Cat Secrets

How to Think Like a Cat - Stephane Garnier 2018

Cat Secrets

You often say — we know: we hear you — that we are massive layabouts for sleeping all day long.

Firstly, you should know that even if we sleep in the early evening for a few hours, we prefer to live by night, unlike you lot. You don’t realise this, because you’re asleep.

Secondly, if we sleep so much during the day, it’s because of you, for these sleep sessions allow us to get rid of all the bad vibes and thoughts we’ve relieved you of. We can’t hang on to them. We too must cleanse our mind and our soul, and that’s what our sleep is for.

Know too that we can also relieve the bad moods of several members of your family, for we can soothe you one by one, but our restorative sleep will only be the longer for it.

If you’ve had the good sense to take in a couple of cats from when they were born, they can share this task within your family. However, don’t lumber us with a kitten once we’re already well settled, or there’ll be a ruckus all over the house, believe you me!