Your Cat Thinks About Itself First

How to Think Like a Cat - Stephane Garnier 2018

Your Cat Thinks About Itself First

’A cat does not stroke us, it strokes itself on us’


As we have seen, cats devote most of their lives to ensuring their own wellbeing. And in order to do that, you sometimes have to know how to be a little selfish and think only about yourself.

That doesn’t mean being a navel-gazer, narcissist or egocentric, but giving yourself permission to place your personal happiness above that of others at times.

You can’t give to others if you don’t know how to give to yourself.

Take care of yourself, both physically and psychologically, before anything else; the key to your happiness depends on it.

You’ll be able to give and share more, since you’ll be happy and fulfilled in your own life.

Don’t wait for others before creating your own bubble of wellbeing and tenderness — it depends on you alone. Nobody will do it for you. Moreover, nobody can know what your welfare truly requires.

So take yourself in hand, and, like your cat, construct your territory, your comfort zone and your means of self-fulfilment.

Cultivate little pleasures every day, and never miss an opportunity to give yourself a little gift or an enjoyable moment, because you really do deserve it. Never doubt that!

Think about yourself and your wellbeing. Look after yourself. Nobody will do it better or do more for you than yourself.