Designing the Mind: The Principles of Psychitecture - Ryan A Bush 2021

Designing the Mind: The Principles of Psychitecture - Ryan A Bush 2021


Chapter 1: The Theory and Practice of Psychitecture

Mind as Machine

A New Vision of Enlightenment

Overture to Psychitecture

Unplugging from Your Software

Chapter 2: Cognitive Biases and How to Rewire Them

Understanding Cognitive Bias

Methods for Cognitive Debiasing

Understanding Motivated Bias

Methods for Motivational Debiasing

Chapter 3: Values and the Methods of Introspection

Do You Want What You Want?

The Right Way to Introspect

The Value System

Cultivating Value Insight

Chapter 4: Cognitive Self-Mastery and Wisdom

The Decoys to Well-Being

The Goal Hierarchy

The Dukkha Bias

Setting Defined Goals

Chapter 5: Emotional Algorithms and the Art of Restructuring

Controlling Your Feelings

The Principle of Cognitive Mediation

Emotional Alchemy

Restructuring Your Emotions

Chapter 6: Desires and the Keys to Modulating Them

Always Get What You Want

The Modulation of Desire

The Counteraction of Desire

Principles of Modulation

Chapter 7: Emotional Self-Mastery and Equanimity

On the Pathologies of Philosophers

Emotional Algorithms

More Emotional Algorithms

Unlocking Equanimity

Chapter 8: Self-Direction and Its Impediments

The Threat of Craving

The Perils of Compliance

The Dangers of Comfort

The Risk of Corruption

Chapter 9: Behavioral Algorithms and Self-Control

Behavior, Self-Control, and Willpower

Design Your Inputs

Design Your Consequences

Design Your Goals

Chapter 10: Self-Mastery

The Self-Mastery Triad

The Self-Slavery Hypothesis

Software Optimization

Beyond the Human Condition