Cat Secrets

How to Think Like a Cat - Stephane Garnier 2018

Cat Secrets

Are you convinced that we do nothing all day, just because we don’t need to rush around constantly the way you do?

Contrary to what you think, in reality we are very useful to humans.

When you come home from work, stressed, in an awful mood, full of bad energy that you’ve accumulated during the day without realising, who do you think frees you of all that?

How is it that after a few moments in our company, stroking us, you feel better, and increasingly soothed, as if by a miracle?

That’s what we’re there for, us cats. When you touch us, we draw away all those bad vibes that make you so sad, angry, poorly. What’s more, you’re aware of the soothing effect we have on you, but you think it’s merely because of our presence. Yet we do so much more, without you realising.

Each day we treat you for all the ills that life inflicts upon you, because we love you.