Your Cat Dares to Ask (All the Time)

How to Think Like a Cat - Stephane Garnier 2018

Your Cat Dares to Ask (All the Time)

’In a cat’s eye, all things belong to cats’


As we have seen in the previous chapter, once we have clearly identified, formulated and expressed our desires, we sometimes require a lever, a trigger, a little help.

Often we don’t dare ask for help with our work, or if we have issues in our personal life. Why not? Shame, perhaps. The fear of seeing this help refused. Some reticence in showing our true colours. Or a feeling of begging. And the shame is even stronger when there are serious money problems. We don’t ask for help out of vanity and also misplaced pride.

But your cat does ask for things. It will be demanding when it is hungry, wants to go out for a walk or feels like a cuddle. Even when you’re sleeping, your cat will shamelessly come and wake you up to ensure you attend to whatever it wants at that moment.

We too have everything to gain from asking for help around us when we need it. And the most surprising thing is that there is always someone who will be delighted to help you . . . as long as you ask them.

How often have you heard: ’But you should have asked! Why didn’t you mention this to me then? I could have helped you.’

Sometimes the simplest solution is just to ask.

Your cat is always right. It dares to ask.

Dare to ask for help. Some people will be delighted to give you a hand, because they will feel that you value them.