Your Cat Is Tenacious

How to Think Like a Cat - Stephane Garnier 2018

Your Cat Is Tenacious

’Never try to outstubborn a cat’


Stubborn, yes, tenacious even more so. You can call for your cat as often as you like while it is lying on the grass, it won’t stir, not even turn its head. Your cat is capable of staking out a mouse-hole for hours on end, waiting for the rodent to emerge. Patience, tenacity: you can watch your cat do this for a good chunk of the day without it getting bored or giving up. It’s a real life lesson.

It’s about perseverance — worthy of respect — until the objective of catching that mouse is attained. Your cat won’t count the passing hours or the accumulated fatigue, whereas we all too often give up when we’re in sight of our goal. Your cat’s attitude is worth some consideration.

The patience your cat employs to obtain what it desires is equalled only by its tenacity. We can only admire it and strive to act similarly.

’Never give up!’ is your cat’s credo, and it will stick to it, come what may.

Be patient and tenacious in everything you undertake. Never give up!