Psychology: Essential Thinkers, Classic Theories, and How They Inform Your World - Andrea Bonior 2016


Many thanks to my savvy and supportive literary agent, Linda Konner. Such a pleasure to work with you again, and on this new frontier! Elizabeth Castoria and the team at Callisto could not have been more energetic, wise, or supportive. Arthur Nazaryan’s tireless and meticulous editing made me certain he slept as little as I did.

To my readers of Baggage Check, The Friendship Fix, and at Psychology Today, you’ve been with me for so many years now, and I simply wouldn’t get to write if you didn’t keep reading. I appreciate it more than you know. And my audiences, you keep paying attention—and even laughing when I hope you will—and I couldn’t be more amazed or more honored that you let me keep talking.

My clients show me every week why the theories and research matter: you’ve trusted me with your secrets, your burdens, your pain, your joy, and ultimately, your lives. It’s a tremendous privilege to be let in in this way, and I carry that with me always. My students over a decade have inspired and delighted me, teaching me so much in the process. Seeing you look at life in new ways, through the lens of psychological study, remains one of my greatest professional joys.

Utmost thanks to my wonderful research and teaching assistant, Nicole Conrad, a true gem. Thank you for making sure I didn’t say things like “Charles Darwin, who was born in Kazakhstan……”

Boundless gratitude to my cheerleading section for what seemed like a “You’re joking, right?” deadline: Heidi Brown, Monica Silvestro, my JE peeps who were not shy in reminding me of my legendarily quick term papers in college, the DCE, the “Brain Trust,” and Laura Gertz. My first-ever editor Holly Morris continues to support and motivate me in innumerable ways more than a decade later, and my current Baggage Check editor Adam Sapiro provided a weekly dose of patience and sanity when my brain was fried during crunch time. I am bolstered by some tremendous people.

To my amazing family, far and wide: Mom, Dad, Greg, Jeff, Sybil, Luis, David, Judy, and beloved others, you are fantastic. To Andy, my utmost, and Vance, Alina, and Ruby—you are it. There’s nothing bigger or greater any psychologist could imagine.