Your Cat Is Charismatic

How to Think Like a Cat - Stephane Garnier 2018

Your Cat Is Charismatic

’God created the cat so that humans could experience the pleasure of caressing a tiger’


Cats don’t need to meow, leap about all over the place or kick up a song and dance in order to stand out from the crowd. You can feel a cat’s presence as soon as they enter the room. No fuss is required. The cat’s natural charisma ensures that everyone will notice them.

A cat’s discretion and personality oblige us to look in their direction every time they pad into the lounge. Classy, very classy. Who hasn’t dreamed of possessing such magnetism?

What does your cat do to give off such positive vibrations and become the focus of so much admiration?


And that’s the cat’s biggest lesson: if you wish to acquire a little more animality and charisma, simply be.

Don’t hide, don’t lie to yourself, don’t play a role, don’t whirl your arms about in an attempt to mesmerise the present company. Do nothing, that’s all.

Radiate your personality as if you were a transmitter, a light source. Don’t waffle on during a discussion; don’t hog the floor just to blow your own trumpet, you’ll only bore your audience. For they will sense, subconsciously, that it’s really yourself you’re trying to convince or reassure through those long monologues. That’s not having charisma, it’s merely being omnipresent, invasive and, ultimately, oppressive.

Haven’t you ever noticed that the most charismatic people — such as those actors who are said to have ’great presence’ — never overdo it? Their words are as understated as their dress.

The most charismatic people are not the most extravagant. They are present, yet always show a certain restraint.

Charisma develops the more you are honest with yourself and with other people, when you accept yourself for what you are, without resorting to artifices that don’t fit your deeper personality.

An attractive personality has many forms, and each of us can develop one as long as we are simply ourselves in all circumstances, just like the cat.

Radiate the space around you with your presence and charisma by being sincere, discreet, plain and true.