Coda - Gender, Nature, and Nurture: Looking to the Future

Gender, Nature, and Nurture - Richard A. Lippa 2014

Gender, Nature, and Nurture: Looking to the Future

The nature-nurture debate is relevant to a number of public policy questions:

· Should schools and parents treat boys and girls alike?

· What are the advantages and disadvantages of same-sex education?

· How can we lessen the digital divide between the sexes?

· Do biological factors contribute to male sexual violence?

· Are mothers better caretakers of young children than fathers, and should mothers be favored over fathers in child custody cases?

· Are men and women on different wavelengths in close relationships?

· Should working women be treated differently from working men?

· Should men and women be paid equally?

· Do men and women bring different skills and traits to politics?

· Should men and women serve equal roles in the military?

Answers to these questions will be guided both by scientific research and by public opinion about the nature and nurture of gender.