The Colours of Our Memories - Michel Pastoureau 2012

The Colours of Our Memories - Michel Pastoureau 2012



In the beginning was yellow

Turbulent stripes

The navy-blue blazer

Subversive trousers

A particular blue

From the garment to the myth

Colour against flesh

Neutral shades in good taste

Mitterand beige

Slimming colours

In the London Underground

Daily Life

My mother’s pharmacy

The sad tale of young Philippe

Sweet dispensers

Choosing a colour: an impossible undertaking?


Métro tickets

Red or blue?

Traffic lights

Colour and design: a missed chance?

Eating colours

The Arts and Letters

In a painter’s studio

A painter caught between two volumes

In darkened halls



The Red and the Black

Chrétien de Troyes at the cinema

Pink pigs and black pigs

When Dalí assigned marks

The colours of a great painter

Historians without colours

The workings of time

On Sports Grounds

Goals and referees

The yellow bike

Bartali and the Italian flag

The Tour de l’Ouest (the Western Cycling Tour)

Colour by default

Easy colours and difficult ones

Pink and orange

Myths and Symbols

Little Red Ridinghood

Long live school Latin!

My discovery of heraldry

The black cat

Green superstitions

The colour of destiny

Furling the colours

A historical object that is alarming

Playing chess

Wittgenstein and heraldic colours

On Tastes and Colours

An American gift

Sunbathing through the years

The ‘bling’ of the 1950s

A brief history of gold

A mysterious shade of green

Do you see red clearly?

No purple for children

The whims of memory

Preferences and opinion polls


Brown and beige

Spelling and grammar

A day at the races

The zero degree of colour

A part that stands for the whole

The Greek blue

The demise of nuances

Speaking of colours without showing them

What is colour?