Live like a Cat

How to Think Like a Cat - Stephane Garnier 2018

Live like a Cat

Most people living with cats envy how they operate, and their inclination to happiness; and they often dream of implementing their cats’ behaviours and philosophies in their own everyday lives.

Being able to adopt their approach, and cultivate only that which can bring us serenity, wellbeing, pleasure and fun, and knowing how to rid our lives of everything that weighs us down, without lumbering ourselves with more questions: it sounds like a dream.

Yet it’s a dream within reach of us all, as long as we take the time to embrace some of the cat’s behaviours as regards our self-esteem, our relationship to others, and our capacity to discern the essential from the futile.

Cats possess an innate knowledge of how to enjoy life to the full, whereas we have much to learn in this area. But there is no lesson to be found in philosophical treatises; cats teach us these things plainly through their way of simply being.

Be inspired by your cat every single day, whether in managing your relationships, channelling your stress, and knowing how to let go and how to rebuild your self-confidence. They are all themes we have tackled through these forty principal abilities that cats have.

They are all keys to enable us to retake possession of a life that sometimes slips from our control.

If you don’t have a cat, perhaps you have been surprised to learn that this little ball of fur contains so many abilities and strengths, and so much everyday wisdom. Maybe you will now feel like finding a cat to be your life companion. I hope that you do, for you will never regret the connection that will grow between you both, and the moments and truths you will share together.

And, from now on, live like your cat and make your life a quest for wellbeing and pleasure.

Food for Thought

’Looking at such an intelligent cat,

I sadly reflect again

on the narrow constraints

of our knowledge.

Who can say where the limits

of these creatures’ intellectual

faculties lie?’