Your Cat Is Free

How to Think Like a Cat - Stephane Garnier 2018

Your Cat Is Free

’I am the Cat who walks by himself, and I wish to come into your cave’


Freedom, cherished freedom. Who hasn’t dreamed of making freedom the driving force of their life?

Freedom to come and go, freedom to do only that which pleases you, freedom of action, freedom to follow your whims and heart’s desires, freedom to be as free in your mind as you are in your body. Freedom!

Paradoxically, we all have a propensity to hobble ourselves again and again, to shackle ourselves, be it to bank loans that oblige us to work ever harder, to futile objects that seem so precious in our eyes, to habits that have turned into obligations we no longer even see, or to toxic people we force ourselves to make time for. Perhaps the moment has come to free yourself of these shackles.

Why not try to retain only that which you love, to preserve those relationships which please you, to perform only those activities you enjoy, and to work solely at jobs that fulfil you? Heed only your own counsel, and pursue your true desires.

A lovely fantasy, you might think. Not for cats, who have chosen to be free, to have what they like, be what they like, and live how they like every moment of their lives. Freedom is a constant for cats; it’s much more than second nature. Being free is the very heart of their lives. The rest matters little to them in the end, whereas we often relegate this ideal to booking some time off work when our schedule allows.

You want to live like your cat? Be free as the air and do only what you have chosen to do.