Female Archetypes

Practical Female Psychology for the Practical Man - David Clare, Joseph South, Franco 2008

Female Archetypes

Yup. She was a ho... fo’ sho.

— Andy, in “The 40 Year Old Virgin”

In this chapter we classify women with broad strokes, picking out highlights and stereotypes of each kind of woman, and explaining the ramifications of each personality trait within a relationship. We also believe, from personal experience, that these terms “Good Girl”, “Adventuress” and “Materialista” will be universally understood by all women of sufficient femininity to be attracted to normal, masculine men.

We categorize women into three simple classes, each with Sex Drive and Self-Esteem attributes. These labels were chosen for their common-sense utility. Here we offer distilled, commonsense advice on dealing with women based on our extensive, practical experience.

Many people hold the strong opinion that the only socially acceptable type of woman is the Good Girl, preferably with high self-esteem and a low sex drive. 1 Unfortunately, women publicly exhibiting any other behavior are judged rather harshly by our society.

In this chapter, we are going to teach you the basics about these Female Archetypes, and in the next chapter, we are going to get into greater detail on how to wisely choose the right women for your relationships.

It is important to note that we make no value judgment against any woman whatsoever, either positively or negatively. The terms The terms “Good Girl,” “Adventuress” and “Materialista” are simply useful labels, and all women will have elements of each type in greater or lesser degrees.

Our perspective is — in most cases, but not all — intended to supplement rather than supplant other author’s experiences. For example, Robert Greene in The Art of Seduction [8] lists sixteen types of seduction “victims”. The descriptive traits he ascribes to each type of victim are excellent characteristics to bear in mind when you want to build rapport with someone. Our taxonomy deals on a more fundamental level, and allows for the calibration of attraction and connection. Our types and Greene’s types can be viewed as orthogonal, and both his and ours can be used for great effect in seduction at any speed, and especially for relationship management, which we regard as simply long-term seduction.

1Bad behavin’ women need good lovin’ too!

The Adventuress

The Adventuress engages in sexual activity to gain emotional validation and public attention. For example, consider the shenanigans of Miss Paris Hilton, before she was incarcerated for violating probation. This attractive young woman is apparently driven to appear in public, even at the risk of making a spectacle of herself.

Other women of the Adventuress stripe in the popular view include Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie and Madonna.

The Materialista

The Materialista is a woman who actively trades sex or attention and affection for material “stuff.” We use the term Materialista instead of “ho” or “golddigger” to indicate the general phenomenum of trading sex for stuff in general, versus trading sex directly for money, which is prostitution. Every woman has some Materialista in her. The behavior is natural, a result of evolutionary pressure.

Personally, we can’t think of a better example of a Materialista than the brilliant and unique Zsa Zsa Gabor. Married nine (!) times, to a series of important and wealthy men, culminating in her latest and longest running marriage to Fre ́de ́ric Prinz von Anhalt, a man recently described as an “aging German stud” in a late 2007 issue of Vanity Fair magazine. Interestingly enough, Zsa Zsa’s second husband, Conrad Hilton, was Paris Hilton’s great-grandfather.

The Good Girl

The Good Girl is more dissociative between her sexual life and her presentation of herself to the outside world. In other words, she is more concerned about public appearances and not being viewed in a negative light with regards to her sexuality by her friends, family and society at large. In our experience, Good Girls are commonly interested in forming a close relationship with a man on the basis of love and mutual good feelings. As of the time of this writing, Jennifer Anniston — or at least her public persona that most people are familiar with — definitely qualifies as the USA’s quintessential Good Girl.

Just as we do not make value judgements about Adventuresses and Materialistas, neither do we make value judgements about Good Girls. In fact, the label “Good Girl” refers primarily to how society in general judges her outward behavior. We believe that somewhere in the heart and mind of every Good Girl there is an Adventuress waiting to cut loose with the man of her dreams, and perhaps a Materialista who isn’t adverse to at least the thought of “getting a good deal.” And make no mistake, Good Girls can be just as ruthless pursuing their desires as any Adventuress or Materialista! The difference is in the underlying emotional motivations of each of these types of women.

Sex Drive and Self Esteem

The sex drive in humans is a powerful motivating force, in both men and women. Modern, western society downplays the female sex drive, while it both derides and exaggerates male sex drive. In truth, both males and females exhibit a wide range of sexual drive, which will also vary during different periods of an individual’s life. The following terms “high drive” and “low drive” are not necessarily absolute, and in many cases should be qualified within the context of any existing relationship. One man’s low-sex-drive woman may be another man’s high-sex-drive woman.

Self Esteem is also a crucial factor in determining both the quality and tenor of adult relationships. Determining the woman’s level of basic self esteem in conjunction with her level of sex drive — in advance of entering a romantic relationship — can save you a lot of time, money and heartache.

High Sex Drive

This category of woman is easily understood. It’s important to realize that a woman’s outward appearance, her morals, and her personality archetype has little direct bearing on whether or not she has a high sex drive, which we will denote by HD. Throughout this book, we will provide you with valuable information about how to detect the level of a woman’s sex drive and how to augment it through your own words and actions. For now, it is vital to recognize that female sexuality is something beautiful and natural, and it should be appreciated and cherished, rather than feared or judged.

Low Sex Drive

Women with a lower sex drive (LD) will often place greater emphasis on the raising of children rather than on the producing of children. It is easy to see why nature has made it necessary to have both HD and LD women. We have found from experience, however, that LD women can sometimes be transformed into HD women, at least for a period of time. We will get into more detail in the following chapter, but for now consider that an LD woman who considers that she has her man all figured out will lose interest in him very fast. She will be more interested in a man who appears to be less preoccupied with sex and who is frequently away for long periods of time, especially with masculine-type missions and conquests.

High Self-Esteem

Women with high self-esteem (HSE) place heavy importance on safety for both themselves and their future offspring. When we say “safety”, we are of course referring to physical safety. But we are also talking about emotional and social safety. 2 For almost any woman, her reputation and her standing among her peers is very important. However the HSE woman will be much less willing to accept bad behavior from you as something normal or tolerable. An HSE woman expects and demands the best for herself.

2Social Safety is one of the most important considerations for a woman thinking about starting a sexual relationship with a man.

Low Self-Esteem

People with low self-esteem (LSE) will more frequently suffer from feelings of discouragement and a lack of self-worth. When they receive poor treatment, they are more likely to feel that it is justified and deserved. When they receive good treatment, they are more likely to discount such treatment as being undeserved and consider the donor of such treatment to be either misinformed or stupid. In the next chapter we will provide you with some simple and elegant tests that will help you to detect the level of self-esteem in women.

Two Modern Archetypes

The following paragraphs describe two types of women common in the urban west, especially in the cosmopolitan core of large cities.

The Situational Ten

The most attractive woman within a social circle or a subculture dominated by males is a Situational Ten. She is the woman who most all of the men in the circle desire, and she knows it.

In some cases, such women may not be looked at twice in a nightclub or anywhere outside of her situational circumstance. But due to their intellect or athletic ability, or some other capability to enjoy relatively-masculine endeavors, these women are able to achieve material success in male-dominated fields. These women are highly status conscious, in many cases choosing such fields with full knowledge they will have the the “pick of the litter” when it comes to men. Courting or seducing these women is hard because it is absolutely impossible to fake status in these fields; achievement is public knowledge.

Any given nightclub, sporting event, or social activity will also have its Situational Ten. However, in these cases, the Situational Ten is highly likely to be “hot” in the popular culture sense as well.

The Eternally Single Woman

Many modern, liberated woman, beneficiaries of the pioneering work of early feminists, have reached material and physical security undreamed of by previous generations. Some of this progress has occurred due to gender-based affirmative action. Women of the current generation are encouraged to postpone marriage and children, to travel and see the world. These physical and emotional explorations allow women to develop sexual and emotional sophistication previously unheard of. The result of this is that the modern woman suffers from rising expectations even as she moves through repeated failures of successive relationships. We call such a woman the Eternally Single Woman (ESW).

By the time a modern, urban, well-educated, well-read, well-traveled woman reaches her mid-30s, she has most likely experienced a much wider variety of sexual experience than 90% of the males her age. This presents her with a problem: given that she is physically secure and financially self-sufficient, her need for a man revolves around satisfying only her sexual and emotional needs. Compounding this problem is that her expectations rise with each successive relationship, while her value for bearing children simultaneously declines.

The ESW is a creature of the modern, urban west. She typically has a college education. She may consider herself well-traveled, having taken trips to exotic locations and stayed in luxurious hotels. She may consider herself well-read; a consumer of best-sellers. She may have a lucrative job, which she considers as her career. And yet she may be petrified at work when she is finally required to be responsible for the bottom line.

The ESW most likely has a cloud of men willing — if not eager — to invest their time with her, in exchange for very little return to themselves. She does not treat these men with respect, but when she needs something distasteful done, she can always find a man to perform the task. She is, unfortunately, not sexually attracted to these men. In the best case, she may feel sorry for these guys, but she will not have sex with them. Why should she, when they will do her work for free?

As you may imagine, these women often lead very frustrating lives. While on the one hand they enjoy material success and the adoration of men, on the other hand they find themselves moving about freely in a world with so few “real” men. Women, just like men, are constantly being fed mixed messages about what it means to be a “real” man or a “real” woman. There is an endless stream of men willing and able to buy them dinners, take them on vacations, or lend a sympathetic ear when times are rough, but hardly any men available to them that they find sexually appealing. Women long for an emotionally strong man to lead and protect them, and instead they find themselves surrounded by “male girlfriends”; guys that are sweet, kind and understanding, but who have the same sex(less!) appeal as any one of their girlfriends.

Practical Advice

Most men today are still raised with old-fashioned values based on chivalry. Many men haven’t a clue just how much sexual experience women have had. Their wives and girlfriends aren’t going to tell them either, lest they get tarred with a label of “slut” or “whore.” Your review of this chapter on common female archetypes should give you a new perspective on women and expand your horizons as to what is possible in the realm of male-female relationships. Please pay particularly close attention to the next chapter, where we will delve more deeply into the Female Archetypes and how to choose wisely for your relationships.