Glossary of Terms

Practical Female Psychology for the Practical Man - David Clare, Joseph South, Franco 2008

Glossary of Terms

Subcommunication: The underlying or implied meaning behind direct communication. Women’s favored method of communication with each other and with members of the opposite sex.

Betaization: The process by which a man loses his leadership position to the female in the relationship. This can happen suddenly or imperceptibly over time. Women are unconsciously driven towards this process; they will inexorably lose sexual attraction for the man who allows this process to continue unabated.

LTR: A long-term relationship with an expectation of monogamy between the man and the woman.

MLTR: Multiple long-term relationships. Similar to LTR, except without monogamy; there is the possibility or reality of other, simultaneous relationships for either the man or the woman or both of them.

EFA: The Early Frame Announcement. A woman’s subcommunicated declaration, very early on in the relationship, of her inflexible terms for the relationship.

Female Logic: Women have a unique method of communicating emotions that is often baffling to men. Neurological studies and especially our own field experience have demonstrated that men and women use different parts of the brain to reach conclusions on important matters, and that our primary goals when it comes to dating and mating can often be in conflict.

Magic Pussy Syndrome (MPS): The belief that because a woman possesses a pussy, she is entitled to special privileges at other people’s expense. This is an endemic cultural phenomenon in modern, western society.

Good Girl: A woman whose primary motivation when it comes to relationships with men is the relationship itself.

Adventuress: A woman who is primarily concerned with male attention and validation, and her own selfish pleasure.

Materialista: A woman who is primarily concerned with the material benefits she can derive from her relationships with men.

HD: High Sex Drive. A woman with a higher-than-average sex drive.

LD: Low Sex Drive. A woman with a lower-than-average sex drive.

HSE: High Self Esteem. A woman with a high level of Basic Trust.

LSE: Low Self Esteem. A woman with a low level of Basic Trust.

Basic Trust: An degree of inner sureness that a person has that their inner and external worlds will be safe and happy places for them, as opposed to places of turmoil and unmanageable conflict.

AB Indecision: The presentation of two or more choices — both equally agreeable to the man — which are then disqualified by the woman on emotional rather than logical grounds.