Our Senses: An Immersive Experience - Rob DeSalle 2018

Our Senses: An Immersive Experience - Rob DeSalle 2018


The Brainless Majority: Sensing the Environment in Organisms without Brains

Brains and Prains: Brains (or Not) in Animals from Sponges to Us

The Monkey’s Unculus: Tactile and Balance Sensory Capacity in Animals

A Matter of Taste (and Odorant) Receptors: Smell and Taste Reception in Animals

All Ears (and Eyes): Animal Hearing and Sight

Supersmellers and Supertasters: The Limits of Smell and Taste in Humans

Where Am I? The Limits of Hearing and Balance in Humans

Touchy Feely: Touch and How It Is Linked to Other Senses

The Eyes Have It: The Limits of Sight in Humans

Accidents Will Happen: Traumatic Brain Injury and the Impact on Our Senses

Modern Life, Strokes, and the Senses: The Impact of Strokes and Other Brain Damage on Sensory Capacity

Full/Half/Split Brains: People with Unique Brains

Team of Rivals Meets the Kluge: Making Sense Out of Crossmodal Stimuli from the Outer World

Neural Detritus: Making Sense Out of a Noisy Environment

Pani ca’ Meusa, Crème Brûlée, and Synesthesia: Crossmodal Impact on Taste and Synesthesia

Connectomes: How Crossmodal Interactions Work in the Brain

Faces and Hallucinations: Facial Recognition and Hallucinations as Subjects in Higher Perception

Bob Dylan’s Nobel: Language, Literacy, and How the Senses Interact to Produce Literature

Facing the Music: The Neurobiology of Music and Art

No Limits: The Limits to What We Can Sense and the Future of Our Senses

Literature and Further Reading