About the Authors

Practical Female Psychology for the Practical Man - David Clare, Joseph South, Franco 2008

About the Authors

David Clare

I am in my mid-40s. I was married for eight years, in what is now referred to as a co-dependent relationship, to a woman I deeply loved. My exasperation and frustration with her behavior resulted in my losing attraction for her. I was unable to lead her effectively, but my strength of commitment to the sanctity of our marriage transcended what I considered to be relatively trivial concerns of sexual and emotional fulfillment. She left. I still believe, in the long-term scheme of things, considering the capriciousness that life deals us even in the best case, that the security, financial stability and deep caring that I gave her would have been to her best benefit. Had she stayed, I still believe we would have been able to work it out.

Now that I understand a lot more about how women work, I won’t ever be in such a situation again. I now have the tools to emotionally and sexually satisfy women. More importantly, I have the skills to ensure I choose women that sexually and emotionally satisfy me. I feel as if I am in paradise, living in a large urban area with large numbers of attractive, successful women, and so few men with the skill to excite their imaginations!

Furthermore, I now have skills for managing different kinds of relationships. Not all women are high-speed-rail bound for matrimony at all costs, a tremendously self-limiting belief ingrained in the so-called “men’s movement.” Women are infinitely more complex than that, and always have been, as authors such as Casanova delighted in telling us hundreds of years ago. That I choose to be in one form of relationship over another is my choice.

Part of the motivation for pouring my energy into this book comes from disillusionment with the standard self-help material available on bookshelves everywhere. I could not find anything at all that offered a view of masculinity, which didn’t involve me ultimately submitting to a point of view that felt emasculating and deeply unnatural. Applying the information in those books did not help me save my marriage, and more importantly, it didn’t help me to be a better person.

I felt I had nowhere to turn, that is, until I found a group of men on the internet, united by a common delight in women. My experience was not unique! Other men were dealing with the exact same issues I was dealing with. Other men felt what I felt. Other men were tired of being a sympathetic, generous man being automatically spurned even by unattractive women! Can you feel me here? Ridiculous isn’t it?

Most importantly, I learned through applying “seduction techniques” that everything to do with “picking up chicks” applies just as well, if not more so, to women in relationships. Picking up different women requires learning a few basic skills which can be applied repetitively: same schtick, different chick. In a relationship, you are picking up the same woman, over and over and over again. Now that, friend, requires some A++, rock-solid, locked-on, hard core skills.

And that’s what we’re all about.

Joseph W. South

I am in my late 30’s. I am a single white male, divorced. According to all the self-help books on dating and relationships, I have a lot going for me: good fashion sense, decent looks and financial independence. I am unusually kind, loving and caring. However, as I learned from reading such books as No More Mr. Nice Guy by Dr. Robert Glover, my abundant ”niceness” was mostly just a facade covering over the real personality of a fairly aggravated man.

Until recently, women were a complete mystery to me. What’s worse, I believed that I actually understood women, despite experiencing a lot of frustration and lonely nights. I had no problem finding a girlfriend, which was probably due in part to some of my qualities that I’ve listed above. But having lasting, happy relationships, and having a woman truly adore me for who I am in a lasting way is another matter.

Five years after first stumbling across a David DeAngelo product on the internet, I now date several women both in my hometown and abroad. Every one of these relationships are superior to any I had before, even to those prior occasions when I felt like I had found “the one.”

I now realize I can generate attraction and have a relationship with a wide variety of women; however, my standards have risen and I am much more selective about who I will get intimate with. Ironically, as my standards have risen, so too have my options. Beautiful women no longer intimidate me and I see that physical beauty is, in fact, very common. Now, I can focus on getting the type of relationship that I want, and I am not merely idolizing women’s bodies like I used to.

I have devoted my life to reading, studying, meeting people and entrepreneurial ventures. My father was a successful, self-made businessman who was plagued with confusion about women and their nature right until his death. He would often complain to me and my siblings about ill treatment from his wife, and I could never understand why my father would remain with a woman whom he obviously did not like. I silently vowed to myself to resolve once and for all the questions of relationships, sexual attraction, and achieving respect from the women I encounter in my life. I deeply believe that these are things that every man wants, and I have the passion and determination to find that for myself and to help other men to do the same.

I now enjoy happy, sexual and platonic relationships with several women, with each woman’s knowledge and consent.


I am a man in his middle 40s and what many might consider to be a “bad guy.” I am a businessman and also a medical professional in a field where I am in daily contact with the darkest and most tragic aspects of human nature.

I have been since childhood what you would call a “Natural,” as in a natural playboy: a man who likes to have sex and relationships with a lot of women, knows how to achieve that and feels no guilt feeling about it because it is for him completely natural. A Natural is a guy who belongs to a mostly misunderstood sexual minority, just like gays or lesbians. A Natural is a guy who was never under the influence of the Madonna/whore complex and who has been loving multiple women since he was young.

Usually, a Natural is not aware of being such, and that was my Karma until 1995 when, at the end of my former marriage, I slowly became conscious, in a rather tragic way, of the shocking fact that, given certain circumstances, I could be emotionally dangerous to women in this society.

I realized at a certain point that I was emotionally dangerous to women because as a “Natural” I was not able nor I was motivated in the slightest way to repress my male sexual instinct, as many men do. I have found in my life that a man like me can be highly arousing to women, and at the same time put them in emotional danger.

Many men make an agreement to giving up their own masculinity and sexuality in exchange for sex and affection. These men accept being emasculated by a woman whom they feel has taken the role of the Madonna in their life. I never did that; I just continuously went for what I wanted. In my life there were no “Madonnas” and there were no “whores,” only women. I was unable to consider all women to be whores as many other men do. I simply loved all the women I had dealings with, and I am proud of it.

As a Natural I was not completely conscious of the fact that loving women for exactly who they are can even be emotionally dangerous in our society. When I realized that loving women in this way can in fact be emotionally dangerous, I decided that I would start to help other men to love women for who they are, without putting the women in emotional danger.

Too many men do not see women for who they are. So many men could make a better life for themselves if they would come to understand the real nature of the female psyche, learn how to love women for who they are, and even help to make women into better people. I have been in a wonderful position to get a deep understanding of these things, because throughout my life I have loved with all my heart and dedication women, especially those women your mother and father warned you about.

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