The Rational Male - Preventive Medicine - Rollo Tomassi 2015


One aspect of the Red Pill / Game intersexual awareness community that tends to confuse men who first discover it is the terminology and acronyms we use. I’ve made an attempt to include the long versions of these acronyms in this book’s content, but that still doesn’t account for much of the jingoisms the larger com-munity uses.

I’m going to present a glossary of terms here, but it’s important to understand that, for better or worse, these terms are relative placeholders for more abstract ideas. Even “The Red Pill” is a poor substitute for an ideological awareness of the real nature and interplay of intergender relations, but it works as a relative name for that awareness. We get it when we think about relating it to waking up to truth and the ’red pill’ moment from The Matrix movie serves as a usable association.

Well before the inception of my blog, in the early beginnings of what would evolve into the manosphere, there was a need of terminology to describe the more abstract concepts developing in the ’community’. Some of these analogies and terms are still with the manosphere today, others have morphed into more useful abstractions; Alpha Widows, Hypergamy (in its true nature), the Feminine Imperative, even Game are all examples of established terms or analogies for understood abstractions. Among these are also the concepts of a man being Alpha and Beta.

Alpha & Beta

I’m not including these two terms in the glossary because I think the content of this and my previous book more than adequately describe my definitions of both terms, but I will elaborate on them briefly here.

I need to address the basis of what I believe are the most common maunder-standings about the term Alpha.

One of the most common disconnects men encounter with the Red Pill for the first time is equating the term Alpha with its usage in describing the mating habits of Lions, Wolves or Silver Back Gorillas. It’s easy to ridicule or simply dismiss a valid, but uncomfortable, Red Pill truth when you’re simplistically comfortable in defining ’Alpha Male’ in literal etymological terms.

This is the first resistance Blue Pill men claim they have with the Red Pill. They have no problem understanding and using abstractions for Blue Pill concepts they themselves are ego-invested in, but challenge that belief-paradigm with uncomfortable Red Pill truths and their first resort is to obstinately define Alpha (as well as Hypergamy) in as narrow, binary and literal a sense as they can muster.

The Purple Pill

The next most common misunderstanding comes from conflating the abstractions of Alpha and Beta with masculine and feminine traits. In this (often deliver-ate) misdirection, the concepts of being Alpha or Beta become synonymous with being masculine or feminine. This is the personal basis of Alpha and Beta many Purple Pill advocates (really blue pill apologists) comfortably redefine for them-selves, to suit their identities.

This Purple Pill conflation is really just a comforting return the Curse of Carl Jung — anima & animus — if the complete man is an even mix of Alpha and Beta, masculine and feminine, then all the worst aspects of his “betaness” can’t be all bad, and he reinterprets what really amounts to a complete androgyny as “being the best balance”.

Unfortunately, and as Blue Pill men will later attest, the feminine expects to find its paired balance in the masculine, not an equalist idealization of both in the same man. Thus women, on a limbic level, expect men to be Men.

This one of the missives of an equalitarian mindset; that an individualized, egalitarian balance of masculine and feminine aspects in two independent people should replace the natural complementary interdependence of masculine and feminine attributes in a paired balance that humans evolved into.

What Purple Pill temperance really equates to is a 21st century return to the 20th century feminized meme “men need to get in touch with their feminine sides”… or else risk feminine rejection. 60+ years of post sexual revolution social engineering has put the lie to what an abject failure this concept has been.

What they fail to grasp is that an Alpha mindset is not definitively associated with masculine attributes. There are plenty of high-functioning, masculine men we would characterize as Alpha based on our perception of them in many aspects of life, who nonetheless are abject supplicating Betas with regard to how they interact with, and defer to women.

Whether that disconnect is due to a learned, Beta deference to the feminine (White Knighting), some internalized fear of rejection, or just a natural predisposition to be so with women, isn’t the issue; what matters is that the abstraction of Alpha isn’t an absolute definitive association with the masculine.

Likewise, Beta attributes are neither inherently feminine. As has been discussed ad infinitum in the manosphere, 80%+ of modern men have been conditioned (or otherwise) to exemplify and promote a feminine-primary, supportive Beta role for themselves and as many other men as they can convince to identify more with the feminine.

The Beta mindset isn’t so much one of adopting a feminine mindset as much as it adopts a deference to, and the support of, a feminine-primary worldview.

The reason the advocates of a Purple Pill (watered down Red Pill) ideology want to make the association of Alpha = Masculine, Beta = Feminine is because the “get in touch with your feminine side” Beta attributes they possess in spades can be more easily characterized as “really” being Alpha if it helps make them the more androgynously acceptable male they mistakenly believe women are attracted to (if not directly aroused by).

Acronyms and Terms

Many of the terms on this list have had their abstraction described in better detail in the first book, The Rational Male, others you can find with a simple search on my blog, but I’m presenting them here for the convenience of newer readers.

Alpha Widow - A woman (usually post wall) who has been previously intimate with an Alpha male. This experience tends to develop into a complex where a woman pines for and compares all her subsequent lovers and / or husband to the Alpha precedent that lover set.

AMOG — Alpha Male Of Group.

AF/BB - Short form for Alpha Fucks/Beta Bucks, the distilled sexual strategy dictated by feminine Hypergamy

AFC - Average Frustrated Chump. (Also known as beta)

ASD - Anti-Slut Defense. A filibuster or delaying action a sexually unsure will employ to rationalize her sexual hesitancy with a suitor.

AWALT - All Women Are Like That.

Blue Pill — From The Matrix movie and its sequels. The path of conformity with Society’s expectations; the state of being unaware of the problems engendered by a feminine primary social order and an ignorance of intersexual dynamics pro-mooted by it.

Close - The culmination of an interaction. Often preceded by an indication of the type of close, e.g. f-close (full close or fuck close, the interaction led to sex), k-close (kiss), #close (receiving phone #).

DT, or Dark Triad - A combination of three personality traits: Narcissism, Machiavellianism, and Psychopathy.

DHV — Display of Higher Value, the evident establishing of anything that improves your sexual market value perception in the eyes of another.

DLV - Display of lower value.

Dread Game - From The Rational Male. Purposefully or casually inciting jealousy in an LTR by openly inviting attention from other women. Soft Dread is similar, but less open. With Soft Dread, attention is indirect and casual, generated unsolicited from a third party. Creating the possibility of female attention is often enough to generate a dread anxiety. (If you develop a great body, she knows that other women will find that attractive without having to actually see other women displaying interest.) The purpose of using Dread is to get the target (wife, girl-friend, plate) to step up their game to compete with other interested women.

FR - Field Report.

Frame - The psychological context in which an interpersonal dynamic is perceived. Maintaining frame is often cited as the most important aspect of Alpha behavior. See Iron Rule of Tomassi #1 in The Rational Male

Game — Game is a series of behavioral modifications to life skills based on psychological and sociological principles to facilitate intersexual relations between genders.

Hamster - Colloquialism used to describe the way women rationalization to resolve mental incongruity and avoid cognitive dissonance. The core mechanism that allows women to say one thing and do a different thing.

HB - Hot Babe (often followed by a number as an indication of ranking on a 1-10 scale).

Incel - Involuntarily Celibate. A man who wants to get laid, but can’t.

IOI - Indication of Interest.

LDR - Long Distance Relationship

LJBF - Let’s Just Be Friends (See Orbiter)

LMR - Last Minute Resistance.

LTR - Long Term Relationship.

Manosphere - The loose collection of blogs, message boards, and other sites run by and/or read by MRAs, MGTOW, PUAs etc. and any Red Pill associated people/groups.

MGTOW — Men Going Their Own Way; the growing contingent of the male population who are declining participation in the modern sexual marketplace.

MRA - Men’s Rights activist.

MRM - Men’s Rights Movement.

Orbiter - Also known as Beta Orbiter. A Beta man who accepts the proposal to “just be friends” from a girl. He will stick around her and constantly validate her whenever she requests it. Also known as “friend zone.” She will keep him around because he will do anything for her and provide validation, giving small hints that he might eventually win her love- but he never will. Typical signs of orbiter status: likes and comments on new Facebook photos. Go-to guy when girl has problem with boyfriend. Also known as Emotional Tampon.

Plate - Woman with whom you are in a non-exclusive relationship with. Spinning plates is the act of having multiple non-exclusive relations working simultaneously. Plate Theory can be found in The Rational Male.

Preselection - The idea that women are more attracted to men who already have the interest of other women or large societal approval of status. This aids in a woman evaluating a man’s SMV by confirming that other women have already judged him favorably.

PUA — Pick-Up Artist.

Shit Test, or Fitness Test - A statement, question or social predicament initiated (subconsciously or deliberately) by a woman to evaluate Alpha reflexive traits in men.

SMV — Sexual Market Value.

SMP - Sexual Market Place.

The Wall - See The Wall — The Rational Male. The point in a woman’s life where her ego and self-assessed view of her sexual market value exceeds her actual sexual market value; the beginning of true SMV decline. Usually occurs as a wake-up shock to women when they realize that their sexual agency with men was temporary and that their looks are fading. This usually results with first denial and then a sudden change in priority towards looking for a husband. Even after hitting the wall, many women will squander a few more precious years testing her SMV with alphas to double-check, hoping her perceived decline was a fluke, this will make her even more bitter when she finally has to settle for a worse-beta than she could’ve gotten before because of squandering her youth.

White Knight — See Enter White Knight — The Rational Male. (1) a man who “comes to the rescue” of a woman, or of women, reflexively, emotionally-driven, without thought or even looking at the situation; (2) a man in authority who enables the Feminine Imperative by default in his legislative actions, judgments, or rulings, reflexively and emotionally driven, without genuine judicial insight.