The Rational Male - Preventive Medicine - Rollo Tomassi 2015


“Where were you, Rollo Tomassi, when I was 18, 33, 42?”

“Hey Sam, it’s over, you’ve lost frame. In other words, Sam, she’s checked out of the relationship because she sees you as needy.”


Wait a minute! All these years I’m paid to sound like the Man, I interview the A-list at The Oscars, I’m invited to the after parties, my life is fun, billionaires regularly meet with me to pick my brain, women find me attractive, I’m unusually successful and I’m on the list everywhere, so how could this happen to me? Because of choices made in my line of work, I was immune to a woman checking out of a relationship like that since I’m an outlier, right?

Rollo would say, “It’s about Sexual Market Value Sam. You went from being an outlier because of notoriety, to a man on your back in inpatient care. You stopped acting like that Man, so she sees you like a girlfriend that she doesn’t even like.”

The Rational Male explained what I, and millions of other men do and have done to cause a woman that once had genuine desire for us to check out of the relation-ship… and what to do about it.

This book is contains that knowledge and wisdom. It’s THAT powerful.

I’m that voice you’ve heard a thousand times. Movies, trailers, radio spots. In all my years as a voice actor, I’ve never read anyone’s work that sounded like my movie trailer voice, until I read the first essays at

The words of Tomassi felt like I feel when I’m putting myself into the script because that’s how to change the course of world events through a blockbuster film.

I know of no one that’s read The Rational Male who isn’t transformed by it. If someone has handed this book to you, that person is loyal to you and loves you. It’s real. Never forget that.

This book is going to transform everything in your life into a better state.

In our times too many men are committing suicide because the woman he loves has lost her genuine desire for him. This book is the quintessential work that has it all; it’s the full experience that’s been proven to prevent those suicides.

It’s not a motivational seminar, it’s not a meditation retreat, it’s simple truth mined from almost 15 years of observations and deep discussions among millions of men.

You’ve heard those people say that they can’t wait until they get on the other side so they can have all their questions answered. Forget that. This powerful resource has answers like that… answers that have been intentionally hidden from you through all of your education, entertainment, family, friends and life.

Know this now: You are going to be bothered by some of what you read. You’re a man, you can deal with it. You’re A Man. You will deal with it.

The concepts in it are so powerful, I challenge you to complete this book within three days. Then, read it again, slowly.

I have this book my Uncle gave me while I was in college. He’s passed away now, but I still carry that little book I Dare You first published 90 years ago by William H. Danforth. I carry it with me wherever I go. The Rational Male is like that.

He doesn’t write for money. He’s doing this to make the world a better place to live. He writes because he wants you to make the most of yourself. Though he could afford a major marketing and branding campaign, nothing has been spent on either. It all started with helping one person, now, through his blog and his first book, more than seven million have experienced the kind of change that enhances every aspect of life. There is no doubt that you’ll become as obsessed with absorbing this material - and spreading it - as I am.

I’m honored to have been asked to write this forward. This material has changed the course of my life. My ’nice guy’ ways needed something more. Success, status may attract her, but without a guide, without a map, there’s no way 99% of men will continue to spark her genuine desire.

It’s worked for me and for everyone I’ve introduced to it. It’s saved me from further heartbreak in life from relationships with women. Married men tell me the nightmares in their lives with wives that no longer see the value in emotional connection through the wonder of sexual intercourse. I tell them that would be misery, and I refer them to the work of Rollo Tomassi.

This book is written by a man that’s become a close friend. I admire him like I admire my heart transplant surgeon brother. My brother has such precise mastery of his art that heart surgeons around the world utilize new techniques he discovered. When most surgeons follow his lead, more lives are saved each year. Rollo Tomassi has such mastery of his art that it’s improving the lives of millions of people around the world.

He’s personally counseled me for free, and to men that are sincerely trying to learn the truths and wisdom he writes about, he counsels them for free as well. And this advice isn’t the standard advice that will cause you to further damage your relationship with that special someone. This advice works. I’m living proof.

I’ve enjoyed the benefits of unusual success. My work has influenced the lives and habits of millions of people each year. Through all of it, I’ve realized that the work I do using an alias gives people what they want, and some things that people want may not be best for them. So my sharing this book with you is also a way for me to make up for the influence some of my work has spread during my career. Rollo Tomassi is the only author I know who’s unplugging men from “The Matrix” effectively.

Why does Rollo Tomassi not use his real name? The material is simply too powerful, and that can be dangerous. As I’ve stated, I’m known for parts of my work, but certainly not all of it. None of it is immoral, it’s just that the spotlight would be too bright if the world knew.

I was in college, walking with a few sorority girls that were talking about how this other guy was a jerk and why couldn’t he be a nice guy. I said, “I’m a nice guy,” and they all laughed. I didn’t understand that because I was reared to be nice.

Have you ever been blindsided by a break-up, then, the next time someone broke up with you, you wanted answers.

When I found Rational Male, I had been blindsided by another breakup. I wasn’t going to go to a PUA (Pick Up Artist) seminar, and anything you could buy as a book had advice that was mainly about getting in touch with my feminine side. No matter what success I’ve had, I could never “just get it” when it came to keeping a woman attracted in a long-term relationship.

I get it now.

Sam Botta

Voice Actor, Radio Personality

Burbank, California — 2015