Rebuilding Trust - Sykalo Eugen 2024

Rebuilding Trust - Sykalo Eugen 2024

Stabilize and Repair

Reestablish Safety

Building a Safe Relationship Space

Seven Ways to Complete the Stress-Response Cycle

Process or Pause?

Taking Breaks and Time-Outs

Negative to Neutral, Neutral to Positive

Creating Safe Spaces with Active Listening

Embodying Trustworthiness

Reassurance Recipes

Cultivate Self-Awareness

Our Enduring Vulnerabilities

Climbing the Polyvagal Ladder

The Betrayal Cascade

Parts Mapping 101

Understanding Attachment Moves

Transforming Defensiveness

Communicate to Connect

Mindful Relating Menu

The Gift of “Of Course”

Listening to Compromise

The 3-Step Apology

Emergency Signals, Code Words, and Emojis

The Six-Step Repair Process

The FNFL Rapid Check-In

Strengthen and Heal

Break Unhealthy Patterns

Recognizing Our Set-Ups

Antidotes for Resentment

Mapping Our Conflict Cycle

Managing Our Cycle

Primal Panic Protocol

Restore Care and Connection

Check-In Rituals

Practicing Gratitude

The LALA Ritual

Internal Resourcing Together

Deep Intimacy

Love Mapping 101

Offs Off, Ons On

Self-Compassion and Sex

Cuddle Puddle

Sexual Parts Dialogue

Being a Safe Place to Land

Maintain Trust and Safety

“How We'll Keep from Going Back” Inventory

Reauthoring Our Story of the RNV

Relationship Norms and Co-Agreements

Balancing Closeness and Autonomy