Your Cat Is the Centre of Attention

How to Think Like a Cat - Stephane Garnier 2018

Your Cat Is the Centre of Attention

’The cat does not offer services. The cat offers itself’


Despite their quiet calm, and their ’leave me alone’ airs, your cat always seeks to be the centre of attention — as long as they are fond of those humans in their environment. They mince from one lap to another, and will even go so far as to rub themselves against the legs of the only person present who doesn’t particularly like cats — as if undertaking a challenge.

Nobody escapes your cat’s presence, including the more reticent. Your cat is already the sovereign of your home; and being the centre of attention when you have a few friends round for a drink is a little game of which your cat is very fond.

But how does your cat draw focus? Does it meow for attention? A young cat might, in its first few months, through lack of experience. But any cool and collected cat will merely pad towards you, blinking, hypnotising your guests one by one in just a few seconds, by offering them the ’chance’ of stroking its fur, of a little tenderness and attention. Even when you meet a cat for the first time, it will soon become the centre of your focus through its sweetness in calmly approaching, letting itself be touched and even pretending (sometimes) to enjoy it.

Instinctively, we all seek to draw something impalpable from a cat by extending our hand to it. A little calm and serenity. Cats know this, and simply contemplate us. Cats let us do it; they let us soothe ourselves with them. For we all smile when we stroke a cat.

But what has your cat really done to be the centre of attention?

Your cat has given. Given through its way of being, the simple fact of having presented itself to you as a soothing gift you can touch.

A few caresses and suddenly, as if hypnotised, everyone has stopped listening to the conversation. Why? Because the interest your cat has taken in them, the source of life and serenity it has placed within everyone’s reach at that moment was worth much more than any philosophical reflections, metaphysical considerations or muddled debate.

To draw attention, be a source, a centre of gravity for your friends and family. Give!