Your Cat Is a Sincere Friend

How to Think Like a Cat - Stephane Garnier 2018

Your Cat Is a Sincere Friend

’Ne’er shall thy now expiring puss forget

To thy kind care her long-enduring debt,

Nor shall the joys that painless realms decree

Efface the comforts once bestowed by thee’


If your cat accepts you into its world, it will become your faithful, steadfast friend. Consequently, your cat will take care of you each day. It will pad up to you, meowing gently, to see how you’re doing, will listen to your complaining and will know how to reassure and console you. Your cat will be there for you at every moment.

But are we humans just as present, just as attentive to our own friends? Honestly, don’t we occasionally let some relationships slide a bit, even though they have taken so long to develop?

We should follow the example of our cats, and take the loyalty, abnegation, tenderness and friendship they show us and apply it to our friends almost to the letter.

Life’s vicissitudes and changes mean that we often take voluntary or involuntary breaks from our nearest and dearest.

The case of the new romantic relationship is one that we are all familiar with. Caught up in the passion of our newly forming couple, we forget the world around us for a few weeks, even a few months. It’s quite understandable, and things go back to normal after a while — once the heady days of flourishing romance are behind us — and we reinforce those relations we’d forgotten for a bit.

But it also happens that we decide — consciously or not — to change our life completely, and we don’t return to those who were always there for us year after year. We devote ourselves to our new love instead. It’s a form of brazen selfishness that can make our friends feel abandoned, even betrayed.

’I no longer see her any more, ever since she got together with X.’ We have all heard or said that phrase, with disappointment, at one time in our life or another.

We could learn a lot from cats about loyalty in friendship. For a cat is simply there, from the first day to the last, with neither games nor calculations.

Cats can be capable of more humanity than us humans, whereas we are sometimes tempted to turn inward and focus on our little lives, forgetting all that has been given and all that has been said.

A friendship can be as powerful as a romantic relationship, if not more so, in that it often lasts much longer . . .

Sacrificing friendship for the rush of love, on the pretext of adhering to society’s codes that dictate we should all ’settle down’ once we reach a certain age, is already in itself a kind of calculation, an attempt to appear to be ’doing the proper thing’. It’s also the best way of ensuring that, if a break-up occurs, your friends will no longer be there to support you.

Maintain your friendships. They are one of the most precious treasures in your life. Never sacrifice them.