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Generally, women don't make things easy for you. She is rarely going to give you an obvious sign of her interest to move forward, to kiss her, or even if she likes you or just sees you as a 'friendly' man with whom she would spend some time chatting.

Keeping her interest can be very difficult; if you see the chemistry evaporate, the longer the conversation lasts. Besides, since she's not giving you a signal, it seems impossible to start touching or isolating her or doing whatever it is that lets her know that you are attracted to her and that you want to kiss her.

Even when I was with a girl on a date, I could not enjoy it because I felt anxious before the kiss, and I always thought about how I would transition to my move. I will give you my "Chemistry Test," a simple play that you can use to test if there is chemistry between the two of you. (Simple as it is, I've found it to be incredibly successful.)

Right now, since you don't know how to bring the interaction to a sexual level, you lose the girls; And when you make a mistake with a woman, she will rarely give you a second chance. The 3-Step System to Slow Down Into Sex, which I will teach you, will fix your problem of not knowing when to play it (or if you should even).

As you flirt (don't chat, flirt; there is a big difference), she will be doing things that encourage you to jump for the close; And without you even noticing what it is doing, it will make things easier for you.

I decided to create this chapter because most of the questions a man can have are related to this idea of taking a 'normal' conversation and making it a flirty, sexual interaction.

Men always want to know:

● How to excite a woman from the beginning?

● How do you get him to see you as a possible sexual partner?

● How do you let her comprehend that you are interested in her sexually?

● Since she feels like she's attracted to you, what do you do?

● What to do if you have little experience or are even a virgin and he begins to ask you about your sexual life?

Serious Mistakes You Probably Make That Keep Her From Your bedroom.

There tend to be certain serious mistakes that are somewhat common, and I see that men constantly make with their women.

The first mistake is this idea of pretending you don't care. I think this stems from men heeding suggestions like "don't look too interested" or "you have to be arrogant."

Shy men often fall into this trap because they use "disinterest" as an excuse to dodge placing themselves in a situation where they have to be proactive. I know because before I was very shy and girls rarely had any idea that I liked them. For my ego, it was good because I was rarely rejected. However, it was lousy for my sex life because I hardly ever slept with someone.

But there is an even bigger mistake that men make. The mistake is that they believe that the more they talk to a woman, and the better she likes them, the easier it will be to start flirting and being sexual with her.

The truth is that it is the other way around. The more you talk to a woman or get to know her without becoming sexual; it will be more likely that nothing will NEVER happen to her. The correlation is the opposite: the better a woman likes you, the less likely she is to be sexually attracted to you.

The Main Reason Why Men End Up In The Friendzone

The main reason for this is that they don't want to spoil their trust with a woman. They sense that the woman likes them, and they are afraid that if they try to do something, she will think they are just another jerk trying to sleep with her. (Which you are) So it's much better, to be honest, from the start.

The reality is that a woman decides very quickly if you have the potential to be a lover, boyfriend, or friend, or if you are just another annoying man who does not want to talk to.

Most men introduce themselves as potential boyfriends and do things like:

1. You are setting too much effort into finding things you have in common.

2. Focus on showing her that you have a good job like traveling and other "boyfriend" traits.

3. Being on his side when he speaks ill of Don Juanes and acting as if he were the opposite of those "morons."

4. Respect her too much to make a move.

5. Listen to all your problems and try to solve them.

This is a huge mistake.


Because it does NOT create attraction with a woman, none of the things on that list create a single gram of sexual attraction. Even if you make her think, "you would make a great boyfriend," You keep losing because once she thinks THAT, she will start to show her "good girlfriend" qualities, which are just as boring and asexual as boyfriend qualities. Not only that, but you will build too much trust with her, and you will eliminate her urge to have sex. You presumably finish up in the friend zone.

So do we all agree that it is much better to be sexual upfront? Now that you know, when are you going to start doing it?

If you think it is not your personality, it is outside your comfort zone, and that it does not feel natural, do not worry. The 3-Step System I'm going to cover makes it very simple.

You Never Have A Second Chance To Create One First impression.

If this is strange or hard to believe, don't worry. It's not your fault. Movies, television, 90% of the books that talk about relationships, and most of your friends you unconsciously copy, are wrong.

If you're not careful, it's very easy to get this wrong. It is assumed that you nevermore get a second chance to create a first impression. This is true in the world of dating and relationships.

A few years ago, before I was good at it, I worked with a girl named Candice. She had the "girl next door" appeal. The typical girl that everyone likes. We clicked right away, and we had that all-important chemistry right from the start. The same sense of humor. It just all came together. When we were at work, we tried to pretend nothing was happening, but we would end up talking after a while. When we weren't talking, I caught her watching me, and I was sure she liked it.

This happened around Christmas time, and I knew there would be a work party for it; I decided to move on then. Since I thought she liked me, I took it for granted.

As expected, during the Christmas party we were together, talking. After the party, we all went out to a bar where Candice and I ended up together. I was saying to myself, "I'm going to make my play later when we're drunk, we're alone, and it's appropriate."

When the bar closed, I invited some to my apartment to continue the party. Candice and two friends of mine came over, and we were having a good time. Finally, when my two friends felt that they should leave me alone with Candice, they left. Now Candice and I are completely alone in my apartment. We are talking and laughing, remembering funny stories that happened throughout the night.

All the time, I was pondering about how I change the subject or get her to shut up so I can kiss her.' I was sitting on the couch, wanting to touch her and letting my hand caress hers, but I couldn't change the topic of conversation, so that instead of talking about our colleagues, we were talking about ourselves. Soon it was 2 am, then 3 am, and then 4 am. In the end, she said, "Well, I should be going."

The next time we were together, the same story was repeated: talking, laughing, a lot of confidence. However, each meeting ended up convincing me that I would do it next time. This continued for a few months until I couldn't take it anymore, and I texted her, "I think I like you."

The next day I got the speech "We better just be friends." The reason why I am telling you this story is that at that point in my life, I had already had a couple of girlfriends, and my flirting was good enough that people would assume I was good with girls, but I was keeping a secret. I COULD NOT CLOSE THE DEAL.

Some years later, after figuring all this out, some friends and I went on a ski trip, and there was Candice. Using my 3-Step System, which I'm going to show you, I was able to flirt with her, and we ended up being together all weekend. By then, it was too late for any of it to be born.

That experience made me see that that time, years ago, it was not she who put me in the friend zone. I put myself there because of the way I acted. I want you to think about that girl you only ended up in the friend zone.

Was she the one who put you there? Or did you get there on your own because of how you acted? Don't beat yourself up; you didn't know it then.

What I'm going to teach you is going to prevent that from happening to you again.

Creating a Sex Character

I'm going to teach you how to make sure you are creating sexual tension from the beginning of a conversation. It is even more important to use that tension to make the transition that allows you to close the deal and bring it back to your room, so you don't make the same mistake.

It will also help you avoid those strange silences when you run out of conversation topics. This is because it will give you a roadmap to move forward and close the deal and get appointments. It will ensure that the girl arrives and that at the end of the date, you end up flirting with her and do not leave with a hug or a handshake.

You will notice that all these girls will change their opinion of you because of what I am going to teach you now. It is the concept of creating a Sexual Character. The initial thing to keep in mind is that women want sex; they just don't want the responsibility of making it happen.

So, women are looking for men who, according to them, can make things happen. I repeat: women look for men who, according to them, can make things happen.

That is why the same men have sex constantly. That's why this guy, who doesn't understand how he manages to have sex constantly, can do it; And he'll probably keep stealing the girls you love from you unless you realize this.

They have to believe that you can close the deal without causing things to get weird along the way. This means that you do it without giving her an ounce of responsibility. It means showing her that you are comfortable with sex and that you will not suddenly get weird.

Women sense this within minutes of talking to you.

So ask yourself: Am I that man?

Or are there settings I require to perform?

The great news is that these changes are not as difficult as you think.

Here is a tip you can use to show a woman that you are the guy who can make things happen.

The next moment you are presented to a girl, and you shake her hand, hold her hand a few seconds longer than usual. Let her be the first to retract her hand. With that, you subtly send a signal that you can make things happen. Try it today. Your first reaction will be discomfort, but trust me, you will be sending a very specific message to her.

Throughout the last seven years, my mission was to realize this. That incident with Candice brought me to a level of exhaustion where I couldn't take it anymore. I invested thousands of dollars dating almost every night with some of the best seducers in the world. I went to workshops and lessons, and I read thousands of books that had to do with the world of dating, sex, and psychology.

Then I put everything to the test with girls I met on the internet, through my social circle, in bars and clubs, and my favorite place, networking events. Through years of trial and error, sticking with what worked and taking away what didn't, I was able to condense it all into this simple 3-step System.

Getting To Sex In 3 Steps: The System

I know you want to get straight to the point. So let's talk about the System.

What I'm going to teach you will reveal:

● A simple trick to bring a normal conversation to a sexual plane naturally and discreetly.

● How to verbalize your wish without sounding weird, trying too hard, losing courage, or giving away your power. I'll even teach you one of my favorite "tricks" to accomplish all of this without you having to say a single word. He names it "The Playful Look."

● You will also learn specific techniques to bring out the wild side of a woman.

The reason why I put together a 3-step system is that if you don't have a map, it's very simple to get lost in the confusion of a conversation and, before you know it, get caught up in a boring, asexual conversation, talking about their jobs or politics. You have no idea how to get back on track.

I named this system "Slowing Into Sex" because I noticed different "speeds" at which you can be with a woman. It is very similar to having different speeds in a shift car. If you've ever driven a standard car, you know that you can't go from 1st gear to 4th gear without first going through 2nd and 3rd gear. Your car is going to turn off because you never had the necessary revolutions to maintain that change in speed.

The same thing happens when we are with a girl. Where most men get it wrong is that they spend all night on 1st (The world of the "good boy"), and when the night is about to end, he wants to skip at the highest speed, and they notice that at that moment it is impossible to make the change because it is trying to do too much, too late.

This System does create smooth transitions, so you don't ruin the progress you've already made.

This is the primary reason why men can't get out of "let's just be friends" with a girl. They are too kind to the girl for months, sometimes years, until they can no longer hold it and declare their feelings, hoping that she will feel the same. Just as I found out with Candice, it just doesn't work.

It all starts with:

Step 1: The C Rating Button

If you are losing girls, it is probably because they do not have a sexual connection with you. They do not feel sexual affinity when they are with you, and they are looking for a man who will let them express this side of her—someone to warm them up.

The Classification of C Button

Here you let her know that it's okay to let some of her wild sides come to the fore. Bringing out that 'wild side' is the first step in closing the deal and taking her to your room. You have to take the conversation to a Class C territory.

You must be having a conversation that a parent would not be comfortable with if their child were listening. Something exciting and real about Classification C: but most of us turn into your typical A-rated movie guy when we're around a girl. It's as if we're afraid to say something that has the slightest chance of offending her, or worse yet, revealing that we like sex.

So we talk about safe, neutral, A-rated topics. Have you seen a movie with that rating lately? They are boring and predictable; they are not sexual in the least. So the first mental adjustment you should make is to stop worrying about whether you will say something that offends a girl.

Here's a secret for you. Women LOVE locker room gossip.

When I was in school, my girlfriend at the time was in a sorority. I used to stay there to sleep and spend some time in that house where my girlfriend lived with eleven other girls. Since I was there so much, they lowered their guard, and it was as if they forgot that I was there. While I was there, you know what I heard? Gossip that is told in the locker room.

It was the same kind of conversation that I had with my friends where I lived. Gossip about who was having sex with whom, who they thought was good in bed, which was creepy and stalking. They also vented their frustration of which guys were too weak to be sexual.

So how do you take a conversation to that Classification C?

I have many techniques to do it, and each one is more comfortable with some and less comfortable with others. But this is something simple to get you started:

Make a Class C observation of something that is happening around you. For example, let's say you are in a bar and there is an older couple nearby, a man and a woman. You could answer something onward the lines of: "That couple gives you an air of being swingers. I picture them perfect at one of those fancy '70s parties where everyone put their keys in a bowl, and husbands and wives were exchanged depending on which key you pulled out. Do you notice it, or is it just me?

You see, what you just did is, jokingly, use a situation to introduce a sexual subject like the exchange of sexual partners in an innocent way.

You just came out of 1st and got 2nd.

What I like to do afterward is cast a hook to test the terrain and say something like: "Now that I think about it, you give off that swinger vibe too." I laugh and change the subject to see if she tries to bring up that same subject again. If she does, I can tease her a bit about it or talk about how the very innocent-looking ones end up being the horniest. I implicitly tell her that she has a "perverted" side.

If she doesn't take the bait, I wait a few minutes and then change gears using my techniques. All the girls I've dated, even the shy and innocent ones, love to talk about "locker room gossip" once they've gotten a little open.

Not only do they love to talk about it, but when you take the conversation to Class C, you immediately set yourself apart and differentiate yourself from the hundreds of guys who hang out on safe topics. It is refreshing for them to talk to you, and they will want to keep doing it. You show her that you are comfortable with sex, which helps her see you as a guy who makes things happen 'without getting weird or uncomfortable.

The most important thing is that you create an environment where seduction can occur, where she begins to think about sex, and you can manage to kiss her and take her home.

How else do you lead a conversation to Class C? Classification C has to do with the topic's content and how they flirt with them. It can be something as simple as changing your vocabulary and the words you use.

-She's not bad; she's naughty.

-You are not going to hit her; you're going to spank her.

-If she's bothering you, "don't make me pull the belt off."

-It is not a basement; it is a dungeon.

Even some words, or the way you describe things, can hit that C-Rating button. This is especially effective when you annoy her or make an observation about her.

-Her gaze is full of Lust.

-She looks excited.

The following words have a tone with sexual overtones:



-Dental flosses

-High heels



-Vibrator (dildo is too much)


-Lubricant (or you can use the name of the best-known lubricant in your country)



-Whips and handcuffs




These are all C classification words. These words with sexual overtones are what you will want to use at this point. You're not going to use any porn words. Those go later.

The funny thing is that since most of these words have double meanings, if she interprets them sexually, you can accuse her of having a dirty mind.

This is the kind of conversation you want in 1st gear. You're not going to stand there like you're 13 years old. You only establish the conversation rules and enter those topics, not to be surprised when you start climbing.

Since the conversation is in Class C, you must move on to the next step.

Step 2: Express Your Sexual Interest

A while ago, I told you the story of my colleague Candice, with whom even though we had amazing chemistry, I couldn't transition to kissing, and I ended up with her, "let's just be friends."

You see, on that first night, I missed a crucial step. I never expressed my sexual interest. I was just beginning to study all of this back then and was obsessed with not being the "nice guy" who buys her drinks, fills her with compliments, or is too nice.

As I saw girls' reactions like Candice change to being more positive, I began to think that the secret to attracting a woman was to appear as if I had no sexual interest in her.

However, I did notice a few things regarding how they acted with me.

1. Although they no longer saw me as a "good guy" who they could control and manipulate, they were still not sexually attracted to me.

2. Most women are NOT as confident as they first thought. Instead of persecuting me as the "great challenge" that I represented, they existed, and they went with another.

3. By hiding my sex drive, I was often seen as "asexual," or worse, closet gay.

That's what happened to Candice.

After the middle of the night, as we continued to laugh and joke, she probably suspected that he was not the kind of man who could make things happen. Yes, I was the funny guy she loved to hang out with and talked to, but she probably just assumed I wasn't such a sexual guy.

I grappled with this for a prolonged time. It seemed like no matter how hard I tried, and he couldn't find the balance between being the "good guy" and the "asexual guy."

One day I was with my friend Steve Weed, a naturally good guy with women. Until recently, I was astonished about how I could flirt when displaying "good boy" qualities, such as flattering a woman. Instead of criticizing his behavior, I decided to pay attention and find out why it worked.

It turned out that at one point, I saw Steve shamefully admit that the girl was 'turning on' him, and the next moment Steve was flirting with one of her friends and ignoring the other girl. He seemed to anchor her attention to Steve.

As I continued to analyze Steve, I noticed how he verbally expressed his intense desire for her, but at the same time, it gave the impression that if she left, his night would not be affected in the least; that he would probably be with another girl in a few minutes.

At some point, Steve started telling the girl what he would do to her later in the room.' A few seconds after he told her this, he turned around and asked me if I wanted to play pool. While we were playing pool, she was sitting in the corner, and she was watching him the whole time. As I put the puzzle together, I realized that it is NOT about hiding your sexual desire, pretending to be indifferent. It is about expressing your sexual desire but being indifferent about the result.

I mean that the girl Steve was flirting with at the bar knew she was sexually attracted to him, but she also got the impression that Steve was so used to picking up girls that he liked that if she disappeared, he would hardly realize she was gone. Before, I was so focused on showing disinterest that I completely failed to get her to care in the first place. There is no "chase" if the woman is not chasing you. You do not represent a "challenge" if she does not intend to have you.

What's more, your initial interest is what makes her take notice of you. However, it's how you RESPOND when she returns that interest that triggers the persecution or makes her think, "I guess I was wrong about him; he's in too much need of my approval."

"The Spontaneous Sexual Compliment"

I desire you to try this easy exercise the next time you go out: When you're talking to a girl, and you start to feel some flirtation or connection, make a strong statement of your desire for her. An easy way to do this is that when she says something funny, you can look at her and say, "Now I'm intrigued. You are incredibly sexy and nice. You don't see that very often. "

After telling her that, she returns to normal. Almost like you, she never said it. If her friends are around, start talking and flirting with them a bit. Don't ignore her completely, but do ignore her enough that she starts chasing you. You will see that, by making that statement, the natural tension between the two will rise a lot, and the tension amplifies the attraction.

This is why expressing your sexual interest is so crucial.

You let her know that you intend to make things happen and that you will not be satisfied with a handshake or a hug, much less are you looking for nothing more to be his friend. You warn her that you will do something to climb after a while so that she will not be surprised when you do. An added benefit is that when they start to notice that you are the type who makes things happen, they start to do things that will make your way easier. As if since the topic was raised, she doesn't have to act like Ms. Conservative afterward, and you won't have a problem kissing her or closing the deal.

It's important to make your sexual declaration after you've already had a bit of attraction. You have to make sure you do it before you get too confident with her, or you're going to get stuck in a conversation that won't allow that escalation.

If the first thing you tell her is that she has an impressive butt, you probably won't get very far because you haven't created attraction yet.

"The Playful Look"

If you have been talking to a woman for a while and you detect some attraction while speaking, you lean a bit, and while listening to her, you casually look at her butt. Do it in a bit of an exaggeration, letting her figure out what you are doing.

I call her "The Playful Look" because basically, you are letting her surprise you by seeing her butt, but at the same time, you will be listening carefully to her.

Women find this very naughty, and at the same time, the message is clear: I find you sexually attractive.

That is expressing your sexual intention.

A while ago, I ensured to give you a chemistry test to measure women's attraction towards you. Something very simple that I like to do while talking with the girl is to wait for her to say something I agree with and then say "play them." When our hand's touch, I let my hand stay there to see how it reacts. If there is chemistry, she will almost always leave her hand there for a second too.

If you retract your hand right away, it just means that you probably haven't created enough attraction. I want you to try it the next time you're talking to a girl. It is simple and discreet, and at the same time, it tells you a lot. For now, remember that if you want to take the conversation to a sexual level, to avoid the friend zone and be able to touch her, you have to express your sexual intention.

A few months after the incident with Candice, I was introduced to Valerie.

The date started innocently, meeting us over a drink, but in less than three hours, we were in the cellar of her house; she was naked, with her legs spread on her pool table, inviting me to join her.

How did it happen so fast?

That brings us to the next step.

Step 3: Intensify the Flirting

This is the core of the System. My experience with Valerie was not out of the ordinary. When you start using this, you will see that:

Seemingly innocent girls will start telling you what they like in bed, they will make sexual jokes, and they will ask you what you will be doing after a while. They are going to be more proactive in encouraging you to go for closure. You're not going to be left without knowing what she's thinking or if you should jump in. It's going to make it impossible not to close the deal and take her back to your room.

She's going to beg you for sex.

Let's go back to this "gearshift" idea. Earlier, we talked about how if you make the changes too fast, you will fail. If you've driven a manual car, you know there is an even more damaging problem, and that is staying at the same speed for too long.

Just as you can ruin a car's transmission if you always drive in first gear, if the pull revs get too high in one gear and you don't shift, you can scrub it up.

This is the reason why you noticed that a girl was very interested in you, and then that interest quickly dissipated. It may have been a girl you met at the bar, with whom you had great chemistry, but eventually, she forgot about you and went back to being with her friends. Or worse, maybe it was someone you dated, and you thought things were going well so that later she is no longer so available to go out with you and will eventually stop answering you.

You have to climb continuously and not reach a plane. It always reaches the next level.

How do you do this?

Sexual flirting

"Sexual Flirting"

that's the name of this new way of communicating with women.

The word "sexual" is of utmost importance because I've learned, over the years, that without adding a good dose of sexuality to your flirtation, you can fall into the trap of being the flirtatious type that women never take seriously. They will laugh, but they will think that you are still a safe and kind guy with whom they would never have sex. That is why there are very big differences in sexual flirting.

With this specific type of flirting, you will start to:

● Introduce sexual topics to the conversation

● Use stories to make an "innocent" transition to the topic of sex and start thinking about it.

● She uses certain games to make her open up and tell you her wishes and fantasies, making her feel comfortable feeling those emotions when she is with you.

● He was teasing her in a way that has sexual overtones. Even though she knows you are only teasing her, there is an element of danger and excitement in the conversation that begins to arouse her unconsciously.

● Be very aware of sexual tension, and manipulate and control it to quickly bring intimacy.

Even if your goal is not to have sex with her on the first night, this type of flirting ensures that you get to kiss her and position yourself in her mind as the type of man she is going to have sex with, not the type who she just wants to be friends.

Here are some examples of speed changes in conversation:

(The two have been flirting, and things that are said are taken lightly)

You: I can't believe you like Lady Gaga. It's so weird.

Her: Hush, you're probably a closet fan of Lady Gaga. I imagine you alone with your iPod listening to her music and singing. LOL

You: You better take care of yourself, or I'm going to spank you.

She: Oh, did I embarrass you? LOL

You: I'm going to grab you with pillows after a while, and I'm not going to be pious just because you're a girl.

She: I would beat you in a pillow fight.

You: I am the world champion of the pillow. I have to advise you that I am also known for my tickle attacks. If you get naughty, you will feel my fury.

Okay, did you notice how I made the switch to a more sexual frame? The conversation started with Lady Gaga and ended with us being in her bed fighting and tickling each other, being "naughty."

That would be a change from second to third.

Let me show you how I could make the change from third to fourth. Remember, you have to keep shifting because if the ride gets too high in gear, you're going to scrub.

Her: Don't even think about it; I hate being tickled.

You: (Pinky extended) I promise you, unless you're very naughty, I won't tickle you.

(As soon as she takes your little finger, tickle it.)

She: (smiling and laughing) How bad. Hate you.

You: You know that? I hadn't noticed that you have a very sexy smile.

Did you see how I changed gears again? It was a transition from joking about tickling to having some physical contact and first having her hand in yours to "promise" and then tickling her.

The most important thing is that at the end, you said,

"You have a very sexy smile."

What makes that last sentence so important is that it leaves no room for misinterpretation. Let her acknowledge that the two of you were flirting and that you find her sexually attractive.

You avoided "let's just be friends" objections that might come out later.

Here's a secret for you; women WANT to appear sexually attractive.

I've dated and had sex with multiple girls, and you know which compliment turned them on more than anything else? The one that they would repeat to me, telling me how much they liked it and begged me to tell them again?

It has nothing to do with "You're beautiful" or "I love your eyes."

It was "Hell, you're so sexy ..."

A beautiful girl knows that she is beautiful, but she doesn't know if she is sexy.

When you manage to make her feel sexy, it brings out her wild side.

In the middle of work, a colleague of mine took my hand and tucked it under her panties so I could feel how wet she was. I hadn't even kissed her yet.

In the middle of the party, another girl followed me to the bathroom and let me shave her pubic hair because I told her that's how I like it.

After spending a day exchanging dirty emails, this girl showed up at my house wearing a trench coat and nothing else. She told me that she had to be quick because her boyfriend was waiting for her at home.

There is no limit to what they will do if you can bring out their wild side.

Do we agree that it is better to be sexual from the beginning? I hope you are saying yes because you are playing a dangerous game near the friend zone if not.

Can we agree that you should show your sexual interest in a girl?

I think you will agree that getting a quick kiss is crucial. On my first night with Candice, I didn't kiss her, and it took me almost four years to get that "just friends" vibe off and get her.

The first step in kissing her is to move the conversation to Class C. If you paid attention, you would find out how to use the right words, topics, and stories; it is easy to transition into a sexual conversation.

If you're not wearing this already, you're missing out on something big and probably losing girls' interest to guys who do.

You should also be convinced that you should constantly shift gears and use "sexual flirting" to maintain sexual tension. Like I said before, if you ever dated a girl and you thought everything was going well only for her to stop dating you, eventually, she wouldn't even answer you. It's because you didn't maintain the sexual tension.

The reality is that once you have a woman thinking about sex with you and imagining it, letting the tension remain is sure to pass.

Valerie spread her legs on the pool table, with her parents sleeping in the next room. From whom I learned this, my friend Jake has an iPhone full of pictures of naked girls. They are normal girls that he meets when he goes out or with whom he works, But he does such an excellent job of putting himself as the sex man that they send him these nude photos telling him they can't wait for them to see him. I was with him for so long that I could finally figure out what he does.

8 Point Seduction Guide

Look, if you have a woman attracted to you (which I assume you are), but you don't lead the interaction towards seduction, she is going to lose her interest in you ... quickly.

Once you have the attraction created, you have to take it to a seduction level.

I just gave you three steps to get to that "seduction level." Now let's talk about what exactly to do to close the deal.

Here's how you do it.

Slow her down to speed

Once you have that good vibe, you have to slow down. Speak slower, make your movements slower, breathe and slow down to joke speed.

Let the tension build

What you're doing is building some sexual tension. When a woman and a man are close, and there is silence, it creates some tension. Most always try to break that tension with a joke, flirtation, or more stories. You have to learn to enjoy that tension and use it to your advantage.

High Five sustained

I like to do this when a woman says something that I liked. I put my hand in a "high five" position. When she does, I kind of hold her hand a little bit and let our fingers stick together a bit. This will simplify sexual tension.

Create a physical connection

Now you have to create some kind of physical link. Again, the best way is to use your hands. Take her by the hand and take her somewhere.

Come closer

Let the sexual tension build by being closer to her. Whether you feel closer, stand closer, or lean in while they speak.

During all this, be neutral.

Stop joking, flirting, and be more uncertain. Look her in the eye. Exude your sexual power. Let her know that you are aware that you are the most dominant sexual creature.

Kiss her

Progress towards sex

NEVER decide for her.

NEVER assume that she doesn't want more privacy.

Always respect her if she says no, but try to make her say 'no.'

Look, the point is that you are responsible for creating that sexual desire in her. YES, it can be created.

Everything I just suggested triggers sexual attraction. This is why perhaps, at some point, you were sexually attracted to a girl that you did not really like, nor did you find physically attractive. It's because the two of them unknowingly transitioned into "seduction mode."

Remember, the attraction is not a choice. If you do what I suggested above (assuming you're doing a good job flirting), she won't be able to resist being attracted to you.

Going forward

As the months go by, you will discover that, after you have learned this, you will feel very relaxed talking to women, and any anxiety you felt when approaching a woman will disappear; Since that anxiety comes from the fear of not knowing what to do, or how not to get bored. That is not going to be a problem anymore, and then you will be chatting with more women, feeling in complete control. It will probably be you who turns down some girl. You will also notice that some women who ignored you or who disliked you are suddenly going to be available to you, sending messages on Facebook, or even sending me messages out of nowhere.

The best part about the short talk is that you can create a lot more attractive with a surprisingly small amount of time, effort, or energy.

It is the way the "Short Talk" is presented that makes all the difference. Say something one way, and you'll bore his brain. Say it differently, and she will imagine that you will be the father of her babies; She will imagine ripping your clothes off or giving you a handjob in a dirty frat house ...

This is the most important lesson you will learn about creating attraction in women:

The way you say it matters.

By stating something in a slightly different way, you can convey your value from a low level to a very HIGH level.

I mean that in the course of a conversation, certain information has to get back and forth between you and the girl you are talking to. This is just the natural flow of the conversation. Gurus try to make you understand that an entire conversation consists of these "hidden attraction" techniques but, the freezing and harsh reality is that most women will constantly steer the conversation into the short talk (because that's what they know) So. You can resist this and keep giving those clumsy evasive "Guess what I'm doing. Guess where I'm from ..." answers that are going to kill the attraction much faster than you think.

... even more unfavorable, you can do what I did with the "Gary Null" lady and grab a topic and blow it to death. You cling for life to that theme that you both have in common ... I call them conversational "lifeboats"... The irony is that ... They sink fast ...

... Or you can learn how to turn an entire conversation or short talk ... into something fun, playful, and sexy ...

There are tons of ways to turn short talk sexy, and I am personally fascinated by finding these techniques, methods, and opportunities.

Let me deal with you what I have discovered and some of my favorite ways to do this.

It has taken me many ages to find these techniques, identify them, test them, and produce systems so that I can train them for you quickly and easily. All I ask of you is that, please, respect the time and effort that I have invested ...

The Ultimate advice

This information is "Ninja Level" training. I am about to explain to you that it is so dangerous for a great and powerful reason: IT WORKS.

It works so well that you MUST be prepared for the response you are going to get. I say this because many of the men who have struggled to improve their conversations with girls are not used to receiving a positive reaction, and they look LOST when they suddenly get it.

Get ready when you change the way you broadcast to "Short Talk," your conversations will take on a whole new dimension.

It's very liberating, and when you finally realize that you can make a Short Talk Sexy, you will soon realize that you have the gift of talking to any woman at any time.

Even if you don't ever get the lady (any guru who tells you that their method is 100% successful is LYING to you), you will ALWAYS find that you can have a fun conversation with a woman.

Okay, let's go! A little earlier, I told the story of how a girl I had spent hours talking to got rid of me to give a handjob to another guy she met in a matter of minutes.

Answer this question, FAST: What was missing from my conversation?

Time is over. This is what my talk was missing:


The following question is: Why didn't I realize this?

I didn't recognize this because I had achieved massive COMFORT with the girl. We had connected so well on a topic of conversation that it flowed from our mouths.

And for me, this was AMAZING.


My three biggest fears about conversations with girls had always been:

1. Run out of topics to talk about

2. Awkward silences

3. Resort to "boring" Short Talk

The mere fact that I had avoided these three results led me to believe that I achieved some progress with this lady. But we all recognize how that story finished. Here's why

The # 1 error men make that limits a conversation from turning sexual

The number one mistake men make, preventing them from adding sexuality to their conversations, is:


Fear Of Breaking Comfort

And why are we afraid to break comfort? Because we confuse comfort with attraction. And they are NOT the same thing. We've all figured out that I screwed it up with the "Gary Null" girl in the previous story, but let's not talk more about what I did incorrectly. Let's debate about what I should have performed. Here's how to apply this knowledge to turn a sexual conversation right now.

The next time you are right in the middle of a conversation with a woman who appeals to you, stop for a moment and consider why you are talking to her.

And I don't want a crappy answer. I want the truth.

You're talking to her because YOU HOPE you can CONVINCE her into being attracted to you in a SEXUAL way.

And you can do it.

But to do this ... you have to …

Burn Your Boat And Don't Turn Back …

Leave no excuse to turn back ...

This indicates that you must pass the POINT OF NO RETURN if you intend to create sexual attraction in a woman.

You have to be prepared to lose it …

I failed miserably with the girl from the previous story because I was unwilling to lose the comfort we had created …

... but what I should have established was SEXUAL INTENTION …

The first thing you have to do to create sexual intention is BREAK THE COMFORT when you feel like a woman is becoming too comfortable around you …

Sexual tension comes from the will to be mixed with uncertainty, suspense, and even a little nervousness …

If you're in the center of an hour-long conversation with a girl about healthy food (or the Yankees, traveling, or their jobs), there is no tension, uncertainty, and suspense …

Yes, there is comfort and good value …

But you have to BREAK that …

So, for example, if a girl has gotten too comfortable with you and starts to get into a long lecture on how much she hates her job …

Stop it and say:

"If we keep speaking about this, I'm going to charge you $ 200 an hour for therapy. Did you bring your credit card?"

In shorter than a minute ... you will have broken the comfort, you will have put some suspense to the conversation ... and you will have broken in half the thoughts that tell him "he is a good guy ..."

If you let the conversation get too comfortable ... Breaking the COMFORT will be much more difficult, and later in the evening, stealing a kiss will seem inappropriate.

Break the comfort …

Adam Lyons once informed me of a story where he had a lady on his couch, and she wouldn't stop talking about an argument he had with one of his friends. He was sitting there guessing, "how the hell can I get her to shut up? enough to kiss her...?"


I have done similar things if I have the feeling that a woman has become too comfortable, and I cannot change the subject to something more sexual.

I look at her and say: "Don't you ever shut up?"

She usually looks at me like I've gone crazy.

But the TENSION GOES UP TO THE CEILING. And the comfort will have been broken ..., and from there I will give her a small smile ... then I will push her lightly in a flirtatious way ... and say, "OH ... have I made you angry? ..."

And now we are FLIRTING.

How To Dodge This In The First Place

We have already established earlier in this chapter that your INTENTION creates a sexual attraction with her. So let her know your intention if you don't want a woman to feel too comfortable with you and see you as just a fun guy to talk to.

Don't give her that option …


When I talked to the "Gary Null" girl, I never said anything to her that would imply that I saw her as more than just a girl with a common interest - in vegetarian and healthy food. So that was the "paper" she gave me ... the guy she talks to about healthy food …

I should have made a clear statement of intent from the beginning:

A standard of a statement of intent is: (if you show a smile) "You have a very sexy and naughty smile like you have bad intentions. Haha, I like ..."

OR ...

"That stuff you just did with your hair ... it's driving me crazy ... And I wasn't paying attention to any words you just said ..."

Leave no excuse to turn back …

Once you introduce a statement of intent in the conversation, you can go back to a SHORT TALK ... because now under the "table," there is an underlying TENSION that is being built …

I just distributed what the biggest mistake men make in their conversations with women is. Most men cling to comfort because they don't want and are afraid to break it, and they drive all sexual tension out of the conversation completely.

By breaking the Comfort relationship and using the "statement of intent," you are on track to get precisely what you require out of the conversation ...

Avoid the "comfort trap," and your chances of success will increase. Now, I'm going to teach you some of the TACTICS to do a Sexy Short Talk.

The most serious problem men face when it comes to making "short talks" with girls is that they continually run out of things to say or bring up "boring" topics, especially at the beginning of the conversation before both of them feel comfortable with each other.

But what if I showed you that you could take any "monotonous" topic and turn it into a fun and interesting flirtatious conversation ... and that you can have an endless supply of "conversation gear"... All of this if you take on the role of a character. …?

Why does it work ...

When choosing a character, choose a role that allows you to create attraction.

Certain roles work much better than others. Here are some examples of functions that create attraction:

a) You are dominant; she is cute

b) A position that assumes authority. Your judge, coach, or consultant

c) The victim of his seduction

d) The cold type

e) The selfish, neurotic type

f) She is a girl who demands a lot of attention

g) You can imitate her

h) You are the Devil on his left shoulder

i) Overly cheesy. Artist of your seduction

j) You are the adult who supervises her

k) Is using you to have sex

Each of these mentioned roles works so well because they somehow position you in the girl's mind as the man who "knows."

And the mere fact that you have assumed the role shows that you control the conversation and make the decisions. In a moment, I'm going to reveal to you exactly how to use these papers to make something Sexy with a Short Talk ... but for now, I just require you to assume the purpose of the paper…

... the character writes himself ... once you learn the character then all the funny things will come by themselves ...

This function sets the "frame" for the entire conversation. Even though you will be moving in and out of this role throughout the conversation ... it will ALWAYS be there to use when you feel like the conversation needs a little updating…

What to do ...

There Are Three General Rules For Taking On A Role:

1. Take on the role from the beginning of the conversation

2. Own the role / be congruent

3. And know when to drop it

You want to exercise full control over the role you take on. From the beginning, you are more or less saying, "these are the rules for our conversation."This is very important, and you must establish the "role of your character" from the beginning. It will seem strange if you start practicing after 30 minutes of "normal" conversation. And then you must own the role and be congruent with it. This means you CAN'T back down if she gives you "shit tests." Don't wait for her to "support" the game you set; just jump right into it.

And finally, you need to know when to drop it. At some point, after the attraction has been created, there will come the point where the paper must be used in MODERATION because if you never let go of the paper, she will never experience a deep sense of relationship WITH YOU.

How to take a position and use it immediately now in the real world ...


Here's a character practice exercise:

Imagine a certain type of character you can work with .... Choose one of these three:

1. An overconfident Playboy

2. She is a girl who demands a lot of attention

3. You are the Devil on his left shoulder (the Devil who orders him to do bad things)

Once you have selected one of the above characters, get in touch with how he could respond, react, what kind of facial expressions he would make, what would his tone of voice be like?

Spend a few minutes getting into the mind of the character you have chosen. Become him as you develop this exercise.

Your reactions come off the character.

Now how would an individual character answer the following three things?

1. She accidentally touches your leg

2. She drops something

3. She invites you to order her a drink

Her: (Accidentally touching your leg) So what are you working on?

A lady who requires a lot of attention: Oh my god! How dare you touch my leg? I'm not the boy you think I am ... With me, you're not going to get what you want just by sweetening my ear ...

Her: (Casually touching your ass) So what do you work on?

You are the Devil on her left shoulder - (the Devil who orders her to do bad things): Just ... slowly ... put ... your hand back on his butt ... She won't notice ... do it ... meanwhile, bend over and show her something of your chest …

More examples ...

Her: (drops her cell phone)

Overconfident Playboy: You're taking every opportunity to show me your belongings ... right sweetheart? I admit it ... I enjoy the effort you're settling into this whole seduction thing ... most girls don't try that hard ...

Her: (drops her cell phone)

A lady who requires a lot of attention: Oh, please ... DON'T THINK you're going to cheat on me ... you just want me to look at your ass ... I'm not that kind of man.

Her: (drops her cell phone)

You are the Devil on his left shoulder - (the Devil who orders him to do bad things): He's watching ... Just lean a bit more ... maybe pull your hair back a bit ... and then make a stupid statement about "how drunk you are ..."

Can you see how taking on the role of a character adds a more interesting touch to everything? … And also allows you to introduce Sexy Themes

Do you see how easy it is to transform the atmosphere of a short talk completely?

And can you understand how EASY it is ALWAYS to KNOW WHAT TO SAY when you're performing a "role?" You just say what you believe your character would say

Just to illustrate the difference ... use one of the examples above (Her dropping her phone or touching your leg) and imagine how you would have acknowledged if it had been simply YOU (without assuming the role of any character) ...

You probably would have answered his stupid question, "what do you work on?" and carry on through a boring conversation.

But ... the "role" you were playing has allowed you to add a little spice and sex into the mix instantly...

So now you can still answer his question ... but you remained able to make the corresponding talk ... SEXY.

How to Make a Short Talk Sexy - Technique # 2:

Turn conversation into a "game" and allow mutual interaction to take on a life of its own. Have you ever had hours of fun just throwing a tennis ball against a wall and catching it when it came back to you?

Or, didn't you step on the cracks' when you were walking down a sidewalk?

Or, did you try to pass as many cars as you were driving on a highway?

Or, sit at your desk and rate "how sexy" the girls in your classroom were ... while your teacher gave a devious explanation?

If you've done any of these things ...

… You have found THE GAME to make something boring fun

We do it all the time ... because games are so much fun!

"Getting The Game"

Every cooperation you have with a gal has the potential for a game, and once you get that game, what used to be a boring, normal conversation becomes something you are a part of.

Whether as teammates or as competitors ...

You just have to find something that simplifies your interaction, that you can turn into a kind of contest and see who can beat the other.

Everyone likes to play games because the rules are simple and clear.

... And just like playing a "role,"... These games allow the occurrence of things to be much easier to say ... because the conversation comes from the game ...

Before we get into some examples of "games" you can play ... let's examine some of the reasons they are so effective at making sexy little talk ...

Why "Games" Work So Well ...

They create a sense of comfort between the two (for good)

They keep the conversation flowing smoothly ... creating the illusion of "chemistry."

They allow both of you to share information that you would not otherwise have.

They make it much easier to introduce the element of "sexuality" into the conversation.

They focus the conversation on feelings, emotions, and observations ... rather than facts. The truth is ... THE SHORT TALK MUST BE TAKEN ... there is some information that needs to be passed back and forth between you and a woman ...

... But just like sitting down to listen to a boring lecture, being stuck on the road, or taking a walk down the street …

SHORT TALK can BECOME FUN by finding the game …

What are games?

Any activity that can be used for fun ...

But to make this explanation much simpler, I will list some of the most popular games that the best Ligue Artists use regularly.

Each of these games is designed to provoke emotions in the woman you are talking to ... and create the feeling of comfort and ATTRACTION.

… Here are some of my favorites.

Just remember that just like when you use "paper," you MUST NOT explain the games. Just jump to them. Start with something fun and high-energy and slowly go deeper and more sincere.

Game of three questions

While talking to a girl, the game just starts ...

You: "Let's play a little game."

Her: "Okay, what kind of game?"

You: "It's very simple; we just take turns asking each other questions ... but there are rules."

Her: "Such as ...?"

You: "1) Each question must be acknowledged, 2) No question can be reproduced, and 3) you go first ..."

"So, I want to understand more about you ... What is ... your favorite ice cream? Mine is Ben and Jerry's Cookie ..."

Trade three questions back and forth. You ask, she answers. Then she asks questions, and you answer.

Start with very common or very funny things (for example, "what is your preferred ice cream?"), And be qualified to share your answer and get the game going.

The second question is a little deeper; you can talk about good childhood memories.

In the third question, go deeper; it can be about love, relationships, etc.

Since it is a game, she will be speechless when you ask her, "Where was the most unusual place you had sex?"

You just give her a smile that says, "Yeah, I just asked ..." Unless she's prudish, he's going to go the way you carved.

Can you see how simple it was to introduce sexuality into the conversation under the guise of a game?

Every time I use it, the girl asks something sexual in less than five questions.

Fascination Game / Like Game

This is another great way to share information fun and creates a playful back and forth between you ...

Fascinates me ...

I like it …

Remember, start small. Don't go straight to the deep stuff. Make her speak first and go deep little by little.

E.g., "Do you know what I like about New York? Who has the best pizza in the world. What do you like about New York?"

Then once you've warmed up ... "I love girls who have an unusual side ..."

It's about the "VIBES" that comes and goes between you and the girl. Rather than relentlessly trying to create a deep sense of comfort ... just focus on the vibe that's going on between the two of you.

Interaction should be the center of attention .... NOT the TOPIC being discussed.

I repeat: Interaction should be the center of attention ... It is NOT the TOPIC being discussed.

This is where I had completely spoiled it in the previous story. I made "healthy food" and "Gary Null" the center of attention when attention must have been the playful interaction between the two.

Now I wonder - what if the interaction with the girl "Gary Null" had been as follows instead?

Me: I like peanut butter smoothies

Her: I like Graham Cracker Nutrition Bars

Me: (giving him those five) Me too ... I also like to travel to spontaneous places and strange dark places.

Her: Oh yeah ... Well, I like to watch people walking along the boardwalk and laugh at everyone who seems strange to me.

Me: Well, I like to have sex on the beach while "strangers" walk the boardwalk.

Her: I like sex after getting back from a really hard workout at the gym ...

See how planning a game allows you to elevate the discussion to a sexual level ... in a matter of minutes?

When you put something in the meaning of a "character" or "a game," the woman's statement goes downhill, and she finds herself playing along ... BECAUSE IT'S FUN.

Remember that a woman is looking for fun. And frankly, most men are bored and incapable of entertaining conversation (I know that because I was one of them), so when a woman meets a guy who can create laid-back fun ... she instantly will recognize "this guy is different "and will play your game.

Yes, she wants to play your game ...

She just has to be sure it's going to be something nice …

Playing Roles

What is playing a role?

It is creating an imaginary setting and characters that the two of you can move out together. Let's say you're speaking to a girl, and you tell her you're going to Italy next week ... and she humorously says, "can I go ...?"

Instead of laughing at this ... you would say something like:

"Yes, I'm going to hide you in my suitcase ... When you get there, you have to be my paparazzi. I'm going to provide you a camera, and you just have to follow me around all the time, taking pictures of me ... and pointing at me like I'm someone famous. Then you can sell the images to a local tabloid, and we can use the money to take a yacht and play in Monaco. Of course, I'm going to end up losing you in a game of poker against some Iranian sheik ..."

You see how you just caught this absurd position and kept making it more absurd.

She was playful though, you probably got her to laugh ... and she predicted a future where the both of you were in Italy and Monaco.

It's very manageable.

Start a story about a daydream with you and her. Let me fill in some details and together create a fun game.

And for the love of God ... don't be afraid to introduce a little sexuality into the role play ... that's what it's all about ...

So… there you have it!

Some of my preferred ways to combine fun, playfulness, and sexuality to your short talks ... and MASSIVELY increase your appeal in the eyes of the woman you are interacting with. And what's great about all the techniques mentioned is that you don't need to change what you're talking about ... just how you present the information.

Now is the time for you to put these techniques into practice and get a little RESULTS. Take my word for it …

Start Now!

Take action right now — don't wait. Do something with what you've learned right away, so you can start using it AUTOMATICALLY. Use these techniques every day, and soon you will realize that you will create the kind of vibe that women crave, and you can almost see that attraction shining in their eyes ...

How To Flatter A Woman Effectively

Suppose That a person admires him. Is this enough in itself for someone to like you? Probably not. If your value is too high than that of the others, they will get nervous around you, and you will perceive that both do not have good chemistry together because they do not feel very good around them when they are around you. This happens because they see you much better than they see themselves.

And this is a problem faced by many people who are perceived as "cool" or "cool." Although they look like very cool people, others feel stage fright around them.

As a consequence, many great people have trouble maintaining relationships (sex and friendships.) So your cool and cool must be balanced by allowing other people you interact with to feel good about themselves in your presence.

You are wondering, "How is this done?" You do this by freely handing out genuine compliments.

One method to do this is to make a flattering remark and then quickly ask a question below in a probing manner as if ensuring that said woman is qualified to be with you. Remember, you are a good match, so she will feel good when you impress him.


You: "What? You have a good vibe! What do you do for fun?"

She: "Blah, blah."

You (thinking about it for a second): "That sounds like a lot of fun. I would love to hear more about that."

You: You look cool to me. What do you say you are studying? "

She: "Blah, blah."

You: "Interesting ... I have a friend who studied Bla Bla."

You see, when you say a genuine compliment, quickly follow up with a question. This also prevents the woman from denying compliance and puts her to the test.

She will be practically eating out of your hand and believing what you tell her as long as you make her feel qualified to be with you.

As an alpha male, you approve, and you don't need an approval return. So don't expect her to thank you for the compliment.

AlsoYes, women typically deny compliments or flattery while making them look less brilliant. And women may then think that you gave false praise, which is the last thing you want. So don't give him a chance to deny your praise.

I like to follow up on my compliments with a question because then that frames the interaction as that even though I found something I liked about it, my approval can still go away if I don't like your next answer. That makes me the highest value token, and it's her job to win my affections. She will be a little happier when she sees that you are interested in the answer.

Now here's something you need to know: you mustn't give false compliments because you would be trying too hard to get approved. Also, it's hard to give a fake compliment and make it sound sincere, and you don't want her to get suspicious. And this is what beats do, and alphas do not.

Another strategy I like, particularly with a new woman, is to change the subject or issue after paying the compliment quickly. "You strike me as a very interesting girl. You know what? Something happened to me on the way ..."

And this keeps me in control of the direction of the conversation and prevents her from having a chance to deny my compliment.

Another reason why I like to dish out compliments in my interactions with people that it keeps me externally focused. Because I am thinking about them, I do not care or burden myself to analyze my every move.