Psychology 101: The 101 Ideas, Concepts and Theories that Have Shaped Our World - Adrian Furnham 2021

Psychology 101: The 101 Ideas, Concepts and Theories that Have Shaped Our World - Adrian Furnham 2021


Accident Proneness: Just Being Clumsy?

Alcohol Use and Addiction: Fancy a Quick Drink?

Alternative Medicine: What is it and Does it Work?

Altruism and Caring: The Psychology of Kindness…and Selfishness

Anality and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: The Need to be Orderly

Anxiety: Are You a Worrier?

Art Preferences: What Sort of Pictures do You Like?

Assessment and Selection

Astrology and Graphology: Are They Accurate and, if not, Why do People Believe in Them?

Attraction and Beauty: Not Only in the Eye of the Beholder

Autism, Asperger’s and Schizoid People: On the Spectrum

Behavioural Economics

Behaviourism and Behaviour Therapies

Birth Order: Are You First Born or an Only Child?

Body Language: Wink, Wink, Nod, Nod

Brainstorming: Fun but does it Work?

Brainwashing and Cults: How to Form a Cult!

Changing Behaviour: Set in Plaster or Malleable as Plastic?

Character Strengths and Virtues: Let’s be Positive

Coaching: What is it and does it Work?

Cognitive Dissonance: Changing Attitudes and Behaviour

Cold Reading: How to Persuade People that you Really Understand Them

Common Sense

Communicating Through Different Media

Conscientiousness and Grit: Pitching up and Pitching in

Conspiracy and Cover-Up Theories

Country and Culture Differences


Culture Shock: The Shock of the New

Dark Triad

Defence Mechanisms and Coping: Unconscious Ways of Coping

Delusions and Hallucinations

Depression: Malignant Sadness

Dreams and Dreaming: Fantasy Time

Eating Disorders

Emotional Intelligence

Engagement and Drive at Work

Extraversion and Introversion

Eye Contact: See What they Say

Freud and his Ideas: The Most Famous Psychologist of all Time

Friendship: Choosing Others

Group-Think: Bad Decision-Making in Teams

Happiness, Flow and Joy

Hawthorne and Placebo Effect: Do Treatments Really Work?

Honesty and Integrity: The Traits People Most Want in Their Boss

Humour, Jokes and Laughter: A Funny Thing

Impression Management and Self-presentation: The Psychology of Faking Good

Impulsivity and Postponement of Gratification: I Want it Now!

Inkblots and Projective Techniques: The Psychology of Pretty Pictures

Intelligence and IQ: How Bright Are You?

Justice: What is Reasonable and Fair

Leadership: Why so Many Fail

Lying and Deceit

Mental Health Literacy: Would You be a Good Psychiatrist?

Mental Health Classification

Mindset: What you Can and Cannot Change

Money: The Source of All Evil?

Morality and Ethics

Music: Preferences, Uses and Distraction

Myths about Psychology

Narcissism and Self-love: The Dark Side of Self-Esteem

Networks and Networking

Normality and Sanity

Obedience and Conformity

Office Politics: The Cynical and the Savvy

Parenting Style and Attachment

Passive-Aggressiveness: The Stereotypical Mother-In-Law

Personality Disorders: ’Dark-Side Traits’

Personality Theories and Tests

Persuasion: The Psychology of Influence

Phobias: A Fear of Fear

Psychopaths: Watch Out, there are Many About


PTSD: Serious Reactions to Traumatic Events

Queuing: The Waiting Game

Racism and Prejudice

Remote Personality Profiling: Scraping Biography Off the Web

Resilience: The Psychology of Coping Well

Retirement: Pipe and Slippers

Schizophrenia: A Seriously Misunderstood Problem

Self-Actualization: The Ultimate Achievement

Self-Awareness: Do You Know Who You Are?

Self-Esteem: Do you Feel Good About Yourself?

Sex Differences: Nature, Nurture or Nothing

Sex Really Does Sell: Or Does It?

Shopping: The Psychology of Retail Therapy

Smiling: When, How and Why We Smile

Stress: Causes and Consequences

Subliminal Perception and Hidden Messages

Talent: What is it and Who has it?

Thinking and Learning Styles

Time: Larks and Owls and Waiting Forever

Tipping: Grateful Gratuities

Tolerance of Ambiguity: Are you Afraid of Uncertainty?

Unemployment and Worklessness: It is No Fun Being Jobless

Visual Illusion: Now you see it, Now you don’t

Vocational Choice and Guidance: What Job are you Best Suited to?

Work Ethic: The Benefits of Hard Work

Work Motivation


Workplace Deviance