Your Cat Chooses Its Own Company

How to Think Like a Cat - Stephane Garnier 2018

Your Cat Chooses Its Own Company

’A cat will become your friend, if you are worthy of their affection, but never your slave’


One thing is for sure: cats never burden themselves with relations with other cats, or humans who don’t suit them. They choose their own company, one by one, loving them all the more.

Why then do we humans spend a considerable chunk of our lives putting up with insufferable people who are the antithesis of our values?

Why, out of social convention — and sometimes cowardice — do we force ourselves to bow and scrape and smile, expending our time and energy in maintaining — almost under duress — all of these relationships that pollute us?

Choose, as your cat does. It’s the simplest option.

Choose who you hang out with, who you love, and who you wish to spend your life with.

The cat who has chosen you will first have tested your affection, your personality and your loyalty. If this cat feels you to be essential to its current and future life, it will love you and remain loyal to you, out of choice.

Life is too short to share it with idiots.

Stop putting up with morons, choose your company, choose your friends.