The Psychology of Sex and Gender - Jennifer Katherine Bosson, Joseph Alan Vandello, Camille E. Buckner 2022


We are indebted to many people who assisted and guided us in writing this book. First, we offer our warmest thanks to our friends at SAGE, without whom there would be no book. Reid Hester originally approached us about writing this textbook and convinced us that the timing was right for such a project. Chelsea Neve brought fresh ideas and patiently answered our many questions throughout the process of revising the book. Natalie Elliott lent a conscientious eye to the visuals and permissions. Christina West carefully copyedited the book. And Lara Parra, our advocate, editor, and friend, offered us steadfast support, insights, and company. We could not have asked for a better team.

Many anonymous reviewers provided invaluable feedback on our first edition chapters, often going above and beyond to offer input, suggestions, and support. Reviewer feedback shed light on our oversights and guided us toward research that might otherwise have escaped our notice. We can say with confidence that this book would not be what it is without them.

SAGE would also like to thank the following reviewers for their kind assistance:

· Christina A. Byrne, Western Washington University

· Kelly L. Cate, University of North Georgia

· Dianna G. Cooper, University of Indianapolis

· Elizabeth Kudadjie-Gyamfi, Long Island University - Brooklyn Campus

· Madhavi Menon, Nova Southeastern University

Additionally, we would like to acknowledge the individuals who reviewed the first edition of the book:

· Carolyn E. Adams-Price, Mississippi State University

· Nicole M. Capezza, Stonehill College

· Adrienne R. Carter-Sowell, Texas A&M University

· Joan C. Chrisler, Connecticut College

· Lisa Kratz Denton, State University of New York at Fredonia

· Jeannie D. DiClementi, Purdue University—Fort Wayne

· Lisa Marie Dillon, Wayne State University

· Betty Carter Dorr, Fort Lewis College

· LeAnne Epling, University of Pikeville

· Jamie Loran Franco-Zamudio, Spring Hill College

· Ashleigh Gallagher, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

· Justin D. Hackett, California University of Pennsylvania

· Linda Hoke-Sinex, Indiana University

· Mary-Theresa Howard, University of Ottawa

· Jill Kaplan, The University of Miami

· Jennifer Katz, State University of New York at Geneseo

· Iva Katzarska-Miller, Transylvania University

· Elizabeth Kudadjie-Gyamfi, Long Island University Brooklyn Campus

· Lisa Mask, Bishop’s University

· Madhavi Menon, Nova Southeastern University

· Courtney Mozo, Old Dominion University

· Joan M. Ostrove, Macalester College

· Dongxiao Qin, Western New England University

· Cheryl A. Rickabaugh, University of Redlands

· Heidi Rose Riggio, California State University, Los Angeles

· Sharon Scales Rostosky, University of Kentucky

· Lisa Sinclair, University of Winnipeg

· Leslie Templeton, Hendrix College

· Janice D. Yoder, University of Akron

We also offer special thanks to Desdamona Rios of the University of Houston—Clear Lake and J. Michael Bailey of Northwestern University for providing valuable in-depth feedback on several chapters in the first edition of the book.

We thank our graduate students, especially Sophie Kuchynka and Liz Kiebel, who read and gave feedback on some early chapter drafts for the first edition, Curtis Puryear, who assisted with supplementary materials, and Jessica Jordan, who offered us suggestions and insights based on her experiences teaching with the first edition of the book.

And thank you, as well, to the countless students we have had the pleasure of teaching and learning from over the years. Their insights have sharpened our thinking in more ways than they can imagine.

In addition, each author would like to thank specific individuals who helped along the way.

Jennifer: I love writing about social psychology, and for that, I have to thank my graduate school mentor, Bill Swann. Writing articles and chapters with Bill taught me more about the process of writing than I could ever have hoped. I am also indebted to two teachers who, respectively, sparked and then fueled my love of social psychology: Hubert O’Gorman (my undergraduate social psychology instructor) and Constantine Sedikides (my undergraduate research advisor). For my lifetime loves of gender and social justice, I thank my parents, Jo-Ellen and Ed: You taught me through example about the importance of feminism and gender equality. I also express my gratitude to David Davisson, my spouse and best friend, for his assistance, patience, love, support, and inspiration.

Camille: Much of what I know about teaching, I learned from my colleague and friend Chrismarie Baxter at Frostburg State. An exceptional teacher, she channeled her expertise and kindness into teaching me how to teach. Similarly, I learned much of how I think about gender from Janet Spence, who invested a great deal of time mentoring me in the years just before her retirement. I am also particularly grateful to three teachers who shaped my academic path: Betty Esslinger, my high school English teacher, for loving writing and reading as much as I did; Carol Quillen, for sparking my interest in gender in a women’s history course at Rice University; and Lucia Gilbert, for reinforcing this interest in a graduate gender seminar at UT-Austin. I kept all of the books from these two courses and still use them to this day. Finally, I am grateful for my dear friends (especially Kate and Kathleen), my loving and eccentric kin (especially Jeff, Evy, Levi, Vincent, and Maxine), and my Marymount family, whose steady support and kindness helped see me through the intense and exacting process of revising this book (during a global pandemic).

Joe: My teaching has been most inspired by my own teachers, whose passion and enthusiasm for their subjects were infectious. Three teachers, in particular, remain with me today: Gary Steeples (my seventh-grade math teacher, who inspired a love of learning), Bob Baron (my undergraduate psychology instructor, who solidified my career path), and Dov Cohen (my graduate school advisor, whose many lessons resonate with me daily). Although I am now a teacher, I remain a student, and my own students are some of my most valuable teachers.

Jennifer K. Bosson

Camille E. Buckner

Joseph A. Vandello