The Magic Pussy Syndrome

Practical Female Psychology for the Practical Man - David Clare, Joseph South, Franco 2008

The Magic Pussy Syndrome

The power of the p-u-s-s-y

Best of Both Worlds, by Jay-Z and R. Kelly

Magic Pussy Syndrome (MPS) — a term coined by the authors — is the belief that because a woman has a pussy, she is entitled to special privileges at other people’s expense. Such as: free drinks, free dinner, alimony, child support. The list goes on. In contrast, most guys we know pay for everything, and at retail prices.

Not all women suffer from this all the time. Most women have a bit of it in them, at least some of the time. For example, David Clare recently met a woman who said she had been dating two guys at the same time except that she wouldn’t allow them to date other women. Now this was not an otherwise bad woman, in fact, she was a Good Girl. But she believed that because she was a woman, she had the right to behave this way, and that the men she dated did not.

In this chapter we will help you to quickly recognize the presence of MPS in the women that you encounter. We will explain the origins of this mental disease and provide you with powerful knowledge that will enable you to counteract it.

Recognizing MPS

As men we gain great power by understanding and acknowledging MPS, but at the same time, demonstrating that we refuse to take it seriously. This has the effect of short-circuiting the woman’s aloofness and superior attitude. When a man shows that he is above a woman’s MPS, she instinctively recognizes that she is dealing with a rare and superior male. In a healthy woman, this will wonderfully transform her into the pursuer of the man.

It can also be said that MPS serves as a screening mechanism for the woman. The majority of males will simply accept the MPS frame from her, while only the best males will recognize the frame but not accept it.

Your recognition of MPS can be a very effective method to eliminate women from your life who will prove to be a pain-in-the-ass, and you can accomplish this very early on in your interactions with them.

For example, suppose you have met an interesting and attractive woman. You arrange for a casual excursion, perhaps a visit to a new gallery opening, followed by a bite to eat afterwards. Really simple stuff. But she arrives late to the rendezvous (her excuse is irrelevant). Her next actions are critical: if she makes it up to you in some material way (like paying your ticket), you can safely let the lateness pass. If instead she follows her excuse with a request or a demand that you (or “we”) do something that was not on the itinerary, and she expects you to pay for it, then you had better watch out! You should consider such behavior as a major red flag. If you don’t check her behavior right then and there, she will worsen the behavior until she reaches your pain threshold. You will know you’ve reached that threshold by that shriveling feeling in your scrotum.1

If you let things get that far, what happens next will determine the entire course of any relationship you have with this woman. If you pitch a fit, you can now consider that she officially owns you. If she pitches a fit, and you supplicate in the hopes of calming her down, you are also officially owned. If you look deep into her eyes and tell her: “Hey, you know, it’s been fun, but I gotta go” you may never hear from her again and wonder why.2

When you playfully tease a woman about her MPS, she will either withdraw from you, or she will transform herself into your pursuer. Later in this chapter, we’ll give some practical advice on how to properly handle a woman who displays clear signs of MPS. But for now, let’s consider the motivations of the women whose MPS will cause them to retreat from a strong man who refuses to supplicate to them. In this group, let’s discuss two sub-groups, the Low Self-Esteem (LSE) Group and the Political Group.

1JOSEPH I once dated a woman who had several boyfriends on the go at the same time. When she discovered that a former flame of mine had contacted me, she became infuriated. She felt it perfectly normal for her to maintain regular contact with past and present lovers, but completely unacceptable for me. She honestly believed this!

2FRANCO Finland, where I have been living now for many years, is an extremely feminist country. Most women are used to having the average guy totally figured out. These women will usually withdraw completely from the game when they meet a guy who keeps the frame “I, male, am the Prize”, even if they are clearly attracted to such a man.

The LSE Group will naturally withdraw from interacting with a strong man, because they start to feel strong feelings of Low Self Esteem once they notice that the man is not promptly reacting as a supplicant to their MPS. Because these women are so accustomed to men supplicating, when they meet a man who simply refuses to do so, they take it as a personal insult. There is nothing you can do to correct such women, and unless you enjoy pain, it is best not to consider any serious relationship with them.

Any relationship started by such LSE women is a dead end in both directions. They will react with frustration to a man who does not supplicate to their MPS because they take it as a personal offense. On the other hand, they tend to become sexually frigid over time with men who do supplicate to their MPS, because the feminine part of their personality cannot derive lasting satisfaction out of such a dynamic.

The Political Group may withdraw from strong men for purely political reasons, even if they are sexually attracted to the man in question. This type of woman is very common at university campuses and within highly urban areas in the western world. These women are very often politically liberal, and they will often openly reject conventional notions of physical beauty.

Strangely enough, many women in these politically liberal environments, especially highly-educated university women, usually do not have much experience with masculine men at all. Many are prudes. And the men they are experienced with, are often a narrowly-defined group of men who self-identify as feminists. These male feminists also typically have little experience with women, and the experiences that they do have are generally reinforcing of their feminist viewpoints. You can often recognize the Political Group of MPS-sufferers by their perennial complaint: “There are no good men left!”3

3DAVID: The 26-year old, very attractive beautician who cuts my hair laughs at these prigs. According to her, there are good men everywhere.

Origins of MPS

Our hypothesis about the origin of the Magic Pussy Syndrome is that female sexual arousal is initiated especially by words, whereas male sexual arousal is initiated by visual stimulation. This creates an obvious mismatch between male and female sexuality, such that attractive women easily become overloaded with approaches from males. And males usually initiate interactions with women in such a way that leaves no doubt that they are basing their attraction solely on visual factors, which is usually not sufficient to arouse a woman or to convince a woman that continuing the interaction will be worth her while. The result of this is that, over time, may women come to believe that they are entitled to special advantages in our society. With men approaching and supplicating to women all the time, and demanding nothing more from the woman than that she look good, it becomes rather easy for women to exploit natural male sexuality in this way.

We believe that this mismatch between the male and female method of sexual approach may be created by nature with evolutionary purposes in mind. It is also possible to observe this type of mismatch in the animal species.

Please keep in mind that our observations here do not constitute value judgements against women. Women who suffer from the Magic Pussy Syndrome are not bad women; it’s just how they are. Instead, consider this information as a value judgement for your time. If you easily get tranced-out by women, especially those wasting your time and money, learn how to deal with this now, before you find yourself deep into a relationship and thoroughly whipped.

Pussy Trance

The corresponding effect on men who haven’t come to grips with the Magic Pussy Syndrome can be referred to as the Pussy Trance. The Pussy Trance is a generalization of the term “pussy whipped;” the difference is that being under the spell of a Pussy Trance happens to men that aren’t even in a sexual relationship with the woman. These guys treat all women as if their pussies are magic. On the other hand, being pussy whipped implies that the man is in a relationship, where the woman is figuratively carrying his balls around in her purse.

Here are some indications that you may be in a Pussy Trance:

1.  If you find yourself in the company of a woman, doing something you don’t really want to do, and you aren’t sure how you came to be doing it, you’re tranced.

1.  If you approach a woman you are interested in, and she ends up leading the discussion in directions that you don’t want to go, you are tranced.

1.  If at any time, you make excuses for an adult woman’s bad behavior just because she is a woman, you are either tranced or in danger of being tranced. If this bad behavior is affecting you adversely and you are still making excuses for the woman, you are definitely pussy tranced.

If you see yourself in any of the above situations, you are already ahead of most guys, merely by the fact that you are now taking steps to understand what’s going on. Perhaps you have been unproductively spending a lot of time and money dating, with no romance developing. Break your trance now! Start by putting a value on yourself, your time and your money. When you are with a woman who starts to push against these values that you’ve set for yourself, give yourself a reality check. Ask yourself whether she is wasting your time and money, or whether the interaction or relationship is worthy of what you are putting into it.4

4DAVID I once went to lunch with a latin woman from South America. We ended up discussing politics somehow. She ended up practically screaming about George W. Bush, Iraq, baby killers, and so on. I tried to reason with her. Bad move! I had been tranced out with our delightful tete-a-tete and she tooled me hard. It’s funny now to remember that I was thinking at the time that I didn’t want to “take advantage” of her.

Practical Advice

You should recognize MPS as an integral psychological aspect of most women that needs to be taken into account when interacting with them or when seducing them. Biologically, females choose for sex. Therefore, let the woman feel as though she has free reign to choose whether or not to have sex with you, without any pressure from you. If she feels the need for her ego to be stroked (i.e., she needs to feel as if her pussy is magic), it’s no big deal. But never, ever allow a woman like this into a serious relationship with you, without first ensuring that everything else she brings to the table is complementary to or supportive of your non-sexual interests.

In other words, let the woman choose for sex, but ensure that you, the man, are the one choosing her, the woman, for the relationship. And you must absolutely ensure that your choice is not based on the fact she has a pussy and she happens to be physically attractive.

For you chivalrous fellows, be kind to elderly women, of course. An elderly woman who was raised with some manners will appreciate being treated like a lady.

When dealing with women who insist on being treated like ladies, first make sure that they are acting like ladies. If they aren’t acting like ladies, don’t treat them as if they are, no matter what they look like! If you do, you are definitely in a pussy trance, so stop it.

From our experience, the man that effectively neutralizes MPS can have open sexual relationships with multiple women simultaneously, without too much trouble. No woman in his harem will feel played when they have to make a conscious choice to engage on such a man’s terms. Therefore, once you recognize MPS and deal with it properly, there no longer remains any need to lie to women about your desires or intentions.