Results of the Cat Quotient Test

How to Think Like a Cat - Stephane Garnier 2018

Results of the Cat Quotient Test

Living like your cat is the Holy Grail for a happy life. But it can require a lot of work for some people.

Look at your results for the Cat Quotient test:

· If you have a majority of 1 and 2 answers: urgently adopt a cat! Follow them step by step, for they have much to teach you of their behaviours and life philosophy — which will help you to live better.

· If you have a majority of 3 answers: you’re a kitten. There is still work to do, but you’re on the right path.

· If you have a majority of 4 and 5 answers: Congratulations! You’re a cat!

Have a look through the questions again, one by one, and take on board the fact that all those where you answered with less than a 4 may be worthy of your attention, with a view to correcting some of your tendencies and deficiencies — with your cat’s help.

These are all abilities, talents and faculties that your cat naturally possesses and which we have analysed throughout this book. Now you only have to calmly integrate them into your life for a serene existence.