, you are the beta of that situation. There are only two ways to handle it, and both have their merits.

First, you can play the game. Do your job, take your boss's orders, get paid, and hopefully, you will climb the corporate ladder. The downsides are that you will have to follow office policy to get anywhere, and your boss may fire you if you don't kiss his ass.

Situations like this are not the best in the world for a man's sense of self-worth. And by the way, aggressively flirting with that beautiful secretary can get you off the hook. Top management guys don't like it when lower-level guys go after "their" women. So live your romantic life outside of the workplace. (In fact, the best strategy at work is always to have women working for you. That frees you from trouble.) The second way is to ditch everything and start your own business. This involves a ton more risk, but at least you'll be in charge of your destiny.

That is the path that I chose at age 29, leaving the corporate environment to become an inventor, and I never regretted it. I had some difficult years financially, but I did well, getting the business going. Money aside, the bottom line is that I don't take orders from anyone.

Be the Boss!

To add some leadership positions in your life. It doesn't matter if you're just a graduate aide in a college class. Being in a position of authority somewhere turns women on. Have running your own business and to be the boss of employees are great places to be there. When there are people who are following you, you acquire alpha status.

By the way, a great place to have a meeting with a woman is somewhere where you are the boss. One strategy for this is to say to the woman, "Stop by my office, and we'll go for a coffee there."

When she shows up, she will see that you are an important man who people follow and who is in command, giving her alpha status.

Project Your Ideal Ego By Controlling The Way You Are Seen

None of us truly live in reality. We live in what we think of as reality, but in reality, it is simply our perception of what reality is. Have you ever been surprised when you heard a recording of your voice? Well, that's how the others hear it. It's quite different from how you sound.

When they see it, people do not perceive it as it is but as they think you are.

People project various qualities and traits of his person and then treat him accordingly. This can be great or poor, depending on what your projection is.

However, the important point is that once you understand that people project an identity on you, you can take steps to control what that identity is.

Beta Male Behaviors to Avoid

Here's something we humans can't know: we tend to give negative information about someone more weight than positive information. This is why you may be having a great conversation with someone, and then suddenly, you change your thought about them when they tell you that a UFO abducted them.

It doesn't matter that the person has been smart and resourceful during the last half hour now; you have mentally stamped a file with big red letters that say "CRAZY" based on the UFO question. So, since one bad move can land 100 good guys, it's crucial to avoid negative behaviors characteristic of low-status males or betas if you don't want women to treat you like trash and tell you what to do. These beta features to avoid are:

1) Seek approval by ending sentences with "not true" or "right?" These questions attached to the end of sentences make you sound weak-willed, particularly if your tone of voice is raised. True?

2) Try to dominate. Better, could you do it? Assume a stronger mentality and psychological reality than others. Assume that people are there to follow you because you are the best. Know that you can politely ask people to do what you want them to do instead of bossing them around. (It is interesting to observe military generals who are normally courteous when they get a subordinate to do something.)

3) Be belligerent, either with women or with other men. The alpha male can stay calm under pressure and walk away when he must. Starting a fight is a sign that you are a man of low status. It also implies that fighting to win a woman's affections is the ultimate means of seeking approval, diminishing her attractiveness. That said, though, if some guy violates his limits and comes off with a stream of drool (let's say try to intimidate him), there are times when you need to stand up for yourself. And do it right.

4) Follow other people's agenda and talk about topics they want to discuss, even when you find it boring. Do you remember my story of sitting for two hours with the girl I loved, listening to her tale of sorrows about her neighbor? Bad move. The alpha only talks about what he wants. Look at any alpha in action, and you will recognize this phenomenon. When an alpha man is bored, he doesn't hide his lack of interest. So, please don't pay attention to people until they've earned it.

5) Try to match a person and show that you are smarter than the person you are talking to. When you observe leaders in corporate boardrooms or governor's mansions, you will notice that the best leaders are so self-assured that they can listen to those who are specialists in other matters. You don't have to be smart, and you have to hire smart people.

6) check every pretty woman you see. A man who has an active sex life doesn't have time for this, so you shouldn't do it either. While you notice that you are impressed by the cute bodies around you, notice the difference in the reactions you receive from women. Notice how they start to notice you and want to show themselves or demonstrate something to you.

Alpha males seize the mantle of power as their birthright and act as natural leaders. They don't care what other people think. They do their thing and don't seek approval.

Nevertheless, at the same time, they also offer a profit — be it social status, excitement and excitement, or stimulating conversation — to those who follow them.

People submit to the alpha reality because they want to (since alphas talk about interesting topics) or because everyone else is listening to alpha.

And people — especially women — pay attention because the alpha's style of conversation is interesting. Why? Easy — because he talks about fascinating things. Thus, other people are absorbed in their reality, because consequently, they feel interesting.

So how do you get interesting talking material? It's simple: have an exciting, well-balanced life. If you do, you will naturally be attractive to women. Stay busy with work, your social life, activities, and trying to improve. He does not sit down to play video games. Go snorkeling, take dance lessons, call an old friend and go for a spin. When your life is enjoyable and entertaining, you have tons of stuff to talk about with women.

And when you do talk to a woman, lead the conversation. Captivate their attention.

As you work on your behaviors, you will also work on adopting the alpha mindset. The first thought I notify is that all alpha males have in common is that they assume that people will follow their lead. They aren't bossy because they don't need to be — they have the confidence that comes from knowing that other people will follow.

Being the boss can quickly backfire because few people like to take orders. Do your thing and be passionate, and people will stick to your reality. Just act as if people will follow you, believe that they will, and you will find that what you believe will become a reality.

This raises an important point. Don't look at reality and then adjust to it. Instead, create your reality. This means that you should act as if the events are going the way you would like them to.

Act like you're a good match for any woman. Act like sex isn't a big deal for you, as it isn't for men who have sex all the time. (Although you may not currently have much sex, or not at all, you want to model the mindset of the man who does.) Act as if all your manly desires are - and are - absolutely natural. You have no reason to apologize or cover up your sex drive the way good guys do!

Act as if you are not affected by what a woman thinks, as what you think is much more important. Believe it or not, women will respect him a lot more for this.

Many guys fall into the trap of constantly wondering what the woman is thinking. Stop worrying!

Instead, understand that there is a horny, wild woman inside of her who wants to have strong, passionate sex with you. Just relax. Be an attractive guy, and give her a chance to be attracted to you. If she does not accept this gift of hers, then she misses it.

Be optimistic. Have you noticed how top athletes like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods know that they will do well? Success comes from confidence. Assume that you will succeed, and your attitude will increase your chances. Assume that you are irresistible to women.

Be powerful and determined. But at the same time, be natural and fun. Be a bit of a bad boy, but not an idiot. Have a devilish smile on your face if you like. You are an exciting man, and women must want it.

Do what you like in life. Be true to your emotions. If you aren't required to do something, then don't do it. Be honest with yourself. Be your own man.

What does this mean? If you want to give a bum some incentive, then go for it. If you want to help, an old lady gets down the street:

1. Feel free to do so. If you want to open the door for your girlfriend to come in, please do so.

2. Just don't feel like you have to do any of those things because you are expected to do them.

3. Do something because you want to do them.

In the end, when you become an alpha male, the man who is loyal to himself, you will encounter the happiest time of your life. Going to bed will be just one of many positive consequences. How about THAT as a side benefit?

Simple Alpha Male Practice - Fixing the Mindset About You.

You need to know that every woman would be lucky to have it. I will ask the following questions. Answer the questions, and write them down.

This exercise can be easy, but it is important because if you have not yet fully internalized the alpha male's mentality, it is essential to remit his thought patterns. Also, it's always helpful to jot down these things so you can reread them later when they need to be remembered on your journey.

- If a woman enters your life, how can you make her feel good in various ways?

- Imagine that you are a man of high value whose time and attention are required by many people. What are your rules for allowing such people to receive the gift of your time and attention?

- What fun things do you like to do those women like too? (Women need emotions to become sexually receptive, so they enjoy emotionally relevant things, like talking on the phone with friends. The easiest way to kill a woman's sexual mood is to talk about logical things like financial statements. .)

- What qualities do you have (or can develop) that women would find attractive?

- What benefits would you need to receive from a woman to allow her to be part of your life?

Come up with your own answers, but keep in mind that there are certain things that women must have, such as great sex, passion, positive emotions, and sensuality.

As long as you provide the benefits to women, you also want to evaluate the quality. As a man, you probably have strong sexual desires (I certainly do!), So you wouldn't want a frigid woman. For me, behaviors that would make me leave a woman are liars, childhood drama, and obesity.

The type of woman I like is really like, enjoys life, and knows how to take care of herself. Only you know what you want and what wonderful benefits await the woman who enters your world. I encourage you to complete this exercise before continuing to read this guide.

Okay, now that you've read the questions, thought them through, and jotted down your answers, got your road map written on how to become attractive and safe. Put it another way, you are on your way to understanding how special you are. In the world of love, you are like a Lamborghini. If a woman does not understand her worth, then it is her loss, not yours.

I really like the Lamborghini analogy because of its relevance to men's relationships with women. A Lamborghini has no inherent value — it can be a hunk of metal that consumes a lot of fuel per mile, or it can be an object of beauty and power that you would pay as much for as a house. It all depends on your perception.

Lamborghini dealers have a strong mindset that their cars are highly valuable. As a result, they don't let anyone in for a test ride. They don't bargain for the price they expect to receive, unlike Ford or Chevy dealers who lack the high-value mindset.