Your Cat Always Has the Last Word

How to Think Like a Cat - Stephane Garnier 2018

Your Cat Always Has the Last Word

My master isn’t always the cleverest, and sometimes he can be a real drag. Cat-astrophic, even! But I like him. More than twelve years together now, and I still have my work cut out. For all that, he has made some progress.

I hope that the life lessons he has shared with you will help you to live better in your everyday life, and, above all, be happy.

There are other secrets that I would have liked to convey to him so that he might pass them on to you, but he loses focus sometimes, and doesn’t always hear what I’m saying.

But it’s all here, right in front of us, in front of you. The difference between you and us cats is that we see everything.

Since Ancient Egyptian times, and even before that, we have been there to help humans. At one time we were venerated for our wisdom, something that tends to be forgotten nowadays.

I hope that this book will be of help to you, so that your vision becomes a little brighter each day.

I wish you all the best and more, dear humans, in your life alongside us.