The Rational Male - Preventive Medicine - Rollo Tomassi 2015


After publishing The Rational Male I received a lot of requests for resources, references and blogs men (and women) could find out more about the manosphere.

It’s kind of hard to define exactly what constitutes the manosphere since it’s so decentralized. Mainstream media like to mischaracterize it as some dangerous fringe collective of misogynist assholes who want to return to 1950’s style Patriarchy any time someone they can’t ignore does something newsworthy. Those distortion come from a need for easily digestible news-bites, but what con-founds them is really the breadth of what the manosphere has come to encompass.

The “manosphere”, for lack of a better term, is a very broad consortium of blogs, forums and men’s issues sites dedicated to questioning and challenging the ideals of feminine social primacy while raising awareness of how the social changes initiated by those ideals adversely affect men. Needless to say the application of those ideals can get pretty specific to each man’s circumstance.

However, the manosphere also encompasses Red Pill / Game and PUA theory and practice resources with the more direct purpose of educating men about the social and psychological influences they find themselves subjected to in contemporary society.

I’ve described Game thusly: At its root level Game is a series of behavioral modifications to life skills based on psychological and sociological principles to facilitate intersexual relations between genders. I realize that’s a mouthful, but it’s important to make a distinction between Red Pill theory and Game practice. In my estimation Game is applied Red Pill awareness.

It’s also my position that men need a foundational Red Pill awareness of the conditions they’re subjected to in a feminine-primary social order, as well as how the psychological and biological underpinnings of male-female relations influence that social order and men themselves.

There’s a lot to sift through in the manosphere, and the risk becomes one of men being bogged down in specific issues that agree with their own ego-investments or appear to salve a particular hurt they may have. As I mention in the Revenge section of this book, fixating on that desire to even the score or launching a personal crusade against one solitary aspect of the Feminine Imperative often has the affect of retarding a man’s real Red Pill awareness and development.

With this in mind I’m going to detail a few of the online resources I think best define a Red Pill perspective. I endorse these sites, but also bear in mind that every one of them has their own niche, and their own pros and cons.

The Rational Male

Of course I’ll begin with my own blog. If you’re reading this book you’ve probe-ably got an idea of the content I publish. Many of the essays you’ve just read are (edited and abridged) versions of my blog posts. I like to stay as objective as possible, knowing that’s not really possible, but (to my knowledge) I run the only truly unmoderated comment forum in the manosphere.

If I have a mission statement it’s that the only way an idea’s strengths and merit can be proven is in the crucible of an open discourse. This is what I make efforts to provide at The Rational Male.


I quote Roosh often enough because his insights and experience with the female psyche are among the most accurate in the manosphere. In fact you can’t really mention the manosphere proper without recognizing Roosh’s contributions to it. His fingerprints are literally on everything.

Roosh is nominally a PUA due to his decade long treks through South America, Northern and Eastern Europe and discovering the cultural particulars of the dating and mating environments in the countries he visits. In some circles this and his outspokenness has earned him a less than shinning reputation in the mainstream, but from a Red Pill perspective his related experiences are invaluable.

Chateau Heartiste — Roissy

Roissy, the original proprietor of what is now Chateau Heartiste, is the inarguable godfather of the modern manosphere. His revelations on Game and the psychosocial underpinnings of why Game works have formed the encyclopedic backbone of Red Pill awareness for a decade.

He and his collective of bloggers aren’t the most accessible, and at times can be socially and politically sidetracked, but his early essays are the go-to reference points for every current manosphere blogger. There is no more prolific a Red Pill writer than Roissy.

The Red Pill — subreddit

The Red Pill subreddit (TRP) is fast approaching 100,000 subscribers at the time of my writing this and with good reason; it’s easily the best warehouse of Red Pill discussion on the net. It’s well moderated to stay focused on the Red Pill / Game topics as well as current affairs that affect and influence Red Pill awareness and application.

I can’t praise this forum enough. In just a short time TRP has become a hub of Red Pill thought and it’s not limited to PUA techniques, but covers a wide variety of Red Pill outreach and subdomains (married men Red Pill, etc.). It’s fast popularity is a strong indication of the growth of this awareness is taking.


Thoughts from a happily married father on a post feminist world.

I don’t specifically focus on religious topics on The Rational Male unless some aspect of religion is directly related to Red Pill relevant intersexual relations. That, and because if I did it would probably come very close to reading like what Dalrock has been making available for over five years on his own blog now.

If you have religious reservations about the ’morality’ of the Red Pill Dalrock is the best at handling that awareness in a religious context. His blog is the best of what I call the Christo-Manosphere. He’s also a consummate, well-researched statistician with regard to modern marriage and divorce trends and their social implications. I highly recommend him to any Christian who discovers the Red Pill.

The SoSuave Discussion Forum

The SoSuave forum was the incubator of my earliest Red Pill ideas. I owe most of my own formal awareness to the years of discussion on the Mature Men’s board. While I am still a moderator on this board, my participation since launching my blog has declined. However, if you’re interested in reading some of my earliest Red Pill ideas just do a basic member name search for “Rollo Tomassi” and you can see the archives of how it all began.

That said, SoSuave continues to be a melting pot of Red Pill, Game, and men’s issues discussion. Also, if you’re a teenage guy who’s just discovered this book, the High School forum on SoSuave is a good resource for you.