Your Cat Is Curious by Nature

How to Think Like a Cat - Stephane Garnier 2018

Your Cat Is Curious by Nature

Your Cat’s Day

8.15: WASH TIME!

· After eating its fill for breakfast, you’ll see your cat begin to lick itself at length. It’s also shower time for you.

· Everyone knows what it’s like to take a shower when you’re running late. Sometimes the water is barely warm before you step into it. Quick, quick! You’re in a rush! Meanwhile your cat slowly runs its tongue the length of one rear paw, then the other. Quite serene.

· Beyond the obvious hygiene benefits, a shower is one of those moments in the day when you can and SHOULD take care of yourself. It’s also a moment of relaxation, an excellent opportunity to give free rein to your thoughts and let your mind gently wake up to what you have on your schedule.

· Women are often better than men in this regard; luxuriating in long periods spent pampering themselves in the bathroom, something men struggle to comprehend. But that is an authentic catlike attitude, and we should all learn from it.

’There is no more intrepid explorer than a kitten’


Cats have an innate curiosity. As soon as they leap from their basket and skitter across the floor, they nose about, sniffing every nook and cranny, examining each object with great concentration and exploring any unknown areas.

Unlike dogs, cats don’t throw themselves unthinkingly at every novelty. Your cat progresses cautiously without taking its eyes off the new paper bag or the unexplored hiding place.

Cats have an unbridled curiosity which makes them constantly re-explore their world. Every day is a new discovery, a little scrap of extraordinary fuelled by this boundless curiosity.

We can all benefit from learning a little each day, and being amazed more often.

Some people are more or less observant than others, their minds are more or less focused on always wanting to make new discoveries. Novelty is integral to our wellbeing, it’s a kind of oxygen for our minds. We need it like we need air to breathe. Without it, we slowly wither.

For those who don’t know how to cultivate this mood-lifting curiosity, simply stick to this basic principle:

Learn something new every day.

The significance, importance or value of this new thing is irrelevant, but learn something each day, even if it’s only a single word. You’ll remember it for ever.

What matters is to practise this exercise long-term, particularly if you’re someone who isn’t naturally curious. One moment of curiosity per day means 365 new pieces of knowledge per year, and believe me, it makes all the difference, not only to your ability to perform well in pub quizzes, but above all to your happiness.

Be curious! About everything! You’ll live all the better for it. Amaze yourself.